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Giving Away Sexotica: Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexoticI have been using the Goodreads.com site to give away ten copies of a book every month in the hopes they will be granted a fair look-see by the potential contestants and be reviewed by the winners.  This month I’m sharing Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen, one of the sexotic titles in my diversified collection of fiction, erotica, curiosa and poetry for rowdier readers.  Giveaway Ends:  March 31, 2015.

He’s planning all the battles, but she’s winning the war.

Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen is all about roles and reversals: bad boy meets good girl, or is it the other way around? Maybe it’s a triple flip and they’re both bad… Examine what it means to hide your primary sexual relationship from people you love but flaunt that same relationship in front of strangers. These two meet at a party and in that instant close off their real lives to reach deep into their fantasies. They step away from everything they know to establish an intimate atmosphere of risk and fulfillment.

This wasn’t romance, it went way beyond that. They were off the grid, powered by the kind of feelings that blow apart a “real” relationship. They were removed from time and place, in an epic struggle to out-satisfy each other at their deepest darkest core. They created an autocratic realm unto themselves where ageless appetites ruled in and for the moment – and the moment was all.

Enjoy this flip and witty take on gender dynamics, deliciously explicit, as it probes themes of submission, permission, and admission.

For those who do not read explicit adult material, the idea of ‘sexotica’ as differentiated from ‘erotica’ is hard to support.  Sexotic books are frank and explicit, specific and particular about human mating behavior; it may trigger lustful feelings at times in some but more likely rounds out the thoughts that were already swirling around about who-what-when-where-why people are engaged in sex.  Erotica is aimed at a different part of the brain-heart, specifically here-and-now responses.

Those that dismiss these sorts of books decide by biggest discernible commonality:  writing about sex.  That I write both forms isn’t important, they’ll read neither.  That’s cool.  I’m reaching out to the others of you, the ones who don’t mind wandering away from beloved genres as long as it’s a “good read”.  That speaks to the inner-reader, the one motivated by curiosity rather than comfort (familiarity).  One of my favorite reviews is this for Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint) because we are given so many reasons to dismiss the book and, yet… surprise!  Entertaining.

John Ricker from GoodReads.com  Mar 2015
Not sure where to start with this one, so how about this… This is not typically the type of book that I read and entered the GoodReads giveaway so that I could give it to a friend. Well, after seeing that it would be a quick read, which it was, I thought I’d give it a shot and to my surprise I found it to be an entertaining read. Thanks

I know my books are not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  Consider yourself forewarned, then.  Amateur readers may not be amused.  Punctilious comma counters will miss the point period

Dark Prince joins Honey B., Sexual Consultant by taking the matter-of-fact sexuality from the Sweet Talkers phone fantasy non-fiction and marrying it with the lusty language of The Lunarium for a compendium of situations presented like a kaleidoscope, fragments and patterns set in motion by twisting.  It makes some people dizzy but others marvel at the science of beauty manufactured by humans.

This is the reason for the Giveaways – to expose others to my work.  It puts the book into the thoughts of individual readers who register for the prize and into the hands of volunteer readers who win.  There is a disappointingly low response rate on the requested reviews if you consider that Goodreads itself tries to steer the contest a bit towards active members as measured in titles on their shelves, friends, etc.  Some winners do take the time to complete the exchange and prove themselves valuable members of the community.

I’ve decided to split the monthly giveaway into five copies twice a month, alternating title/genre, to keep the entries fresh.  I’d love to go international but the book postage is crushing overseas… hell, up to Canada is a big bump, so, sorry, this little indie biz can’t pay that freight!

It works in reverse, too; I’ve kept design & production simple for my print books so prices are low, starting at $6.66 and topping out at $9.99, an impulse, an indulgence.  Easy to gift!  Kindle versions are discounted at least 25%.


what_we_see_when_we_read_coverSome books have high production values and exist specifically to elevate the form.  Consider this one:

What We See When We Read is a book lover’s book, a rich thick stew of thought pressed into the pages.  I can only guess the production cost, so many totally black pages with a few choice words or shapes, such weighty paper… It is a retrospective on the language arts of certain classic writers but embodies the lure of print on page.  It is fun to make a book about more than just the words.  My background in alternative publishing always included graphic design and language-beauty using the tactile medium of small magazines so something lush like this is enriching to read, and a pleasure to recommend.

This is a beauty of an idea brought to life and memorialized in the same moment.

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eFingered and Eyed by Devotees: Erotic writer’s fantasy

As an indie publisher of erotic and sexotic books, it is my fantasy to have my books Eyed and eFingered by readers who “get” me; I like surprising them with a treasure trove of lush language and tart dialog.  It’s all about sex, deft and explicit.

KathleenKBooks.com has a simple business plan: wicked good reads at reasonable prices. Between $5 and $10, print and Kindle. I appeal to impulse buyers (their feelings move them to action) who read for fun.  Counterculture themes don’t unnerve them if the story holds.  They like it spicy.

Rowdier readers are hard to target because they camouflage their interests out of social pragmatism… erotica is still stigmatized. That’s where the Kindle comes in. For your eyes only. The print versions are tailored for the nightstand, constructed vignette style so you can read a little or read a lot. I surrender digital versions to my stealth fans who suppress the deliberately-designed front-spine-backs into a hard-shell anonymizer.

That’s OK, the contents can stand unadorned on a glowing screen and still you move word by word, seeing through the eyes of the narrator, looking behind the words to discern the meaning. No hurry but plenty of rush.

These bedside readers fit in a rich niche of sex lit tradition:  bawdy and wry in colloquial language.  Vignette collections are the most inclusive of erotica based as they are on multitudes of moments with infinite points of connection.  Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  I give a lot of latitude to the reader.  I’ve been told that sassy, sexy, smart erotica is not for everybody but, then again, I’m not reaching out to everybody… I am seeking the well-read, the voracious consumers of sexy books that offer compelling word choices and adroit emotions.

PP Native Cover.4539172.indd

SAMPLE from Honey B., Sexual Consultant

I helped a young man create a beautiful collage of Polaroids he’d taken of himself making love with his young woman. I was to consider how she might feel about various poses he’d captured. He wanted to pick the best blend, not just the ones that appealed to him. I did yank a few of his choices, either because they were repetitive or because, for example, he loved one image of his lips at her nipple so didn’t notice her ass looked a mile wide. We cropped that photo which led to him reducing other snapshots to essential elements. He was glad he’d asked me to help because I included four photos he had dismissed as unfocused but I felt they lent relief from his graphic choices. I suggested he put the collage against the headboard in front of his kneeling blindfolded wife and, after inserting himself into her luscious cunny, remove the blindfold and let her see what he “saw” when he thought of this very thing, their loving, their fucking, their sex.


I often assisted people in composing ads for swinger magazines. People on the verge of swinging are quite likely to benefit from a visit with me. Formerly formless fantasies are crossing into reality. They are ready to engage in a subculture that trips their deepest triggers.

Swingers are generally law-abiding, employed, vehicle-equipped and middle class. They do not want to pollute their daily lives with sexual intrigue but still they wish to indulge themselves in private interludes of sexual adventure. What better way than to meet the proverbial stranger, a stranger organized enough to join a club and get a code number, and have an address and pen-paper-envelope-postage. Dismissing the straight personal ads because they featured people who don’t want to admit they’re primarily motivated by sexual rather than social longings, like‑minded individuals turn to contact magazines that cut to the chase.


Single female insists on big brain, long fuse and common sense in a mannered man. See picture. Write letter. Save time, don’t lie.


He: 6’2″, 195#, 30-something. She: 5’7″, 140#, 25-ish, shaved. Watchers welcome. Pictures for trade. No hands-on.


Does anyone out there remember the zipless fuck? Forget the flowers, bring the condoms. W/F married but swinging alone. 33. 38-28-41.


Teacher seeks pupil. Instruction available in all aspects of service to your teacher. Please realize your letter will be graded for both content and form (neatness counts). There will be oral exams.


Big-assed bitch with bountiful tits wants bad boy in bed. Single men only, sneaks need not apply.


We seek physically fit couples for sexual sports. J. (with beard) is 40, 5-10, 170. A. (with breasts) is 45, 5-10, 135. Watch/be watched.




It takes an independent publisher to stockpile inventory with no meaningful sales to offset the cost of production – no corporate board would tolerate that. I flipped the math around, once I paid for a book master it was done, any money that came back was a bonus. Making the books was an act of faith at my own expense. I’d find something to do with them all, once they were actualized: finalized: commercialized.

I have crafted eleven books with more to come. There is a deep sense of pleasure in offering these as an indie author because each is a holistic act from conception through delivery.  Guaranteed Committee-free.  The stories boiled and bubbled in draft form for years as they were sharpened and pruned, spruced up, subdivided and reunited. One by one the books crystallized. They are hand-fashioned ornaments meant to enchant. There isn’t a trick to writing erotic-sexotic literature, it is knowing the value of anticipation and complete release.

I am reaching out, rowdier readers, inviting you to echo back.  I have a standing offer to my fans for review copiesAPRIL 2014 LIMITED OFFER for free book.  Let me know if you’re curious.  Info@KathleenKBooks.com


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