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eFingered and Eyed by Devotees: Erotic writer’s fantasy

As an indie publisher of erotic and sexotic books, it is my fantasy to have my books Eyed and eFingered by readers who “get” me; I like surprising them with a treasure trove of lush language and tart dialog.  It’s all about sex, deft and explicit.

KathleenKBooks.com has a simple business plan: wicked good reads at reasonable prices. Between $5 and $10, print and Kindle. I appeal to impulse buyers (their feelings move them to action) who read for fun.  Counterculture themes don’t unnerve them if the story holds.  They like it spicy.

Rowdier readers are hard to target because they camouflage their interests out of social pragmatism… erotica is still stigmatized. That’s where the Kindle comes in. For your eyes only. The print versions are tailored for the nightstand, constructed vignette style so you can read a little or read a lot. I surrender digital versions to my stealth fans who suppress the deliberately-designed front-spine-backs into a hard-shell anonymizer.

That’s OK, the contents can stand unadorned on a glowing screen and still you move word by word, seeing through the eyes of the narrator, looking behind the words to discern the meaning. No hurry but plenty of rush.

These bedside readers fit in a rich niche of sex lit tradition:  bawdy and wry in colloquial language.  Vignette collections are the most inclusive of erotica based as they are on multitudes of moments with infinite points of connection.  Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  I give a lot of latitude to the reader.  I’ve been told that sassy, sexy, smart erotica is not for everybody but, then again, I’m not reaching out to everybody… I am seeking the well-read, the voracious consumers of sexy books that offer compelling word choices and adroit emotions.

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SAMPLE from Honey B., Sexual Consultant

I helped a young man create a beautiful collage of Polaroids he’d taken of himself making love with his young woman. I was to consider how she might feel about various poses he’d captured. He wanted to pick the best blend, not just the ones that appealed to him. I did yank a few of his choices, either because they were repetitive or because, for example, he loved one image of his lips at her nipple so didn’t notice her ass looked a mile wide. We cropped that photo which led to him reducing other snapshots to essential elements. He was glad he’d asked me to help because I included four photos he had dismissed as unfocused but I felt they lent relief from his graphic choices. I suggested he put the collage against the headboard in front of his kneeling blindfolded wife and, after inserting himself into her luscious cunny, remove the blindfold and let her see what he “saw” when he thought of this very thing, their loving, their fucking, their sex.


I often assisted people in composing ads for swinger magazines. People on the verge of swinging are quite likely to benefit from a visit with me. Formerly formless fantasies are crossing into reality. They are ready to engage in a subculture that trips their deepest triggers.

Swingers are generally law-abiding, employed, vehicle-equipped and middle class. They do not want to pollute their daily lives with sexual intrigue but still they wish to indulge themselves in private interludes of sexual adventure. What better way than to meet the proverbial stranger, a stranger organized enough to join a club and get a code number, and have an address and pen-paper-envelope-postage. Dismissing the straight personal ads because they featured people who don’t want to admit they’re primarily motivated by sexual rather than social longings, like‑minded individuals turn to contact magazines that cut to the chase.


Single female insists on big brain, long fuse and common sense in a mannered man. See picture. Write letter. Save time, don’t lie.


He: 6’2″, 195#, 30-something. She: 5’7″, 140#, 25-ish, shaved. Watchers welcome. Pictures for trade. No hands-on.


Does anyone out there remember the zipless fuck? Forget the flowers, bring the condoms. W/F married but swinging alone. 33. 38-28-41.


Teacher seeks pupil. Instruction available in all aspects of service to your teacher. Please realize your letter will be graded for both content and form (neatness counts). There will be oral exams.


Big-assed bitch with bountiful tits wants bad boy in bed. Single men only, sneaks need not apply.


We seek physically fit couples for sexual sports. J. (with beard) is 40, 5-10, 170. A. (with breasts) is 45, 5-10, 135. Watch/be watched.




It takes an independent publisher to stockpile inventory with no meaningful sales to offset the cost of production – no corporate board would tolerate that. I flipped the math around, once I paid for a book master it was done, any money that came back was a bonus. Making the books was an act of faith at my own expense. I’d find something to do with them all, once they were actualized: finalized: commercialized.

I have crafted eleven books with more to come. There is a deep sense of pleasure in offering these as an indie author because each is a holistic act from conception through delivery.  Guaranteed Committee-free.  The stories boiled and bubbled in draft form for years as they were sharpened and pruned, spruced up, subdivided and reunited. One by one the books crystallized. They are hand-fashioned ornaments meant to enchant. There isn’t a trick to writing erotic-sexotic literature, it is knowing the value of anticipation and complete release.

I am reaching out, rowdier readers, inviting you to echo back.  I have a standing offer to my fans for review copiesAPRIL 2014 LIMITED OFFER for free book.  Let me know if you’re curious.  Info@KathleenKBooks.com


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A Musing on Sexy High Heels and Female Strategy: It’s not the shoe, it’s the choice of shoe.

COMMENTARY by Honey B., Sexual Consultant (see Bibliography below) written by Kathleen K.

It’s not the shoe, it’s the choice of shoe.  If the shoe makes you teeter and totter about, if you walk like there are marbles under your feet, if your big toe is not the dominant structure of your inner foot due to disfiguring bunions, then I question your good sense.  Oh, and toes aren’t supposed to cross.  Fashion pushes us a bit, but to misunderstand the mechanics of the high heel and a narrow toe box involves considerable denial.

The fashionable heel height of shoes goes up and down, what remains is the step and glide of a person in their own world.  If you perch on Lucite stripper wedges then you exhibit not only execrable fashion sense but complete disregard for anatomy.  If you clop across a tile floor at the office, you are not being looked at for your leadership quality.

Walk strong and sure no matter the environment; it isn’t cute to self-mutilate with footwear beyond your body’s capacity to tolerate.  You look good when you move with grace.  Flip-flops don’t have a heel at all (part of their problem) but are just as likely to make you shuffle and slap as you pass by.

I’m not saying you can’t wear high heel shoes and still use your brain but I do know there’s a connection between an over-emphasis on fashion and a lack of self-assurance.  An eye-catching shoe on a confident woman works, what doesn’t work is the delusion any shoes can fool others (for long) into thinking you are taller, thinner, stronger or hipper than you are.  Irony:  your tortured feet aren’t attractive after those crazy shoes come off… when you might actually be sending a direct sexual signal.

There is a weight-height ratio when matching bodies and shoes, figure yours out and show you are well centered in all aspects.  Then establish your style within that range, take a stance you can sustain so you look and feel good.

There are uses for extreme footwear:  ski boots and summer sandals and boudoir kitten heels.  Shoes are platforms.  Test the function, that’s all I am saying.  Can you go up and down stairs in a reasonable amount of time in an emergency?  I am asking you, please, stop mincing around.

Adj.  mincing — affectedly dainty or refined, niminy-piminy, prim, twee


Is this really your message, do you like this logo for yourself?

Hobbling yourself is not a demonstration of power; it marks you for weaker contender-males who are reassured you are influenced by peer pressure.  You strap on stereotypic “girlie girl” shoes and are surprised people judge you for that.  We judge each other constantly.  We just don’t agree on the point system.  For many of us “fashion” translates:  Dress like a [clown], be treated like a [clown].  The first function of your wardrobe is to protect and enhance, to present you to the world… and help you move through it.


KathleenK.xxx brings you books for the rowdier reader

Truer-than-True Tales of Commercial Satisfaction – Sexotic Fiction by Kathleen K.

Honey B., The Suite Life


Available now

Honey B., Sexual Consultant


available early 2014

Honey B., Erotic Advisor


available SUMMER 2014

Honey B., The Buzz


Written; not yet scheduled for production

Honey B., Happy Endings


Written; not yet scheduled for production

This is vintage Boomer porn with redeeming social significance written for the rowdier reader.

Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.


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Illusions – Stupid Ass Selfies – Spanky Talk – Literate Erotica

This link to Three Illusions that Will Destroy Your Brain” is worth sharing to enrich two-minutes of your day.  Hopefully it can help erase the stupid ass selfies that currently plague the web.

COMMENTARY by indie author Kathleen K.

I don’t know why we are so overt with our images (Google: rectal thermometer fetish) but shy in our words.  I write high-end erotica and sexotica for the rowdier reader.  I caution people it is Not Suitable for Some, Appreciated by Others.  Still, even with good reviews and a strong web presence, I have not yet crossed past the stigma that “nice people” don’t read this stuff.  (Please help me prove them wrong.)  Fifty Shades of Grey opened the discussion once again:  why does romance flourish but erotica struggle?  That book took the romance formula of masterful man (in commerce, in bed) and the female waiting to be educated by him (ergo, we start with a coed) and spun in some spanky talk.  Indisputably, it was eFingered by millions of eReaders.  The Fifty Shades trilogy wasn’t considered well written… but it trounced other “smarter” books in the marketplace.

Sassy, sexy, comical, intelligent erotica is not for everybody.  What I’m producing is not your mommy’s porn.  Enjoy the counterculture imagery from a cast of sharp characters:  a pot-positive memoirist, an organized voyeur, a fictional pay-to-play girl (retired) turned sexual consultant, a nonfictional pay-to-say girl who wrote the cult classic Sweet Talkers.  I seek sophisticated readers who can go highbrow but appreciate the low down.  I label the books bedside readers for the adult mind because they are tailored for the nightstand.  Deliciously explicit.  Using vignettes, free-wheeling prose, and snatches of conversation, I create scenarios for you to fill in, stimulating your imagination, fertilizing your fantasies.  It’s a great way to slip away from the real world as you gear down for sleep.  (Note:  I prefer print book to screen reader at night given what we know about visual stimulation before bed.)

This format lets you dip in and out of the books, not needing to remember plot details, or get to any particular stopping point; mix and match to suit the mood you’re in or the mood you’re cultivating.  Skim past what doesn’t interest you this time, you might run across it in a different mood and find it more meaningful.  There is a specific sex-positivity and good cheer in all my work, I find glory and humor in all the things we do to “feel” connected.  I’ve been called “competent” at novelizing hardcore erotica: begrudging praise for being literate in a stigmatized arena.  What can I say?  Lighten up, you erudite reviewers, I write “good reads” – that’s the whole point.  Quit counting commas, tell your targets was is it worth the time and money to read?  Don’t dissect the plot… share your unique judgment on the experience of reading it.  That is much appreciated by author and reader.

I have a standing offer to send you a free book if you review one of my other books.  I keep prices low to encourage spur of the moment purchases ($6.66 to $9.99).  I believe fans are the BUZZ.  Echo back, would you?  I’m easy to find if you can remember my name:  KathleenK

KathleenK.xxx – for the rowdier reader

KathleenK.com – Vivid family fiction for those who read between, around and beyond the words.


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