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A Musing: Setting Free the Kites – Alex George ***** Word on Belva Plain – Daniel Lowe – Sascha Arango

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Alex George has written a very good read: Setting Free the Kites.  This is high praise for rowdier readers who can open to many topics as long as the skill and intent to communicate manifest.  This is a well-paced multi-threaded story that deserves to be consumed page by page.  It provides a generational view point of friendship, disappointment, expectation and choice that lets you judge the characters as you would anyone you know…. that is an investment in this writing.  So many bad books are published that when you find one with actual themes and structure [again with the airborne] you want to 5-star it so it sparkles for other hunters.  He has another book and I’ve already got it coming my way which is the highest indication of Alex George’s acumen.  Call it ‘special sauce’ or whatever, he entertained me thoroughly and I wish to give him another chance.

Setting Free the Kites is a long internal monolog with the narrator who may change voices but never loses his perspective, we hit the white rapids of the ending knowing at least he’s in our boat, we’re going to have to get through it because the book is all about outcome of choices which can never be known before choosing (you can guess a few).  That is the art form of the novel for me, the engagement of the reader in the subjective landscape set by the book.

COMMENTARY:  I stopped reading for over a year due to medical complications, the words were dead on the page to me although I could “read” news articles and the like.  I could not engage with the writer’s writing.  Reading had been my stalwart companion from earliest memory, Bible with Granny W., school, biographies of the saints is morality porn for Catholic girls… I was schooled to emulate The Mother of All, The Vessel of Virtue.  The art and intent of what I read set the tone for me for all time.  I love to hear people’s stories of how they began reading for fun, for themselves, because it soothed and excited them.  I could RELATE.  I am thrilled to say the reading writing trickled back to me from my sub-clan of rowdier readers, I once again can exploit this transport via the voice of another.

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I am re-reading Belva Plain and I encourage you to surrender to her “living history” in the love stories she has given us, finely drawn character and culture on display, the good and bad, deftly written in that soft-sure tone that the reader recognizes as moral authority.  You can sense the evil, the hope, the effort vs. laziness; petty jealousies can turn the world, as fate and free will impact the direction of people’s lives.  Her themes may work at certain times in your life, when you can open to the ridiculous displacement caused by history [since proximity is an element in love].  She writes of a different age of immigrants but at the center is her understanding that a person starts in a place and may go to another place, or many places, or stay rooted, but they retain the seed of their character even as it is lured by sun and shade.  Belva Plain played out her narrative lines as she saw fit, sometimes surprising us, because being complacent with anything is a risk.


The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango

All That’s Left to Tell by Daniel Lowe

Both these books really stretch the meaning of “narrative line” and fascinated me in structure, content, and delivery. I don’t know how much you are reading these days but I’d put either or both on the short list for writers to read.  Perhaps my own latitude forms a kinship with those who make up truth so convincingly.


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Sexotic – Erotic Kathleen K. Books – The First Five Years

I set out in 2011 to make print-digital masters of ten of my “previously private publications” within five years; as an experienced book builder I knew exactly what I wanted to have produced for me.  I learned that CreateSpace.com gave me the control I required plus creative insight I had not expected.

kathleenk erotica gender dynamics family life indieThe first book was a trial run, and the book-team assigned to my project popped this image onto it with that choppety font: they caught the mood and carved it on the cover.  Talk about a strong entrance to print-on-demand since that image draws then holds the eye, plus it thumbnails well.  Deciding which book to put into production next is part art and part strategy, author meet publisher (“Enjoy sharing that skull.”).  Joody grabs you long enough to notice there now are other characters-covers around her:  a dozen Kathleen K. Books examine the commotion of emotion around sex∞love and the infinity between.

Bedside readers for the adult mind… erotic & sexotic


Examine what it means to hide your primary sexual relationship from the people you love but flaunt it in front of strangers. 

Enjoy this flip and witty take on gender dynamics, deliciously explicit, as it probes themes of submission, permission, and admission.

Just Released!


hires_frontcover    frontcover HoneyB I 7174296_cover     PP Native Cover.4539172.indd

Stoner-cover copy image   Stoners_bone_of_contention_cover ARCHING Cover Memorial+3 pre-FINAL cover_rough0003a


Vivid family fiction for those who read
between, around and beyond the lines. 

frontcover   Stainless Mary BookCoverImage LentHand frontcover-medium  FAMILY cover front harvest from PDF

I set three goals for the first five years:  make books, establish online catalog-outreach, and sustain a social media presence.

Twelve books.  100+ posts here.  450+ Tweets.

Done, done and done.

This is the foundation for the next five years.  The turning point may be when I am accepted as a content-provider to an alternative-indie periodical of some sort for print and digital access: a home base from which to syndicate-replicate someday.  I represent a distaff voice, in the tradition of lady wits and witches… sassy, sexy, smart, scorching, and self-contained.  Right now I’m angling to luck across a keen scout who pulls my work forward and sees the business I am building… it’s all about the books.

Another bet that paid off was selecting Kirkus Reviews professional service as a trial-by-fire for the books themselves.  Consistent positive reviews from Kirkus bolster my literary cred, which is especially valuable for the Indie publisher.  “We see you.”

A witty and wise read, especially for fans of tough-minded heroines.

Stainless Mary  Kirkus Reviews Aug. 2012

A beautifully woven novel about an unusual boy… and how he learns to be a father, without having really been a son.

The Lent Hand   Kirkus Reviews  Jan 2013

Quotable tags like these shorthand the type of book it is, indicating the style and tone rather than touting a thriller-killer plot or genre-buzz.  Consider this discussion on how readers might pick their books.

I leverage the GoodReads.com Give Away program to garner hundreds of “looks” from specifically-interested purposeful readers seeking books and willing to invest an actual click.  I can “look back” at the entrants via online profile image and presence: I skim past fast, going for the overall energy.  I’ve worked on the down-low so long, it’s exciting to start the next five years with a more public stance on my planning.  So many people imagine the things they would create if they had an audience but I took the opposite approach, I created what I wanted to create for the challenge-fun of fabricating bedside readers for the adult mind.  Groundwork laid, now I seek the rowdier readers who will at least pull my words to their screen.

Whether it turns out to be squibs of romantic-graphic poetry scattered around a gritty weekly, providing a quick jolt of thinking for the wandering mind, or excerpts serialized from my vignette-rich and scenario-driven books themselves between art-concept glossy covers, I can only imagine.  This sought-after periodical presence would be in the long tradition of actual literature in counter-culture small presses and little magazines.  With Playboy dropping nudes, they are conceding the porn-pic war as rendered irrelevant to their mission, we only hope they stay alive in the literary and arts communities which was the other revolution Hugh Hefner took on.  Remember those glorious interviews and break-out stories between the impossible beauties and those crazy-cool parties “in the Grotto”?  There is more to “getting it” than sex.  What they called a club we now call a community.  Like-minded.

kathleenk_erotica_fiction_books_indieI’m walking fertile ground since Fifty Shades of Grey helped weaken the grip of male-modality in adult entertainment:  those books weren’t about content-quality but about the surge of consumer fever whether or not the literary community approved.  Traditional publishers were aghast at the volume of mommy porn.  Really?  (Really.)  I’m not banking on a book or three, I’m presenting a 12-book collection available online today.

My investment in the actual book masters establishes my freedom, each title is available on demand with no further cost or effort on my part.  It’s a leap of faith to call a book finished, ending that interlude when a character’s bailiwick first exists without public criticism or praise, product of paper-pen-pixels grappling with the ineffable.  And then at one moment in time the writer declares the book to be complete as it will be, the people and places forever captured there.  Now, offered here.

Kathleen K Books — Next Five Year Plan

Produce five book print-digital masters.

Maintain online catalog-blog.

Sustain delivery of reTweetable @KathleenKxxx Tweets or similar evolving “pithy” webiverse.  Reactivate @Potcentric

Continue branding efforts as both a book collection, and as a dozen discrete titles.  To that end, I leave a steady set of markers: I was here, and here… and over here too.  Just linkin’ along.

Thankful.  Hopeful.

November 30, 2015

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Welcome to the .World .Wide .Wonderful — KathleenKBooks.com gets a makeover


Being an independent publisher means the websites that support the business have to be in my control; I patched together a workable online catalog long before most users were @anywhere.

I revolutionized my thinking over this one weekend.  See KathleenKBooks.WordPress.com.

I took the beautiful toolbox provided by WordPress.com and re-assembled my catalog in a simple outline format that translates well through the WordPress “themes” offered for free.  So far, I’ve tried Ryu, Oulipo, McKinley, Shaan, Twenty Twelve, Chunk, Forever, Suits.  Since I organized the pages along their simple principles, it’s a single click to change themes.  That’s cool!

I will do the higher tech work of redirecting my own domain traffic to this setup later this week but, really, it’s a great feeling of relief and progress to put the website into a much more adaptable framework.

Kevin Hart, the comedian, famously says:  “Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put the work in.”  I get that.  It’s why “I put the work in” this weekend polishing my website.

I love making books; hopefully this overhaul helps you rowdier readers find and appreciate them!

#KathleenKBooks #puttheworkin #KevinHart

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Kathleen K. Books – Business Plan for independent purveyor of erotica + sexotica + curiosa

Business Plan:  online sales of affordable books for rowdier readers

Definitions:  online sales, no brick-and-mortar stores, no consignment (no paperwork), no direct financial relationship with book-buyers or book-returners.  Minimal distribution cost keeps the books affordable.

affordable books are between $5-10

rowdier readers self-identify.  It’s a litmus question.  Yes or no?  Stop or go. 

Info/Buy Links available for the Private Publications of Kathleen K. in print and Kindle. 

Thanks to Kindle, please enjoy a free “Look Inside” the books.

Questions.  Answers?  Order!  Info@KathleenKBooks.com

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The Lent Hand – Adventures in Beach Town Towing

The Lent Hand is a family-fiction novel about tow truck drivers and the women who love them. Starlight begat Jeromeo then left him at her mother’s husband’s house to continue her hippie search for Being and Otherness. Jerry grows up to run a tow truck down at the shore. Rose Hardeen married a pig. The first baby was an accident and the second was a disaster. Life tosses these two characters together but it is up to them to make something of it.


Our first kiss was at the shore. I was telling her about a senior couple I’d met on the road. Their RV had overheated because the old man had underestimated the volume of water and oil required to keep that big rig rolling. His wife paced the side of the road, I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying but her shoulders were shaking. She was one of those trim old gals; I bet there had been many a terse verbal exchange inside that “recreational” vehicle. He looked exhausted and I knew I had another victim of RV itis. He’d bitten off more than he could chew, it was a huge piece of machinery to fight on the road, wind shoved it and curves tempted it. It consumed mass quantities of gasoline which made it doubly-stupid he hadn’t watched the other fluid levels. To his credit, he’d lunged to the shoulder immediately on seeing the gauges approach redline, and mostly we waited for it to cool down so we could replenish his behemoth. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but people forget I’m there (or don’t care). She said they were selling this fucking (!) thing and getting one only half the size. All they needed was a bed and a table for quick stops on their road trips. She’d rather spend the money on simple motels where they could shower, sleep on a bed, go out to eat. It wasn’t any FUN to wear themselves out dragging such a big shell around. The idea of retirement had been to get free, wasn’t it? Not so she could cook in a smaller kitchen. She looked at him for an answer. He practically fell to his knees in gratitude; she seemed to be saying what he’d been hoping to hear but was unable to say. The rig was too big, period. They’d get farther, faster in a luxury camper, they felt better for voicing the truth and I envied them their positive future. I loved telling these stories because Rose really listened. This time she leaned over and aligned her lips with mine, pressing lightly to sample the shape of my mouth. I was so surprised I reflexively pulled back, afraid I’d blacked out, lost time, and somehow forced her to kiss me. Her hand slipped up behind my head and pulled me back to her lips and I felt a rush of heat, she was treating me like a male. I liked it. Way better than the movies!

Our years of friendship did not erase the shyness we felt as we began dating. To our great joy, things were different, we didn’t talk about the children as much, and we discussed our lives on a more existential level rather than the daily-do of it. It was while talking to Rose that I realized how much I learned from towing. It was like having access to a behavioral lab. By adding stress to a situation, people were pushed up or down a level or two. Even on routine jobs with my pickup truck, I was called upon to change the status. I was picking up, dropping off, moving or removing. Rose made the point that I had done the same with her and the children, I’d made myself useful.

As we approached the deepening physical intimacy of an adult relationship, I was plagued by erotic dreams. I had successfully shut myself off from bothersome stimuli. Surely, my body noted its readiness each morning but a simple salute sufficed. No need for full formation. Now, as if laser-aimed, my imagination had a target and I was driven to distraction by Rose’s femininity. I loved the shape of her upper arms, her feet, the set of her shoulders. I felt protective around her, not because she was weak but because in her strength she was precious.

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