Arching Over – Reviews

ARCHING OVER Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry


[This] collection of erotic poetry offers a cavalcade of love affairs, focusing on the narrator’s moment-to-moment fantasies and experiences.

A sprawling collection… that intriguingly lays out a dance of seduction in all of its conceivable steps.

By Kirkus Reviews Oct 2013


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Instead of detailing the peaks and valleys of one particular relationship, K. uses graphic language to focus readers’ attention on the body parts, sexual satisfaction, and the dominance and submission of a series of different lovers. In these verses, the present seduction is all that exists; nostalgia is largely nonexistent, and anticipation matters only in relationship to the conquest that is about to take place—if the narrator’s lover follows her explicit instructions: “We will neck and pet / swooning and ardent / whispering appreciation. / Desire will drive us / to the brink / and self-satisfaction / will slide us over it.” Notions of love are left out and, with them, the darker sides of love, such as regret and rejection. The poet’s chief concerns are pleasures happening now or in the immediate future, reflected in the ubiquitous present tense, which cumulatively gives readers the sense that thousands of fantasies are unfolding simultaneously. The poems mention no names, nor do they give a clear sense of recurring partners, lending them an anonymous, impersonal quality. They also liberally use the second-person point of view, again indicating an indiscernible number of lovers. It’s hard not to be impressed by how much time and fervent energy the narrator devotes to these romps; in one poem, she describes herself as a vessel for passion rather than its source: “I’m not a giver or a taker. / I’m a transducer, a conducive element / … / Sensual powers pass to me / and through me / …not from me / Empty like a mirror when no one’s there.” Not coincidentally, artists often provide similar explanations when discussing their inspiration.

A sprawling collection, light on concrete specifics, that intriguingly lays out a dance of seduction in all of its conceivable steps. – Honey Jimenez  JAN 2015

I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads.

I found this to be a refreshing kind of poetry book. I’ve always assumed that there had to be erotic poetry out there somewhere, but I’ve never read any before this book, save some that I have written.

The style and maturity of the poems seems to move in a logical progression of age. There are four chapter-like sections which seem to mirror as many phases of sexual maturity.

The first; young and horny, the poems are short and to the point.

Second; discovering feelings and preferences.

Third; Knowing what she likes and enjoying every little erotic moment and sensation.

Fourth; Reminiscing, being the initiator and teacher, being more aggressive in getting what she wants and how she likes it.

This is not romantic poetry, it is very graphic, and even to the point of being obsessed with sex and her partner or partners.

I found it beautiful, fascinating, and different. – Zoe Carmina  DEC 2014

Another one the few books I have won on goodreads in 2014. Kathleen’s lustful wit enticed me through each page that was read from cover to cover.

Greetings from Kathleen K. I am interested in your comments. Thanks for taking the time.

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