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Honey B. — A musing on celibate vs. dormant

Honey B. is a sexual consultant; her emerging collection of testimony captures a voluptuous life of erotic exploration that started in the suites and propelled her into the minds of her rowdier readers.  This truer-than-true tale of commercial satisfaction promises to fertilize your imagination.  She’s a pro (since retired) so this is not all sweetness and light.  The language is tart, the sex-inventiveness is enticing to the curious and invigorating to the veterans.  It’s a novelized version of hard-core erotica.

Lots of folks feel like their bulb has gone out, the filament is broken… they just don’t light up any more.  So they stop flipping their switch.  Celibates still celebrate.  They take the luscious with the plain, they feel their feelings, they observe others, and they are involved in the physical world if not entwined with a physical person.

Dormancy and depression can link up but which starts what matters less than how to re-engage one to cure the other.  If asked, I recommend sleeping more, eating less, bathing after showering or vice versa, dancing alone, walking with a friend.  This is a delicate cure and the last element you add is passion for their own power.  Men were impatient with this indirect approach to their sexual discomfort and I sometimes employ a surrogate so they can stick their dick somewhere while I take over their mind.  The first act of seduction is convincing yourself to make a move.

Dormancy as defense, during crisis, for certain phases, is not a problem.  It’s an adaptation.

When you notice you are dormant it means you are waking up.

Introduce yourself to Honey B.  to enjoy her sassy look at the sexual marketplace.


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