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Stainless Mary (O Come, All Ye Faithful)

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This is a story of bad breaks and redemption, a story of choices. … There are old truths here known to any true grown-up, but it is good to be reminded of them again.

A witty and wise read, especially for fans of tough-minded heroines.

By Kirkus Reviews Aug. 2012

Comments from personal correspondence with author and friend:

I finished Stainless Mary and found it to be very insightful and introspective.  The character’s influence by and dependence on Catholicism is fascinating to a non-Catholic.  The inner workings of the Church were very revealing.  As a child, I was intrigued by the obedience and strange habits (no meat on Fridays) of my Catholic friends.  But as an adult, I became dismayed by the scandals that rocked the Church.  I can only imagine how the faithful souls in real life felt about it.  The author expertly displayed the character’s compassion for the downtrodden and outcast persons in her life, consistent with the tone of The Lent Hand.  Mary’s transition from one marriage to the next was very well managed, both in her own emotional evolution and in the context of her spirituality.

***** Great Layers of Perspective – Great Read!!!

By  patty q  – July 24, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kathleen K’s latest book “Stainless Mary”.  She takes you inside the heart and soul of Mary Stanley, navigating her way through the twists and turns of her very Catholic marriage and the raising of her children and thus herself.  Truly well written with much subtlety and humor.  Her choice of descriptive words tell many stories within this book – from Parish Cake Walk days – to gut-wrenching stories of those confronting domestic violence situations.

I want to commend the author on delivering very useable elements of wisdom for anyone seeking to redefine their existence and move forward with their lives, I was struck by the words selected to describe the state of affairs the characters find themselves in.  For those burning the candle at both ends:  “…don’t throw yourself into high gear and expect to maintain it, there are outside influences on your proverbial speed, you need to know when to pull back, and when to pull over.”

“Stainless Mary” is an Excellent Read!!!!!!

***** A “Must Read”

By Darlene M Cox August 7, 2012

I found “Mary” to be a combination of an interesting story line and social commentary, as well as a guide to any woman who is in doubt about her self-worth.

Mary is a devoted Catholic, avidly and willingly following the church’s tenets, including marrying a Catholic and educating and raising her children to be faithful Catholics. But, when her husband leaves her for his own selfish reasons, and the church fires her from her position as bookkeeper because she questions its misuse of its treasury, her world is shattered. She has done everything that was expected of her throughout her life. It takes the practical advice of Sister Agatha to force her to realize it was she who was the victim. She has been betrayed by both her husband, and her faith. She has to go back to square one, to rethink the sanctity of marriage and the faith she has relied upon all her life.

In rebuilding Mary’s life, Kathleen has introduced doubts that plague many women, namely society’s concept of the roles of men versus women, misguided faith versus truth. Whether an abusive relationship or questions of control in a relationship, or of faith itself, if it doesn’t feel right, the solution: Get out!

The language of this book is outstanding. Kathleen K is a master storyteller as well as a font of practical suggestions to the solving of some of society’s problems. I recommend this book to any woman who has doubts about her own self-worth. She will come away with a strength of mind and an enlightened attitude about her role in life. – Pam Mooney   Jan 2015

This book is smart and funny and thought provoking. While the subject matter is clearly of a serious nature it is presented in such a way that the reader is entertained as well as schooled. Well written and worth your time. – Kyleigh    Jan 2015
I received this book in a giveaway and it has now become one of my favorite novels. It is thought provoking and interesting and you won’t be able to put it down. The story and it’s characters makes you reflect on your own life and ask some serious questions. Amazing book. –Paula Ackley   Jan 2015
I’m not Catholic so I can’t relate to some of the specifics in the book. I can relate to making choices. I can relate to people’s perception of right and wrong and placing blame. I can relate to feeling like you’re in a hole with no way out and then seeing light. Well written, thought provoking, and a good read.

Greetings from Kathleen K. I am interested in your comments. Thanks for taking the time.

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