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Honey B., The Suite Life (Book I of V)

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An educational, arousing read about a woman who could be paid to do almost anything… and like it.

…a competent, novelized version of hard-core erotica.

By Kirkus Reviews Oct. 2012

GoodReads.com Christine Gilbert Apr 2014

Apr 26, 2014 Christine Gilbert rated it 5 of 5 stars  

I have a great deal of respect for Kathleen K. The way she writes erotic where it is the erotic that is the story and yet still peripheral to the story- how it is important and yet it is not- takes skill. You like the main character- a lot- but the fact that she functions because of sex not for sex, makes her as entertaining as all get out. The story is an easy read – you can put it down periodically to breathe – and then pick it back up without loss of plot or feeling. If you need a break from the complexity of George RR Martin, read this and then take a cold shower or three- or find a very open minded individual who doesn’t mind a little role play for one night. You will be happy that you did.

More information on Honey B. from the Amazon.com listing:

Honey B., The Suite Life, is narrated by an old pro. This first book of five introduces Honey B. as a savvy call girl who serves the desires of others to please herself.  Honey B. considers it her destiny to have a rich full life by challenging the imaginations of people looking for trouble. She doesn’t chase down married men and force them to sleep with her; she confines her amorous antics to those who volunteer to trade something of value for something they want. What do they want? Therein lies the rub. How do you make a fantasy come true? She adapts to the mood of the moment, being schooled by these dreamers and schemers in the art of seduction which starts first with convincing yourself you have a chance. With Honey, you don’t need charm but you better have manners. She’s both earnest and sardonic, plain speaking when needed. She arranges complicated erotic scenarios as easily as she slips into rented rooms for a quick kiss and tickle. Knowing her customers are anxious in these special circumstances, she liberates them from expectation. They can be free with her, once they’ve paid the price. Kathleen K. presents bedside readers for the adult mind that are not suitable for some, appreciated by others. In this quintet, we follow Honey from the Suites to her life as a Sexual Consultant and Erotic Advisor then we hear from her consorts and cohorts in The Buzz, summing up in Happy Endings. This is not your mommy’s porn. This is business, sex business, a truer-than-true tale of commercial satisfaction. Libertine literature is written for grown folk; amateur readers may not be amused. KathleenK.xxx for the rowdier reader.


Book II:   Sexual Consultant – available now

Allow me to introduce myself.   My name is Honey B. I used to make love for a living. Then I retired, I guess you could say I quit fucking around. I was moving away from the genitalia ghetto, I got the idea I could live easier in a more cerebral neighborhood. I decided to become a sexual consultant because my experience had taught me some basic facts of life. (1) Acts of sex could be considered like snowflakes: no two are alike and their life spans are not impressive. (2) If left to their own devices, people forget to charge their batteries. (3) Audacity is its own reward. I had managed to hit the high road as a sex pro, I expected no less when I switched to sharing sensual secrets for profit. Sexotic counseling is not the norm, you can find a tutor for math and a trainer for fitness but it isn’t “done” to ask for help in making love… I give Frank advice about Dick.


Book III:   Erotic Advisor (Spring 2016)

By the time I meet someone for a sexual strategy session they’ve been filtered through one of a dozen referral sources. I’m the wizards’ wizard. These twelve contacts were cultivated during my sexual consultantcy. I knew I could seed my ideas more effectively if I concentrated on individuals who had been pre-screened.

If they needed sexual crisis management they weren’t ready for me.

The rare soul that flutters against my door is poised around life-determining edges, they have already achieved some sense of the potential of romance and passion.   They’ve skimmed the surface to sense the depth of sexual purpose. They think they’re paying me to talk but the hard part is the listening.

Like any confessor, I deal with the subjective sense of potential. I do not define the limits rather I describe conse­quences.   I am sharp at spotting hidden agendas.   What words don’t they use?   Where do they veer? Hot spots are triggers to a closer examination.   It is the act of opening an emotional safe and finding what has been declared valuable, irreplaceable, intrinsic.   What fills their heart, what are they protecting? That is their truest desire.

They can’t get what they want until they admit what that is.


Book IV:   The Buzz (Summer 2015)

Hear from Honey B.’s clients, her champions and her detractors, cohorts and consorts, as we see her through the world’s eyes instead of seeing the world through her eyes. Same crazy world, shifting viewpoints.


Book V:   Happy Endings (Later 2016)

Fare the well, Honey B.

Yes, you used us. You used only the best of us.

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