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Sexotic – Erotic Kathleen K. Books – The First Five Years

I set out in 2011 to make print-digital masters of ten of my “previously private publications” within five years; as an experienced book builder I knew exactly what I wanted to have produced for me.  I learned that gave me the control I required plus creative insight I had not expected.

kathleenk erotica gender dynamics family life indieThe first book was a trial run, and the book-team assigned to my project popped this image onto it with that choppety font: they caught the mood and carved it on the cover.  Talk about a strong entrance to print-on-demand since that image draws then holds the eye, plus it thumbnails well.  Deciding which book to put into production next is part art and part strategy, author meet publisher (“Enjoy sharing that skull.”).  Joody grabs you long enough to notice there now are other characters-covers around her:  a dozen Kathleen K. Books examine the commotion of emotion around sex∞love and the infinity between.

Bedside readers for the adult mind… erotic & sexotic


Examine what it means to hide your primary sexual relationship from the people you love but flaunt it in front of strangers. 

Enjoy this flip and witty take on gender dynamics, deliciously explicit, as it probes themes of submission, permission, and admission.

Just Released!


hires_frontcover    frontcover HoneyB I 7174296_cover     PP Native Cover.4539172.indd

Stoner-cover copy image   Stoners_bone_of_contention_cover ARCHING Cover Memorial+3 pre-FINAL cover_rough0003a


Vivid family fiction for those who read
between, around and beyond the lines. 

frontcover   Stainless Mary BookCoverImage LentHand frontcover-medium  FAMILY cover front harvest from PDF

I set three goals for the first five years:  make books, establish online catalog-outreach, and sustain a social media presence.

Twelve books.  100+ posts here.  450+ Tweets.

Done, done and done.

This is the foundation for the next five years.  The turning point may be when I am accepted as a content-provider to an alternative-indie periodical of some sort for print and digital access: a home base from which to syndicate-replicate someday.  I represent a distaff voice, in the tradition of lady wits and witches… sassy, sexy, smart, scorching, and self-contained.  Right now I’m angling to luck across a keen scout who pulls my work forward and sees the business I am building… it’s all about the books.

Another bet that paid off was selecting Kirkus Reviews professional service as a trial-by-fire for the books themselves.  Consistent positive reviews from Kirkus bolster my literary cred, which is especially valuable for the Indie publisher.  “We see you.”

A witty and wise read, especially for fans of tough-minded heroines.

Stainless Mary  Kirkus Reviews Aug. 2012

A beautifully woven novel about an unusual boy… and how he learns to be a father, without having really been a son.

The Lent Hand   Kirkus Reviews  Jan 2013

Quotable tags like these shorthand the type of book it is, indicating the style and tone rather than touting a thriller-killer plot or genre-buzz.  Consider this discussion on how readers might pick their books.

I leverage the Give Away program to garner hundreds of “looks” from specifically-interested purposeful readers seeking books and willing to invest an actual click.  I can “look back” at the entrants via online profile image and presence: I skim past fast, going for the overall energy.  I’ve worked on the down-low so long, it’s exciting to start the next five years with a more public stance on my planning.  So many people imagine the things they would create if they had an audience but I took the opposite approach, I created what I wanted to create for the challenge-fun of fabricating bedside readers for the adult mind.  Groundwork laid, now I seek the rowdier readers who will at least pull my words to their screen.

Whether it turns out to be squibs of romantic-graphic poetry scattered around a gritty weekly, providing a quick jolt of thinking for the wandering mind, or excerpts serialized from my vignette-rich and scenario-driven books themselves between art-concept glossy covers, I can only imagine.  This sought-after periodical presence would be in the long tradition of actual literature in counter-culture small presses and little magazines.  With Playboy dropping nudes, they are conceding the porn-pic war as rendered irrelevant to their mission, we only hope they stay alive in the literary and arts communities which was the other revolution Hugh Hefner took on.  Remember those glorious interviews and break-out stories between the impossible beauties and those crazy-cool parties “in the Grotto”?  There is more to “getting it” than sex.  What they called a club we now call a community.  Like-minded.

kathleenk_erotica_fiction_books_indieI’m walking fertile ground since Fifty Shades of Grey helped weaken the grip of male-modality in adult entertainment:  those books weren’t about content-quality but about the surge of consumer fever whether or not the literary community approved.  Traditional publishers were aghast at the volume of mommy porn.  Really?  (Really.)  I’m not banking on a book or three, I’m presenting a 12-book collection available online today.

My investment in the actual book masters establishes my freedom, each title is available on demand with no further cost or effort on my part.  It’s a leap of faith to call a book finished, ending that interlude when a character’s bailiwick first exists without public criticism or praise, product of paper-pen-pixels grappling with the ineffable.  And then at one moment in time the writer declares the book to be complete as it will be, the people and places forever captured there.  Now, offered here.

Kathleen K Books — Next Five Year Plan

Produce five book print-digital masters.

Maintain online catalog-blog.

Sustain delivery of reTweetable @KathleenKxxx Tweets or similar evolving “pithy” webiverse.  Reactivate @Potcentric

Continue branding efforts as both a book collection, and as a dozen discrete titles.  To that end, I leave a steady set of markers: I was here, and here… and over here too.  Just linkin’ along.

Thankful.  Hopeful.

November 30, 2015

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I fabricate books.

I fabricate books. Books are printed on paper and bound, most often with a cover that wraps around it, usually hand-held but can be propped on table or lap, requiring repetitive mechanical finger action to advance pages.

Bedside readers for the adult mind… erotic & sexotic

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexotic HoneyB I 7174296_cover  PP Native Cover.4539172.indd

frontcover Stoner-cover copy imageStoners_bone_of_contention_cover

hires_frontcover  ARCHING Cover Memorial+3 pre-FINAL cover_rough0003a


Vivid family fiction for those who read

between and beyond the words.

frontcover   FAMILY cover front harvest from PDF

Stainless Mary BookCoverImage   LentHand frontcover-medium

eBooks are pale iterations lacking body, they are not tactile, they do not show wear or tear of handling, they don’t have cracked spines or bent corners. Overly-tidy for my taste.  War and Peace is the same “weight” as Love Story on an eReader but put side by side in print telegraph their scope (comparing file sizes just isn’t the same).

I render digital versions for convenience.  It’s a low-cost way to get my stories into people’s minds.  I would like to see less “bad faith returns” meaning if you do eRead the book, don’t eReturn it.  It is just as low-class to wear something once and take it back.  You know you’re wrong.  eBooks have “Look Inside” previews and reviews so it isn’t a pig in a poke, and MAYBE you might go wrong 10% of the time.  You also don’t have to “like” the book meaning if the ending bummed you out that isn’t reason to reject the book purchase/reading experience.

I am grateful for Print on Demand as it allows me to create book masters for one fixed cost and then produce copies as needed.  I imagine it runs much like a busy port using containers to mix shipments of feathers and bowling balls by creating stack-able units no matter the content.  POD publishers have lots of ‘containers’ ready to roll. My graphic poetry is stacked on my Stoner fictional memoirs next to the Honey B.’s.  Mixed in with the sexotic-erotic-graphic containers are the family-driven narrative fiction products ready for reading by those who don’t want all the folderol of overt sex yet expect passion, drama and engagement.


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The Art of Tweet-sized Poetry: Few Words, Much Feeling

The Art of Tweet-sized Poetry: Few Words, Much Feeling

Marianne Moore was never so confounding as when she dabbled in simplicity. In The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore, published in 1967, the 80-year-old poet had ruthlessly pared down “Poetry” from 29 lines to three:

I, too, dislike it.

Reading it, however, with a perfect contempt for it, one discovers in

it, after all, a place for the genuine.

Quoted from by Jennifer Szalai


COMMENTARY by Kathleen K., indie author and publisher

Poetry has been taken out of the hands of most readers, sadly denying them the fun of discovering writers who are wringing out the distractions and conveying the message.  Erotica poetry has the double-burden of being naughty and nerdy.  Don’t flip it off so fast, it might fertilize your fantasies.

Arching Over (Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry) assembles four small books of erotica poetry into a compendium of oddly thoughtful words about love∞sex.  The book has been professionally assessed by Kirkus Reviews:

[This] collection of erotic poetry offers a cavalcade of love affairs, focusing on the narrator’s moment-to-moment fantasies and experiences.

A sprawling collection… that intriguingly lays out a dance of seduction in all of its conceivable steps.


I invite you to consider the following samples, out of context, to discover if perhaps Tweet-sized poetry is one way to yank your mind around.


resurrect the words

that have been drowned in soap

i’m not supposed to like hearing them

any more than you are supposed to like saying them


want to feel you again against me

wrapped around your wishes

want to know the commotion

at the center of your sensual self


120 smiles:

run tongue

from clit down slit

to slot

and back up


repeat     repeat


10 repetitions, 4 sets


serial jack off

first, me for you

then you on me


i didn’t lie

those are my own pinch marks…

i missed you so


the goal is to go over

the edge

teetering teetering

finally tottering


from behind me

your hands curve

and cover my breasts

like my own do



i sit up

you stand back

we connect

male plug

female receptor

alternating currents


It is your own hand that brings you off

but it is my voice in your ear

as you crest, as you peak,

you at the vertex

with me in the vortex.


Vivid Family Fiction:

Vintage Boomer Porn:

#Erotic #Poetry #AdultsOnly

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Ten Books Published in Thirty Months: Erotica after Fifty [Years of Age and Shades of Grey]

Kathleen K. Books was launched in Spring of 2011 to bring my fiction to the marketplace.  I had spent years writing in private and felt it was time to manifest faith in the work I had done.  I didn’t bother trying to find an agent-editor-promoter-publisher (external energy source), the next step was making the books and I didn’t need help doing that.  I needed inventory before promotion.

As I planned my strategy for publishing sexotic books for the rowdier reader, it was important that I understood my audience.  Vintage Boomer porn is not the millennial digitized-kaleidoscope of unrelenting stimulation.  Bedside Readers for the Adult Mind address the deeper hungers for inclusion and possibility; they target the sharper reading skills of a sophisticated consumer.  Romance and expectancy are not limited to the young or the restless.

I wrote most of these books underground during my Mommyhood, benefitting from my IT job with family time for team sports and field trips… there was no reason to explain I was a notoriously naughty writer on hiatus.  I retreated into a creative backwater, where I could soak in the words of others and sharpen my narrative choices heedless of external praise or criticism.  I sometimes circulated segments of new things among local literati but I stayed down low on purpose.  I completed my front-line kid care in 2011 and launched the indie publishing project.  (Selling would come later… which turns out to be now.)  So, I’m over fifty years of age… but the business is young.

I knew after Fifty Shades of Grey went legit that my business model was right on target:  people still read as individuals but can be moved in ever-widening circles that go beyond the book.  The secret was to be purely submerged in the world of that book while you wrote it, and going underground gave me that luxury.  An author falls into their magic kingdom or their gritty crime scene utterly and completely alone, reaching for coherency that can only be proven later.  Then came the reviews:  I commissioned professional assessments of six of the books with each yielding positive results.  Necessary validation to proceed.  They weren’t perfect but they were contenders for a reader’s attention.

To construct the world of Harry Potter, or Get Shorty, or We Need to Talk about Kevin, is to craft a map for others to follow into the emotional wilderness of an off-tangent world.  I am pleased to introduce you to the different worlds I’ve populated for you.   My business plan includes a smart audience, people who use their words and appreciate sexy, sassy, candid, comical writing about the human condition.  I am (finally) seeking those rowdier readers, confident that these ten books fairly represent my contribution to high-end erotica on one hand ( and contemporary narrative fiction on the other (  These are statement pieces, ageless and recognizable as words about love & sex have always been.

I started the publishing project with an “all age” short story collection, Joody (A Case Study in Post Dramatic Stress Disorder).  I was willing to “sacrifice” it if the production company I selected was unable to co-create my book to the simple standards I established.  If it was horrible I would bury it and keep looking for a way to make books I could afford to sell.  I was stunned by the striking cover image proposed by my new “creative team”; it arrests me every time I see it.


It made that first step in creating “product” meaningful because I knew could build books that I’d be proud to share.  I have four “vivid family fiction” books for those who like wry and witty narrators with choices to make, minus all the folderol of overt sexuality.  Romantic, yes.  Deep and abiding decisions about love in the voices of real characters wrapped in rich prose and peppered with sharp dialog.  The next all-age book is Lee Chin, Law Office Safari (names have been changed to protect the inefficient).

Six bedside readers for the adult mind tailored for the nightstand…  This tenth book is graphic poetry, sexotic and tender and sassy and chill.  In this Tweet‑y world of ours, quick jabs and complicated word play work as stimulants.  Arching Over pairs nicely with the other sexplicit works because the authenticity earned running a phone sex business (Sweet Talkers) flowers in the fantastical voyeur’s catechism The Lunarium (One Man’s Memories of the Watchers and the Watched) then snaps back in Honey B., Sexual Consultant to give Frank advice about Dick.

There are five more books slated for production in the coming 15 months.  I’ve been banking all these titles as “on demand” print and Kindle formats to share with loyal readers who appreciate that I never underestimated them.  I aimed at the high side of their mentality:  the part that churns their yearning.  Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  I trust people to set aside what doesn’t satisfy them… and to reach for things that do.

Kathleen K. Books invites you to read…

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Why Did Almost All Societies Believe that Women Were Inferior to Men?

Why Did Almost All Societies Believe that Women Were Inferior to Men?

By Quora ContributorAnswer by Dan Holliday
Posted Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, at 11:12 AM

This article talks about why we consider the gender abyss in the terms that we do but, of course, he uses male-pattern thinking and man language to make his point.  His view is presented logically (men love that), with a point to be made (a-hem), but fails to question why it matters so very much for men to be on top.


“There is certainly one way women are superior to men… they are better at being women.”  Kathleen K.

The book Stainless Mary (O Come, All Ye Faithful) asks if bio-plumbing determines destiny.

COMMENTARY by counterculture writer Kathleen K.

In the vivid family fiction that I write, there is an essential choice to be made about love and what it means to that character.  There is wit and stupidity and cupidity and honor but always one element is their existential inventory that is not weighted by genital tissue.

I also write erotic-sexotic literature anchored by the non-fiction cult classic Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) now in its third edition.  I spent a year listening to people talk about sex and love and hunger and denial.  I taught operators how to sweet talk fast enough to earn us $1/minute (back when gas was 90¢/gallon).  I have studied sexual literature and lived a gender-influenced life.

The proof of the error of the thought that men are superior lies in the outcome of their leadership.  Planet is dirty, money is funny, racism-genderism persist, the diff-abled are marginalized, and crime rises.  A true leader knows the value of all the assets available, male and female, young and old, dark and bright.  When you advance one side at the expense of the other then both lose.  In some ways we’ve come a long, baby; we are at least working on equality of opportunity here in the States and in other like-minded countries.  The societies hiding their women in metaphorical tents descend into rigid mob mentality leading to cultural chaos and loss of life.  Men benefit from complex relationships with women, using them as cum dumpsters is by definition self-defeating strategy.  Wasteful and wicked, dismissive of our combined power to enhance life and encourage splendor.

Women are not blameless in all this but you cannot argue that we’ve ever been in charge.

We endure in a different way.  We triumph at every birth by completing that one act of natural magic unreplicated in our uber-science world.  I can catch a baby from a baster but you need a womb to birth one.  Natural fact.  Mathematics = females arrive with their egg-potential established and will use about 500 of those million maybe-babies over the decades of fertility.  Menstruation and menopause echo in women’s blood-driven lives distinct from men’s reproductive assumption that it is always possible for them to reproduce, even in old age, even minus one ball, sperm springs eternal.

I agree that reproductive responsibilities did shape our roles, where I differ is in the significance of that.  It is not “lesser” to build babies rather than railroads (we’re making passengers), it is not “weak” to disdain battle as unending male pissing contests.  Women use nature as a guide, submit to the cycles of growth and loss.  We call back to the older (smaller) cultures that were one with the Earth, they respected its majesty, and preserved its wild beauty.  Women aren’t thought of as fighters but we conquer:  we do that by letting our bellies fill with hope for a being whose gender is not known.  It is a natural surprise; modern gender-testing is that science stuff intruding. (If we “needed” to know gender before birth for survival there would be a way to do that, we would have evolved some uterine porthole.  We didn’t because we don’t need to know that detail to complete the process).  It isn’t important at the biological level no matter how definitive in life.

It’s like using the Bible (Koran, etc.) for guidance when it is by definition the record of one gender’s view of the world.  I mean, really:  Pope Francis slipped when he admitted he’d rather have gay priests than female priests.  And that’s a stance against their own damn liturgy.  It’s a sign of imbalance to so devalue large segments of your population, this warp in perspective hampers advancement.

It’s a woman’s way to seek collaborative solutions, knowing to gather for strength from within, weaving loyalty.  Men spurt their energy outward with little regard for collateral damage (one of their phrases); it is winner take all in their King of the Mountain value system.  Women know you don’t survive alone.

It isn’t all grim; there’s love afoot and we make progress.  My books celebrate character and catalog the choices we face along the way.  The first step is to be thoughtful, to cultivate appreciation for all beings you meet because they are just as helpless as you are to pick the tint of their skin or the place of their birth.  What they do with that tells the story.

Kathleen K. Books Info/Buy Links

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Libertine Literature – the call of the wild to the rowdy

A 17th-Century Sex Manual That’s Legitimately Raunchy

By Rebecca Onion

Posted Wednesday, June 26, 2013, at 8:40 AM

This sex manual, translated from the original French and published in England in 1680, is racy, lewd, and hilarious. Appendix Journal’s Benjamin Breen recently posted about the document after digging it out of Google Books, which offers a fully digitized copy. (Full title: The School of Venus, or the Ladies Delight, Reduced into Rules of Practice.)

In his introduction to an anthology of 18th-century “libertine literature,” literary scholar Bradford K. Mudge points out that written pornography was not uncommon in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Novels, travelogues, philosophy, and even botanical treatises contained extended erotic passages. In many cases, books with sexual content were published with different title pages or covers to fool authorities who might not approve.

COMMENTARY by indie publisher KATHLEEN K.

Please follow the link to see the frontispiece of this centuries-old libertine literature.  The women aren’t pretty although generally fit, there isn’t a (whole) man in the picture, but the dick-centric message is clear these hundreds of years later.

Nothing is new, folks.  Calm down.  Contemplate.  Take a moment and consider your sexual framework.

My search for the rowdier reader is going well.  I ask those who don’t think of themselves that way to pass my name on to the readingest reader they know.  Within that subset lurk my fellow verbaholics.

I am laying claim to authorship of a sexotic collection of books, I sidestep the erotic designation because I have given up on guessing what turns people on.  Of course, I use erotica as a keyword shortcut, but as you go deeper into my collection you see a world of orgasmic opportunity not often enough celebrated.  Just think about this… or those in there… or that on fire.  Think about it.  It’s pretty basic:  I set up a saucy vignette buffet and you take as little or as much as you have an appetite for, for now.

We’ve contorted our desires into bizarre socially-approved configurations; we emphasize science and law at the expense of craft and choice.  My goal is to evoke thoughts of sex, yes, but is it “sex” as defined by a weed-smoking lover man or by a dutiful housewife being mounted twice-weekly by her husband as scheduled?  Honey B. is a fictitious whore with a distinctive vocabulary and engaging style; Jamie is a spoken-porn simulator with a clear conscience.  It’s all about the permutations of a single theme in libertine literature.

Kathleen K. Books – Info/Buy Links

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Honey B. — A musing on celibate vs. dormant

Honey B. is a sexual consultant; her emerging collection of testimony captures a voluptuous life of erotic exploration that started in the suites and propelled her into the minds of her rowdier readers.  This truer-than-true tale of commercial satisfaction promises to fertilize your imagination.  She’s a pro (since retired) so this is not all sweetness and light.  The language is tart, the sex-inventiveness is enticing to the curious and invigorating to the veterans.  It’s a novelized version of hard-core erotica.

Lots of folks feel like their bulb has gone out, the filament is broken… they just don’t light up any more.  So they stop flipping their switch.  Celibates still celebrate.  They take the luscious with the plain, they feel their feelings, they observe others, and they are involved in the physical world if not entwined with a physical person.

Dormancy and depression can link up but which starts what matters less than how to re-engage one to cure the other.  If asked, I recommend sleeping more, eating less, bathing after showering or vice versa, dancing alone, walking with a friend.  This is a delicate cure and the last element you add is passion for their own power.  Men were impatient with this indirect approach to their sexual discomfort and I sometimes employ a surrogate so they can stick their dick somewhere while I take over their mind.  The first act of seduction is convincing yourself to make a move.

Dormancy as defense, during crisis, for certain phases, is not a problem.  It’s an adaptation.

When you notice you are dormant it means you are waking up.

Introduce yourself to Honey B.  to enjoy her sassy look at the sexual marketplace.

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Kathleen K. Books – Business Plan for independent purveyor of erotica + sexotica + curiosa

Business Plan:  online sales of affordable books for rowdier readers

Definitions:  online sales, no brick-and-mortar stores, no consignment (no paperwork), no direct financial relationship with book-buyers or book-returners.  Minimal distribution cost keeps the books affordable.

affordable books are between $5-10

rowdier readers self-identify.  It’s a litmus question.  Yes or no?  Stop or go. 

Info/Buy Links available for the Private Publications of Kathleen K. in print and Kindle. 

Thanks to Kindle, please enjoy a free “Look Inside” the books.

Questions.  Answers?  Order!

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