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National Poetry Month – Don’t deny yourself the clarity of poetry

Don’t deny yourself the clarity, power and beauty of poetry based on an ugly introduction to it in school (you probably didn’t appreciate asparagus back then either).  Poetry is the essence of communication, even when heavily symbolic.

Poetry can speak in headlines, or let rhythm determine content (haiku), it is in our songs, in our pledges.  Poetry flashes meaning at you, it summarizes or deconstructs (or both).  There are many forms of poetry, go ahead and peek into a few books.  If you don’t find something you like in a couple of pages, or by skipping around, that book is not talking to you.  And that’s OK.  Try again.

I earlier argued the point that Tweet-sized thinking is poetry:  Few Words, Much Feeling.  This is not intended to diminish the craft and word-work of our collective lyric soul.  Once you sample a few poets, close your eyes and grab for the after-glow of your favorite.  Somebody arranges words in a way that appeals to your thought-constructs.

ARCHING OVER (Collected Collections) is graphic.  Whether it is erotic is up to you.  This collection revels in reduction:  getting to the base/bone/blood of sexual connection.  Yearning.  Triumphant.  Exultant.  It is not without love.  “Look Inside” link for Kindle sample.


sailing on the sensuous breezes

of a moon-swept sea

creatures of a planet

that binds us by gravity

yet we learned how to fly

it limits our life span

but lets us love forever


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Erotic Science: the receptor-rich region between lady legs

Naomi Wolf’s Vagina, A New Biography, blends science, myth, personal experience and heart to put words to the beauty and the power of the female nervous system as it relates to the receptor-rich region between lady legs.  This fits with Wolfe’s literary examination of culture (and lack of it) that drives gender dynamics with an emphasis on female rights and feminine roles.

As an indie-author of erotic-sexotic literature, I prize a book like this for its rich and deep ideas.  It lays out the science and illustrates the splendor of the body.  It is possible to skip around this well-written study rather than follow the straight-line narrative so that you get splashes of the bigger picture.  There is nothing choppy about the presentation, its smooth roll allows the reader to skip along at their own pace.

Readers will ask me where I get my authority to specialize in sexual philosophy… it’s from reading books like this.  Many people have taken the time to record the progression of thought about the human condition, and what strikes me is the gender gap.  Men may claim to believe in science but how can they ignore the existential complexity of the female reproductive system as an indicator of natural value?  That clitoral pleasure center isn’t just human, it’s mammalian.  The Ultimate Creative Force, even if it was the force of chance, constructed composite biology to serve reproduction across species.  It’s the pole-hole thing.  Not only are women different from men, they differ among themselves because female genitalia are configured with various nerve-ending patterns that become recognizable with study.  (I’m telling you, read Vagina.)

Males are designed to intrude upon their mate.  This polarity causes the “attraction” of two necessary elements.  Sex is risky and exhilarating; animals of all kinds maneuver themselves procreationally.  Males come and go, any other parenting behavior by males is by choice or custom but not, per se, required.  In a practical sense, women cannot easily displace an established pregnancy.  Terminating a pregnancy is life altering by definition.  As talents go, giving birth is still the greatest glory of the body:  be it bear, ostrich or human.  Men have no analog for pregnancy.  None.  It is not within their make-up to be inhabited by another soul.

Linking body function and creativity-joy is done at the neural level as heralded by nerve centers throughout the body.  All humans are hardwired for brain-change during sex.  Women’s systems process more physical input.  Give it up, guys, the intensity of your passion is not questioned but the nuance is yours to orchestrate yet never experience.  The sex-life functions do differ by gender, as hammered into our culture by men, but the SIGNIFICANCE was misunderstood.  By design, by bodily actuality, by functional purpose, men are essentially episodic and redundant.  It’s the math of survivability.  When push comes to shove, if only 100 people could survive Armageddon you’d want 10 men and 90 women.  In a pinch, 8 and 92.  (The gender-ratio will shift toward balance dramatically in the second generation.)

As far as I can see, being assigned the task of giving birth is the only gender-based bio-advantage that is quantifiable when viewed in the extreme.  The rest of the reasons for gender preference are ineffable.


I invite you to consider this collection of voyeuristic vignettes as an example of inventive intelligent erotica aimed at sophisticated readers:

The Lunarium by Kathleen K.


NoyMommyPornThis is not your mommy’s porn.

Twenty-One Questions for Indie-Author Kathleen K.


Kathleen K. Info/Buy Links

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