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Human Being vs. Human Doing – Authenticate Yourself

Thank You to The Voice television competition for jump-starting my discussion on LIFE, considering purpose and method, because not enough time is spent on the philosophy of existence when we are distracted by politicized values expressed by the “-ism”  (racism, sexism, genderism, patriotism, capitalism) and its cousin “-istic”.  Coach Alicia Keys and Season 12 winner Chris Blue invoke this concept during The Knockout Premier of Season 14.  The show producers were smart enough to edit that in, to include that moment, which to the discerning viewer demonstrates intelligence all around.  This bit of banter between the two struck a nerve with me, enough to pause and open this post with high expectations.  Immediately below is a moment captured in time…

Or you can hop to or to see this philosophy enacted.  I feel alive when I work on my books, on my poetry, on my blogging and my Tweeting because reading and writing galvanize me.  It is the thrill of the hunt for the proper word or powerful phrase and the artful juxtaposition of them that please me.  Not my own work alone, I am an avid reader as many writers are (and you can tell); there is a bit of borrowing like in all arts, but the end result reflects one execution.

Blog-in-Support of erotic, sexotic, romantic, graphic words
arranged and rearranged by Kathleen K.
Click for archive  – NSFW –
but work is only 1/3 of 5/7 of the week

A young medical professional at my doctor’s office remembered me as a writer and I gave her one of my cards.  Like the information above, the card was crafted deliberately to push an agenda. The card background looks like ruled paper with a red left-margin line; there’s heading type, subheading type, a logo… and each piece was considered alone and with the rest.  As with the blurb above, it is jam-packed with a double-down link to augment the flat print statement of availability.   That underscores the restatement in the title of this post, I am the writer of this because I made the effort to draft, refine and produce twelve books, etc., manifest in fact by deed then to support that with other channels.

This discussion was spontaneous and will ring for her because she’s at a stage (and state) of being, reaching for meaning to mix in with the facts of her job, her home, her family, her friends, her own heart and soul and hopes and dreams and fears and TIME, when is it TIME?  We all have to apportion our time.  It’s an unknown quantity, much like our talent and our will and our circumstances.  It’s part of living to allocate resources, and art to assess them one against the other.  More time or more money, which is needed more?  More sleep or more sex… which will be appreciated more?  There are two choices below, the third choice is neither, the fourth would be both. the Bonus is exactly that…






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The Joy of Roy: The abiding talent to dance


Roy Stevens – Dancer

There is an existential tug for every artist who does not make their living through that art; the real-world intrusion of responsibility and freedom that is driven by income fights the time, effort and energy to continue to develop and deploy an artistic “product” that will not pay for itself in a traditional sense.

I used IT money to fund my writing life; I saw musical friends tend bar or become nurses so they could gig on weekends.  It’s not an unusual blend and one such person made this choice to have a good life he shared with my friend.

It’s worth mentioning Roy Stevens because the strength of commitment to living two lives is not easy.  I will say it usually is born of abiding talent because a dilettante interest will simply fade away.  The lightning-strike of fame and fortune for writers, artists, dancers, rappers is hard to attract so what’s a writer-artist-dancer-rapper to do?  That whole starving artist lifestyle doesn’t really work over a lifetime.  A true artist doesn’t stop what they love but an adult artist may need to fund a home, raise a family, all that real world stuff carved out between activities that feed the art/soul born within.

So Roy Stevens worked a “real” job and pursued dance until he died too young, too quickly, a loss for many and reminder to some that you DO what you are born to do, and make peace with the rest of the stuff you have to do to do that!




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The moment before I open a professional review

I close my eyes and tell myself it is a single opinion, whatever I am about to read is just one view of my work, and in the long run will be dismissible.  In this moment it is the result of a big gamble.

As an indie author-publisher, allocating $500 for a Kirkus Review is a significant decision.  They’ve been opining about books for eighty years with a reputation for tough standards but some backlash for abject cruelty at times.

I pay $500 whether I publish their review or not.  They get paid for writing it.  You can decide to bury the review and that’s fine with them.  If you publish the review, you can use it in whole or part to advertise your book.  The weight of their name is significant in the publishing world precisely because they have assembled a rich reviewer pool delivering firmly structured 300-word judgments.  You throw your book in a proverbial pile and it is handed to you-have-no-idea-who and that’s your shot:  no re-do, no preferred reviewer, not even a pick of genre.  Take it or leave it.  More precisely, pay first and see what you bought later.

  • First stand-alone sentence is summary of book.
  • Paragraph is plot and content analysis.
  • Last stand-alone sentence is ‘tag’, the ‘boom’, the ‘bam’.

I bought the review in late February so it was due back in late April.  I didn’t haunt my account waiting for it only because I was busy elsewhere.  I finally checked in mid-May and here is what I found.


Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen Kirkus Reviews May 2015

Prolific eroticist K (Honey B., Sexual Consultant, 2014, etc.) conjures a fictionalized wet dream starring a hyper sexualized woman and the domineering hoodlum who sexually enslaves her.

Though the mysterious, unnamed raconteur of this erotica describes herself as an ordinary woman, she’s really an experienced physician who exudes “a sensation of calm, a sense of security.” She’s swept away by a cocksure, bearded, “dense and dreamy” stranger named Nathan, whose livelihood includes larceny and money counterfeiting. K’s novella, easily read in one heated sitting, glosses over plot in favor of the sexual exploits between the narrator and Nathan as their relationship intensifies to incorporate kink and sadomasochism. Nathan is slowly revealed to be a crestfallen attorney and military serviceman–turned-criminal, but that hardly deters the narrator from pursuing him. Their respective appetites for carnal satisfaction seem infinite; any opportunity for role-playing and sexual adventure is met with agreement, including the addition of Jo, Nathan’s sexy “surrogate,” to their lovemaking. The book consists of short vignettes that ultimately blur into a carnal cacophony of three-ways, safe words, penis rings, and jail bailouts, as the narrator who “wanted a bad boy and got one” swiftly becomes rapt and ultimately enamored by Nathan’s sexual bravado. Readers of graphic erotic fiction will appreciate K’s smooth delivery of unbridled passion coupled with introspective ponderings in which the veil lifts to reveal her protagonist’s true nature. This aspect elevates the narrative from one-note fantasy to an explicitly personal chronicle complete with a surprise ending. Although the ever reliable narrator spends most of her time being bossed around and used like a Fifty Shades sex toy, the story is very much owned and operated by her. “I didn’t want somebody to love,” she unapologetically confesses. “It was more selfish than that, I wanted somebody to enjoy my body with me.”

Thin and unassuming, K’s latest is a titillating and highly provocative tinderbox, conflating taboo themes of hierarchal subservience, gender domination, and eroticized objectification.


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A Musing: Colleen McCullough – Australian Storyteller

Colleen McCullough incited a cultural event with The Thorn Birds, a complex family saga pigeonholed as the story of a tempted priest.  Her earliest books hit a newly liberated public in the 1970’s, when a TV miniseries was a STUPENDOUS MEDIA EVENT, not to mention her record-breaking paperback book deal.  She pulled us forward with her story of shenanigans in the Outback.  A thorn bird is explained this way:

The book’s title refers to a mythical bird that searches for thorn trees from the day it is hatched. When it finds the perfect thorn, it impales itself, and sings the most beautiful song ever heard as it dies.

This adroit choice of title plants the flag of “meaning” into what seems at first to be a rousing multi-generational romance novel.  This is an earth-bound struggle for ultimate passion.

An earlier book, Tim is a consequential love story with bullies in the background (movie); and the other books that follow established her as a strong stylist with keen insight tracking the emotional impact of people on others. 

Colleen McCullough was a complex woman, having achieved distinction in neurophysiology before her books blazed into publishing history, allowing her to “live on her own terms”.  Competency and discipline cross both endeavors, her legacy is one of a forceful female with stories to tell.  This lady knew how the brain works and had her characters live that out!

The kerfuffle over whether it is right or wrong to start an obituary calling a stupendously successful woman “overweight and plain” is more than a matter of taste.  It’s about the significance of this person as a measure of their life.  The game of author-as-personality exists; it is exploited by publishers and fueled by readers’ over-eager reverse engineering of a book based on a single photo on the back cover.  Colleen McCullough didn’t need to pander for sales, she hit so big and hard at the start that she gained her freedom.

I do have a bias toward obscuring the writer to focus on the book itself.  In college rhetoric classes, when we submitted work to be read out loud (by the professor), we were not allowed to introduce the piece, provide preview or backstory, let alone indulge in an author bio.  Whatever we had to say had to be on the page.  Show your work.  Colleen McCullough painted her pages using her mind and her heart and her social experience.  She lifts the words in sequence, stringing them together, and then lets them wrap around the reader. 

Storyteller, start your next life in peace.  Your characters live on.


#ColleenMcCulloughRIP #StrongMinded

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I fabricate books.

I fabricate books. Books are printed on paper and bound, most often with a cover that wraps around it, usually hand-held but can be propped on table or lap, requiring repetitive mechanical finger action to advance pages.

Bedside readers for the adult mind… erotic & sexotic

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexotic HoneyB I 7174296_cover  PP Native Cover.4539172.indd

frontcover Stoner-cover copy imageStoners_bone_of_contention_cover

hires_frontcover  ARCHING Cover Memorial+3 pre-FINAL cover_rough0003a


Vivid family fiction for those who read

between and beyond the words.

frontcover   FAMILY cover front harvest from PDF

Stainless Mary BookCoverImage   LentHand frontcover-medium

eBooks are pale iterations lacking body, they are not tactile, they do not show wear or tear of handling, they don’t have cracked spines or bent corners. Overly-tidy for my taste.  War and Peace is the same “weight” as Love Story on an eReader but put side by side in print telegraph their scope (comparing file sizes just isn’t the same).

I render digital versions for convenience.  It’s a low-cost way to get my stories into people’s minds.  I would like to see less “bad faith returns” meaning if you do eRead the book, don’t eReturn it.  It is just as low-class to wear something once and take it back.  You know you’re wrong.  eBooks have “Look Inside” previews and reviews so it isn’t a pig in a poke, and MAYBE you might go wrong 10% of the time.  You also don’t have to “like” the book meaning if the ending bummed you out that isn’t reason to reject the book purchase/reading experience.

I am grateful for Print on Demand as it allows me to create book masters for one fixed cost and then produce copies as needed.  I imagine it runs much like a busy port using containers to mix shipments of feathers and bowling balls by creating stack-able units no matter the content.  POD publishers have lots of ‘containers’ ready to roll. My graphic poetry is stacked on my Stoner fictional memoirs next to the Honey B.’s.  Mixed in with the sexotic-erotic-graphic containers are the family-driven narrative fiction products ready for reading by those who don’t want all the folderol of overt sex yet expect passion, drama and engagement.


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Erotic-Sexotic Poetry Giveaway: ARCHING OVER

kathleen_k_erotica_maxximus_graphic_poetry_arching_over_collected_collectionsLove|Sex is timeless and recognizable…it has been my great pleasure to hone a poetic voice for that exchange of essence, yearning and exultant, with a dash of nasty-sass.

It is your own hand that brings you off
but it is my voice in your ear
as you crest, as you peak,
you at the vertex
with me in the vortex.

I’m offering ten free copies of ARCHING OVER  Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry through  The offer closes on December 15th, 2014.  If you aren’t a Goodreads member yet, consider joining this readers’ forum that offers author outreach.

We ignite our erotic memories:
did anyone ever do this to you? Here?
Like this, with the back of a hand?
No? Did they know not to twist
at the tip but at the base
of your thrumming summit?

And did they fold their fingers
into the pleat of your sex
like this? Indirect yet intense.

Show me what you showed them,
how you offered
what you offered.

Offer yourself to me.

The artwork for ARCHING OVER is provided by Maxximus who unified the four separate collections of my sexotic poetry in a work we called Cubed Lips:


might i mention that
you never say certain words
as if they stop in your throat
as if they reverberate in your head
unable to escape
even when you are excited
even when you are begging
even then you are circumspect, cautious
you say you want to be inside me
(not fuck, not ball, not screw…
not even push, bang, bury)
you can’t say what i want to hear
even though you do everything i want you to do


Contact me if you know who to give credit for this…

you have denied yourself every temptation
in your mortal fear of sin
you haven’t dared to dance
haven’t thrilled with flirtation
deny even your dreams
because your desire is an untrained dog
you have tricked into a closet
and woe the day the bastard slips out


It’s never just me writing the poems.
It’s never just you reading them.
Many thanks to the creator of this relentless interconnected energy, please contact me!

sailing on the sensuous breezes
of a moon-swept sea
creatures of a planet
that binds us by gravity
yet we learned how to fly
it limits our life span
but lets us love forever

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Erotic Book GiveAway – Random with good odds


Stoner with a boner GiveAway      Sweet Talkers GiveAway

kathleenk_erotica_potcentric_sexotic_stoner       kathleenk_erotica_phone_sex_curiosa_sweet_talkers

TEN copies of each book will be awarded at random by GoodReads, many thanks to their administration of this bonanza.

The odds of winning change with the actual pool of registered entrants, but generally you might have 1 in a thousand chances to win — way better than the lottery, plus its free to participate.  From the author’s point of view, the contest-atmosphere allows readers to self-identify, they have to enter to win and by doing so are showing an above-average interest in books in general.  Since I skew to rowdier readers, I appreciate that it allows a curious person to click without further commitment. is a massive book club.  It’s a powerful community much appreciated by readers and writers.  Book lovers adapt easily to the indexed listings of books by genre, by author, and by any other criteria that can be registered as a preference.  There are simple subgroups and cultish devotees that crisscross in their recommendations.  Anybody can judge any book:  reviews are the “engine” of the site, opinion accumulates. 

Advice on writing reviews:  keep them short and meaningful, don’t focus on the plot (allow it to unfold in the book, it took the author hundreds of pages to tell the story so don’t chop it into 3 sentences), share with us the experience of reading it, the tone and texture and language and pacing and overall readability.  PLEASE, tell us how it affected you.

GiveAway Details

Stoner with a boner GiveAway 

Stoner with a boner, the long story of a mild man with a wild side, a bad boy with good manners, witty and wise:

Written in a loose, free-wheeling prose that mimics the narrator’s lifestyle, the story glides from woman to woman and bong hit to bong hit without the burdens of plot or conflict.
… a memorable sexual escapade.

by Kirkus Reviews Dec. 2012

Stoner Giveaway dates: Oct 2 – Nov 2, 2014
Countries available: US, CA, and GB more

Sweet Talkers GiveAway

SWEET TALKERS Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl, which is a nonfiction, first person account of running a phone sex business including re-created calls, training materials, and lots of operational details.

Sweet Talkers Giveaway dates: Sep 10 – Oct 31, 2014
Countries available: US, CA, and GB more

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Putting The Dark Prince to Bed…

Thunder and lightning breaking a heat wave tonight… it was a sultry day thus perfect to review this frank and frisky take on seduction.  The first move comes when you convince yourself you have a chance and you dareDark Prince, Heed Thy Queen is the twelfth book from my Private Publications available September 2014 in print and Kindle at

Inside Title Page Image by Brian Quinn

Inside Title Page Image by Brian Quinn

There’s another post in this series that describes completing a manuscript, Putting Honey B., Sexual Consultant, to Bed, which I reference here in its entirety.  Each book is another statement piece for my rowdier readers.

This tart tale of indulgence lurked in my work pile for twenty years; I worked on it in 1994, 2001, 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2014.  I had the foundation of it in two lines of dialog:

      “Spread ‘em.”

      “Spread me.”

The title coalesced when I got closer to the motivation of the narrator:

      Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen (In the Realm of Roles and Reversals)

      He might plan the battles but she was winning the war.

SAMPLE – for illustrative purposes only.  Amateur readers may not be amused.


His name was Nathan, provocative Nathan… Nathan, my Dark Prince.


Nathan is dense and dreamy, he fills out his jeans, he has square shoulders and a powerful torso, his face is unremarkable but his emotions use that blankness to telegraph messages to people. He projects himself at you; you are shown what he wants you to think he is feeling. He stays on tight focus when he is being intimate but otherwise he’s on wide broadcast. People know when such a man is in the vicinity because nature makes it so. You hear his walk, you catch his body language. He asserts himself without challenging others.

His hair is thick and curly, he can make it behave when he wants to but he doesn’t always want to. It will droop in his eyes when he’s thinking. He has a beard, a rough-looking scruff outlining his face, not overly manicured. It grows the way it does to fit the face he has, it emphasized his lips and the strength of his temperament.



“Nathan, do you think we need to know more about each other?”

“More than what we taste like, more than what we feel like?”

“How about knowing an emergency number, in case you have a heart attack?”




I didn’t know where Nathan got his money. It didn’t matter to me, I didn’t rely on it. I had my own money. He had his living quarters, I had mine. Ours was not a relationship built on facts from “real life”. We were lovers and our world was our own.

“Nathan, who is your friend?”

“He’s not my friend. You’re getting your picture taken.”

“He doesn’t have a camera.”

“Wear that spangly bra and the red leather mini-skirt. Bring out some toys.”

“Who’s knocking at the door now, Nathan… a driver without a car?”

“Probably the crew. With this man’s cameras. And lights. And the other models.”




I couldn’t let that man go. I would, from time to time, contrive to avoid him. As a gentleman, he took the hint and laid low. I’d do my best to be busy, or relaxed, or whatever plan I had for a particular bout of leave-taking. It was always me that called him, he honored my decisions better than I did.

“Nathan, it’s me.”

“You always will be.”

“Have you found somebody else?”

“I wasn’t looking.”

“I can’t let you go, Nathan.”

“You’ve certainly tried.”

“You know I have. I just want our time back.”

“Do you remember that blue dress with the black belt… you wore it to a cowboy bar one night?”

“I do remember that dress.”

“Wear that dress for me.”

“Nothing but me underneath. Just like at the cowboy bar.”

“One difference. You’ll be performing for an audience of one tonight.”


#readmore #erotic #sexotic

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A Musing on the Emotional Commotion of Sex

Commentary by indie author-publisher Kathleen K.

The distinction between sexotic and erotic comes down to emotional commotion.  Sexotica is informative, brisk, with details of physique and technique.  Erotica is moody and rich, with a contagious sense of excitement.  They each call sex to mind but sexotica is about others and erotica is about you.

It's all about perspective.

It’s all about perspective.

Vignettes are scenes, moments, impressions.  I use vignettes to translate the passionate uproar of sex into entrancing bits and pieces.  Naughty talk makes for lively wordplay, allowing the reader to pick and choose at the smorgasbord of subjective objectives instead of binding themselves to a small set of characters with a limited range of behavior and way too much detail (Fifty Shades of Grey).  I widen the romantic-erotic-graphic horizon by providing narrators who have access to a steady stream of titillating stimuli:  a retired escort turned erotic advisor, a sociable sex-clubber,  a pay-to-say girl (my only non-fiction book).  By cultivating this freewheeling, easy breezy style, I liberate the reader from keeping track of distractions like plot.  There are no clues, you don’t need a family tree or a corporate org chart to discern motive and opportunity.

Fan reaction stresses how smart and smooth the books are.  Women like the lush language, drinking in the expressive power of finely tuned words on the splendor of connection.  Men like the kinky situations, quick jabs of distilled intent.  People praise the mix of frank sexuality and sly innuendo working like a kaleidoscope to tumble images that fragment and re-assemble in patterns.  I walk the thin line between just enough and a little too much.  Like all wayward pleasures, dosage is an issue.  I let you skip around, slide past parts that don’t interest you (at the moment), leaving you to re-read the hot spots if that’s what you like.

Not all the books are the same.  The Stoner series is about weed and free love while The Lunarium was Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2013 because of its use of imagination and enthusiasm structured in sixty-nine segments related to voyeurism.  Tagged as “one man’s memories of the watchers and the watched”, The Lunarium isn’t about creepy peeping, it is a look at the hidden side of exhibitionism.

ARCHING OVER collects four small books of graphic poetry offering “a cavalcade of love affairs” that drop the exposition to encapsulate energy in well-arranged words, leaving room to read between and beyond the lines.  I’ve clipped some samples showing that even mild language can capture yearning.


you ask would i please

please you

like this

would i, please

do everything you like

and like it


* * * * *


… come to me … night and whispers

clouds on the pages of a book

wander over me

* * * * *


the shower is hot

i’m slicked with soap

the cloth in my hand

is rough and i like it


rinsing rinsing

i’m rinsing

and rinsing


it’s hot

i’m clean

… i can’t stop rinsing

* * * * *


face down, facing away

hand crammed between flexed thighs

fingers flickering

while you pry at my ass

which is bunched, tight

the tension is alluring

* * * * *


your knees force mine far and farther apart

you want to see

i want to show you

where you slide, that you fit

how i shine

* * * * *


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Mother’s Day 2014 – “You gotta love your mother.” — Jeromeo Clover

Mother’s Day 2014

I’ve written three books that address motherhood and family dynamics, available through, for those readers who prefer to skip the folderol around sex activity yet appreciate the deep passions and strong desires that drive us forward.  There are no murderers, no spies, no royals… it’s all about strong voices and tender hearts.

You gotta love your mother.  That’s the opening line of “The Lent Hand”, the story of a hippie chick’s son who was casually abandoned to be raised by the best grandparents in the world… so, does that make it OK?  This is character-driven fiction that captures the commotion of emotion within families.  Upbeat and witty, the book is a framework around loyalty and love at the heart of the home.

Narrative Fiction

The Lent Hand

Adventures in Beach Town Towing

LentHand frontcover-medium 

Info/Buy Book       Info/Buy Kindle

A beautifully woven novel about an unusual boy… and how he learns to be a father, without having really been a son.

A comical, honest love story between two lost souls who complete each other.

By Kirkus Reviews   Jan 2013


Joody is a neglectful mother of three, allergic to responsibility.  The book provides four stories about one selfish woman’s failure to care for her children.  She’s not dangerous, not exactly, but there are gaps and lapses in the kids’ routines that fall to Aunt Janet, long-suffering sister of the girl who loved trouble.

Family in crisis, sisters in conflict.


A Case Study in Post Dramatic Stress Disorder


Info/Buy Book       Info/Buy Kindle

Intertwining stories chronicle the life and misspent times of a negligent mother… a careless narcissist who leaves a path of emotional destruction behind her.

Yet for a potentially heavy subject, the book has a peculiar lightness…

By Kirkus Reviews  Mar. 2013


Mary Stanley is a Catholic wife and mother of three who is employed by the church office… but none of that is true.  Not anymore.  Her husband left her, the children are grown; she was fired from her job for asking why parish building funds were paying for a big boat at the marina.  Everything she believes in has fallen apart and it’s time for her to make some decisions.  She goes to work managing donations at a women’s shelter and re-examines the whole “Men in Charge” thing handed down in the Bible which it just so happened had been written by and for the men.

Dissection of misplaced faith.

Stainless Mary

O Come, All Ye Faithful

Stainless Mary BookCoverImage

Info/Buy Book          Info/Buy Kindle

This is a story of bad breaks and redemption, a story of choices. …  There are old truths here known to any true grown-up, but it is good to be reminded of them again.

A witty and wise read, especially for fans of tough-minded heroines.

By Kirkus Reviews Oct. 2012


COMMENTARY:  I have a mixed collection of work available through that shares rich prose, snappy dialog and vivid characters who wither or thrive as their story goes.  The adults-only books are bedside readers for the adult mind, oddly thoughtful, high-end Libertine literature.  One reason I founded an indie book brand was so that I could work Committee-free, unbeholden to producers or consumers.  The work spans decades and genres but you’ll always recognize Words Arranged by Kathleen K.

The family fiction is carefully crafted to draw the reader into a household, weaving your feelings into the story, earning the best compliment ever for a writer to hear:  I didn’t want the book to end.


#familyfiction #loveyourmother #KathleenK


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