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Erotic-sexotic author seeks book bloggers seeking content

The challenge of blogging is content.  What to write about, how to capture concept then render it to others.  Whether you post to a small circle of friends, use your blog to enrich your writer–reviewer presence in the reading world, or you’re a culture vulture with others watching you circle the next target, there is something at KathleenKBooks.com for you to consider.  If you don’t blog, pass this invitation along to somebody who does…

I offer many topics in the context of my 12-book collection:  8 erotic-sexotic books for rowdier readers, and 4 family-life fiction books without the folderol of sex (although they are not without passion).  Contact me for a sample book or consider one of the 60+ posts I offer as commentary (see archives listed below.

Do you have anything to say about any of this?

  1. Women & Erotica
  2. Erotica v. Porn = Analog v. Digital?
  3. Voyeurism (The LunariumNamed to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2013)
  4. Graphic Poetry of Desire and Denial (Arching Over)
  5. Reefer & Romance (Stoner with a Boner and Stoner’s Bone of Contention)
  6. Sex work (Honey B., Sexual Consultant)
  7. Phone sex (nonfiction) (Sweet Talkers, Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl)
  8. Catholic women’s destiny determined by bio-plumbing?  (Stainless Mary)
  9. How do you become a father if you’ve never been a son?  (The Lent Hand)
  10. What do you do if your sister neglects her kids? (Joody)
  11. Independent publishing – CreateSpace.com
  12. Blogs-in-support of indie publishing
  13. “Second life” enterprise:  Erotica after 50 (Years of Age and Shades of Grey)
  14. Complex and detailed language in a world of memes
  15. Gender dynamics (man as prototype, woman as archetype)
  16. Tweeting lines from the books:  twitter.com/kathleenkxxx
  17. Book covers are judged – what makes a good cover?
  18. If you like one book by an author, will you seek out other books of theirs?
  19. As a writer, I’m thrilled when somebody wants a sequel but I’m less agreeable to the idea of “fan fiction” kidnapping my characters.  Your view?
  20. I’ve priced my print books at Amazon.com between $6.66 and $9.99, Kindle from $4.99 to $6.66.  What’s a good price-point to qualify as an impulse buy?


In pursuit of my publishing business, I’ve consulted with book promoters and social media captains, ran targeted ads, submitted work for professional assessments and peer review, etc., etc.  I continue to seek “buzz” around my rowdier readers who have to self-identify because you can never really know what someone is thinking (and reading is thinking).  So that’s why this call for conversation.

Echo back!  As the late great Joan Rivers says, “Can we talk?”

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Illusions – Stupid Ass Selfies – Spanky Talk – Literate Erotica

This link to Three Illusions that Will Destroy Your Brain” is worth sharing to enrich two-minutes of your day.  Hopefully it can help erase the stupid ass selfies that currently plague the web.

COMMENTARY by indie author Kathleen K.

I don’t know why we are so overt with our images (Google: rectal thermometer fetish) but shy in our words.  I write high-end erotica and sexotica for the rowdier reader.  I caution people it is Not Suitable for Some, Appreciated by Others.  Still, even with good reviews and a strong web presence, I have not yet crossed past the stigma that “nice people” don’t read this stuff.  (Please help me prove them wrong.)  Fifty Shades of Grey opened the discussion once again:  why does romance flourish but erotica struggle?  That book took the romance formula of masterful man (in commerce, in bed) and the female waiting to be educated by him (ergo, we start with a coed) and spun in some spanky talk.  Indisputably, it was eFingered by millions of eReaders.  The Fifty Shades trilogy wasn’t considered well written… but it trounced other “smarter” books in the marketplace.

Sassy, sexy, comical, intelligent erotica is not for everybody.  What I’m producing is not your mommy’s porn.  Enjoy the counterculture imagery from a cast of sharp characters:  a pot-positive memoirist, an organized voyeur, a fictional pay-to-play girl (retired) turned sexual consultant, a nonfictional pay-to-say girl who wrote the cult classic Sweet Talkers.  I seek sophisticated readers who can go highbrow but appreciate the low down.  I label the books bedside readers for the adult mind because they are tailored for the nightstand.  Deliciously explicit.  Using vignettes, free-wheeling prose, and snatches of conversation, I create scenarios for you to fill in, stimulating your imagination, fertilizing your fantasies.  It’s a great way to slip away from the real world as you gear down for sleep.  (Note:  I prefer print book to screen reader at night given what we know about visual stimulation before bed.)

This format lets you dip in and out of the books, not needing to remember plot details, or get to any particular stopping point; mix and match to suit the mood you’re in or the mood you’re cultivating.  Skim past what doesn’t interest you this time, you might run across it in a different mood and find it more meaningful.  There is a specific sex-positivity and good cheer in all my work, I find glory and humor in all the things we do to “feel” connected.  I’ve been called “competent” at novelizing hardcore erotica: begrudging praise for being literate in a stigmatized arena.  What can I say?  Lighten up, you erudite reviewers, I write “good reads” – that’s the whole point.  Quit counting commas, tell your targets was is it worth the time and money to read?  Don’t dissect the plot… share your unique judgment on the experience of reading it.  That is much appreciated by author and reader.

I have a standing offer to send you a free book if you review one of my other books.  I keep prices low to encourage spur of the moment purchases ($6.66 to $9.99).  I believe fans are the BUZZ.  Echo back, would you?  I’m easy to find if you can remember my name:  KathleenK

KathleenK.xxx – for the rowdier reader

KathleenK.com – Vivid family fiction for those who read between, around and beyond the words.


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Stoner is the guy you want to show up at your party.


Stoner is a good egg; you hope he shows up at your party.  He isn’t flashy but he does do that trick with the hot knives and hash.  He’s the kind of guy you wish your sister-in-law could meet because (a) it would give her something to do besides hang around your house and (b) that chick needs a tune-up and Stoner has the air of an ace mechanic.  You’ve watched him working the women so you know he’s a straight shooter; he’s attentive without being a dog about it.  There’s no backlash on his hookups, there’s not even clear information on when-where-how these things have happened, if they have… [I choose to believe].  He’s got charm, yeah, sure, but it is not some superficial slick that skids you past the details.  He’s through-and-through true.

He shows up with some of the most dazzling dope in town, head-banging shit that defies the limits of what you thought high could be.  Even the steady tokers are careful around his stash.  Respect.  It’s like that country song where some bad-ass party band will never smoke weed with Willie again.  Stoner is our Willie Nelson, not so old but with that same ethereal solidity.  He’s a rock-hard hippie, and glad to be.  He’s hitting on grass grown closer to heaven.  Superior pot and lots of it.  Sweet Mary Jane!  Our own pot is seductive, Stoner’s pot fucks. you. up.

Stoner is releasing a new book.  Count me in.  The first one saved my marriage.

He convinced me to smoke less pot.  I got his book from a friend who was giving them out as Christmas stocking stuffers to her weedie buds.  You’d think his loving descriptions of marijuana would stimulate toking but it refined my use.  I had been wasting a lot of my stash getting buzzed then doing nothing.  Too much blazed gaming for sure.  I turned toking into a sacrament.  I learned to PLAN my highs, more rare and much more productive.  The wasted hours were redeployed into fitness and yard work — my wife loved that!

This got me thinking about Stoner’s ease with women.  What I got out of the book was the thoughtfulness.  I admit I picked up some technical details too.  I read the sexy pages out loud while my wife relaxed in the bath then we’d try to implement those exact notions.  We started to percolate again, we learned how to maintain a simmer and when to reach a boil.  The crazy ups and downs of our mismatched newlywed rhythms settled into a livable life together.

The first book didn’t change my life, I did that.  The book hit me just when I was thinking maybe I ought to change my life.  That long story of his convinced me I could.

Stoner with a boner (It’s a Long Story).  Seriously funny.  Smokin’ hot.  Potcentric sexotic fictional memoir.

Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Join) is due for publication in July 2013.

KathleenK.xxx for the rowdier reader.

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