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Do what you do now, and do it again later; “you” are never done.



Inside Title Page Image by Brian Quinn

There is a difference between “non-ending” and “not stopping”.  The production of art, the performance of it, rendering:  it comes and goes in cycles to deepen and season talent.  You cannot live it as a focal point (usually), it is not a fulcrum.  Talent strikes more than those of whom we know, the other part of success is the planning and execution, luck and inevitability, that draws an audience, hopefully leads to a following.  Such spirit creates the energy for Half Magic on Hulu TV, pushing for women to satisfy their own desires.  This is more about mating than dating in the long run, with whom can you share life?  Don’t keep score but surely balance the exchange.

We need people like this group who pop up elsewhere as actors, directors.  [Brooklyn Nine-Nine anyone?]

I make books and have banked a dozen of them with more to come; I let them grow their own interest with a few commercial reviews and giveaways.  They exist, diamonds no longer in the rough but polished and on exhibit.  The same as so many talents although prodigious that are unknown to others.  It’s a pyramid of fame that is not controlled by talent alone.  Breakthrough is rare; it strikes like lightning, fizzes out the same.

That best-seller validation for a book, for instance, is a commercial purpose, you cannot take it as a sign of value (quality) for that is intrinsic to the object.  Whatever it is worth at the moment or over time is infused in its assembly and remains with it.  It might fall out of fashion, or catch a wave of appreciation, but in and of itself it represents the work-effort that created it.  That is the building of a legacy, a presence beyond the mere idea of being recognized in life.  You must DO that, prepare for it then pursue it, paint or sew or construct as only you do.

When it is time to produce, then pay attention to the details and do a good job of it.  Immerse yourself in the elements, allow others their perspective, so that in the end you have created something powerful.  I did this with a dozen words and a pen name like the book art featured here by Brian Quinn.   I asked for a book cover for Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen; we selected another of his works for that purpose since it had to be easily interpreted in miniature for book ads.  This image posted here was used as inside book art, a rare expense in production that was well worth it because it so strongly captured the theme of the book:  he’s dark and looming and yet she’s central and powerful.  It’s not black and white, it is full of tone and shading, it starts a story in a still frame.

It is not only in the creation of art but in the supporting of it that a culture deepens, so please do go to a photo exhibit, buy art from a café wall…. hit my website for a nicely priced book.  We bemoan a weakening of our culture but please remember our choices and actions build that framework.  Bid on a kid’s art piece at the school auction, who knows who you’ll inspire!










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A cauldron of fire holds the disembodied yowl of my sex…

There is something timeless in a pithy Tweet, the limit of characters and the linearity of presentation makes it a matter of carving carefully while thinking graphically.


At the root of my dick is a cauldron of fire to hold the disembodied yowl of my sex. She puts her lips right there & whispers to it.


I haven’t been blogging lately (it was a To Do marked Done at 100 posts).  The Twittering flutters along because that is the essence of my “flair”, a poetic sense of economy in phrasing and a silly willful wink at our love∞sex obsession.

I encourage you to read more, and read differently (new authors, new medium, new time of day or era of time) so that you engage your brain in the wonder that is our written word built out of our spoken word.  This is our tribal knowledge, and use of language “speaks volumes” about a person or a group.

Just as an example of what language IS:  To be caught saying vile abusive things is not an “incident”, it is a MIND SET.  Times change but deep down character does not.  It doesn’t matter if you did what you bragged about doing, it is notable you think bragging about it is cool.  It isn’t that you shouldn’t have said it, you shouldn’t even (admit you) think it.  We can’t police your thoughts but we can infer a lot from your statements.  Lewd language can be ‘flirty-dirty’ but we cannot tolerate ‘rancid’.  It is the ingrained habitual disregard for dignity by the speaker toward the spoken-of that finally drags the ugly out where we can see it.

I ride the line between risqué and ridiculous so I know that verbal disrespect is a tone thing, and is of the moment, but that the longer-range intent of a statement will ring through.  The best defense against offensive statements is an arsenal of alternate language.  School yourself in our collective intelligence so you too enrich the world with your particular way of thinking.  Shut down the thoughtless and the crude because they are wasting your time.  Be brief, be firm, and then be gone from them.  You get only so many breaths to waft words into the air, be prudent!  Your ears drum only so much, listen carefully.

Rowdier Readers, check this out:

Shirley Jackson http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2016/10/ruth_franklin_s_biography_of_shirley_jackson_reviewed.html

25th Anniversary of Anita Hill’s outing her boss:



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A Musing: Colleen McCullough – Australian Storyteller

Colleen McCullough incited a cultural event with The Thorn Birds, a complex family saga pigeonholed as the story of a tempted priest.  Her earliest books hit a newly liberated public in the 1970’s, when a TV miniseries was a STUPENDOUS MEDIA EVENT, not to mention her record-breaking paperback book deal.  She pulled us forward with her story of shenanigans in the Outback.  A thorn bird is explained this way:

The book’s title refers to a mythical bird that searches for thorn trees from the day it is hatched. When it finds the perfect thorn, it impales itself, and sings the most beautiful song ever heard as it dies.

This adroit choice of title plants the flag of “meaning” into what seems at first to be a rousing multi-generational romance novel.  This is an earth-bound struggle for ultimate passion.

An earlier book, Tim is a consequential love story with bullies in the background (movie); and the other books that follow established her as a strong stylist with keen insight tracking the emotional impact of people on others. 

Colleen McCullough was a complex woman, having achieved distinction in neurophysiology before her books blazed into publishing history, allowing her to “live on her own terms”.  Competency and discipline cross both endeavors, her legacy is one of a forceful female with stories to tell.  This lady knew how the brain works and had her characters live that out!

The kerfuffle over whether it is right or wrong to start an obituary calling a stupendously successful woman “overweight and plain” is more than a matter of taste.  It’s about the significance of this person as a measure of their life.  The game of author-as-personality exists; it is exploited by publishers and fueled by readers’ over-eager reverse engineering of a book based on a single photo on the back cover.  Colleen McCullough didn’t need to pander for sales, she hit so big and hard at the start that she gained her freedom.

I do have a bias toward obscuring the writer to focus on the book itself.  In college rhetoric classes, when we submitted work to be read out loud (by the professor), we were not allowed to introduce the piece, provide preview or backstory, let alone indulge in an author bio.  Whatever we had to say had to be on the page.  Show your work.  Colleen McCullough painted her pages using her mind and her heart and her social experience.  She lifts the words in sequence, stringing them together, and then lets them wrap around the reader. 

Storyteller, start your next life in peace.  Your characters live on.


#ColleenMcCulloughRIP #StrongMinded

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