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Free Copy – FAMILY: Love v. Money (Long story. Short story.)

kathleenk_fiction_family_values_booksThese two new stories from Kathleen K. give the long and short of family struggles to reach balance.  This is not amateur reading, you read between and beyond the lines. Baby Girl Battersea and You, Drive North examine deep themes in the voices of ordinary people.

All age – General Readership

FAMILY: Love v. Money

Giveaway:  June to 8 to June 20, 2015 – US

The Giveaway from is an outreach to the eager readers who toss a virtual ticket in the raffle bowl for one of five copies of free book.  Part of the allure of reading is the unpredictable associations that might be made as a story unfolds.  The idea of family is historical and tribal with us, we’ve always been drawn to each other, built from each other; there is a sense of privacy about familial circumstances, so of course we love to peek into the workings of other households.

MoneyLove.  Balance.  The cover art was hand-drawn based on a Craigstlist call for a doodle of scales at different points of equilibrium; the book contains some of the sketches and email collaborating with the artistBuilding books is a combination of content and packaging, and for these two stories I wanted to note the shifting of balance, offsets and all, of one person’s consideration… the work of a single hand.

Each story has a strong-minded female narrating.  We see them in the larger context of parents, siblings, cousins, co-workers but their first-person perspective sets a forthright tone that lets the reader accept their judgment and skim along the deeper edge of seeing how people are, really are, in their hearts.



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This mother says if you want a good love life, masturbate better

Along the lines that practice makes perfect, it is important for a person to learn to operate themselves properly, in all ways, including their sensuous sexual expression.  The idea of exploring this strength within yourself is the cornerstone of your sex with others.  You can learn to accelerate, drop back, stutter forward, and hold-hold-hold & hold-release.  For men, perhaps they must resist firing up the cum-dumping routine, and shift their goal from completion to completeness.  For women, the same challenge to expand the definition of ‘enough’, enough of what, enough for whom?  Anything you do that slows down the viral merry-go-round of bang-bang hookups is a contribution to the gene pool.

Best wishes to all you mothers out there.    – – May 10, 2015

kathleen_k_sexotic_honey_b_sexual_consultant_eroticaHoney B., The Suite Life is my tenth Giveaway book on, this is Book I of V sharing truer than true tales of commercial satisfaction.  The Suite Life explains the foundation of Honey’s career providing sexual strategies to her clients:  She gave Frank advice about Dick.  It’s a sexotic book series, full of technical details and anecdotal perspectives on the energy of the carnal markets.  She’s crisp and clear about sex, she’s not writing poetry or rambling Stoner style.

Masturbation serves the body-soul balance, we gain mastery and strengthen our control, learning to merge the sensations of the body with the tumbling thoughts of desire and demand, sass and shame.  Then, Honey would tell you, take a side trip from the direction of your typical physical relationships and work up to masturbating with a potential lover before EVER mingling further.  If you do not, between you, have the grace to figure out how this could be done and find a way to communicate between you, then having traditional sex would be more of the same old thing.  Change it up, toss away the familiar moves and take a chance on provoking a more sophisticated response.

Offering to share tandem pleasure while deferring the more usual approaches to partner-sex shows a glimpse of your character, establishing that you can and do like sex but you reserve the right to proceed at your own pace (a strategy that works equally well with all genders).  Slow fucking down!  Stop fucking so soon, so fast, and actually cultivate a new form of relationship.  If you find yourself thinking you’d be to shy to do that with somebody then you better go back to bed alone and gain a bit more confidence.  Establishing your own solitary threshold sets the bar, asserting what you’ve learned to appreciate, what you discovered you do.

Frankly, the value of sexual self-knowledge makes a great discussion topic for budding lovers, it breaks a long taboo.  If it doesn’t excite you to talk about sexual matters with this person even in theory, this is probably not your person.  If you intend to develop a passionate relationship with an individual, then you must forge that bond carefully.  If you are just fucking around, you may as well fuck off because, truly, you will expand your future if you take that energy home and figure out what makes you feel, what makes you hungry, what causes the commotion required for you to crest and peak?  If you’re at the vertex, what’s in the vortex?

If you can’t achieve orgasm on your own, how ever will you do so with somebody else?  If you ingest online porn without the balance of films, books, forums, discussions, reflection, projection, and actual experience, it is like eating hot sauce for dinner:  not really a food group, and it dulls the palate.  If you never bliss-out alone then you might want to tap that well of feelings.  It isn’t only the physical release, it is the heat of memories and fantasies bouncing between the head and the heart and the hole-pole on hand.

For those already intimate, you might review your own self-pleasuring habits.  It is not necessary you surrender your masturbation to your partner, sometimes it is just enough if you acknowledge their right to having a secret schedule.  For others, it is an invitation to vicarious pleasure, gathering up images of a most moving demonstration of trust and vulnerability and daring.  It’s a Show and Tell moment, unclouded by reciprocal incursions.

It’s a kind of courting behavior, this agreeing to come alone together, unorthodox as it may seem, but it’s all about the percolating.  You can agree to do it in the dark, through your clothes, side by side, sharing at first only the sounds and the pace of your control of excitement.  You are elusive yet giving, self-protective not because you are weak but because you are precious.  Your partner confers a similar privilege upon you, the allure of them starting to share their secrets.  Then later, you can masturbate about that!

Excerpt adapted from Honey B., The Suite Life

He said in his teens he’d gotten a hold of a men’s bondage magazine, it was his uncle’s, and the feature model looked much like me, especially in the body.  It ricocheted deep in his mind, he’d hallucinated my presence during countless masturbation frenzies, he’d thought of capturing me and making me his prisoner, not to hurt me, oh, no, he wanted to excite me, to please me, to be my abject slave, to sacrifice his very manhood to me if I wanted it.

I was on the sofa, I lifted one leg up over the arm of it, exposing myself to him, coral pink panties stretched tight to cover me but they were moist and seemed to cling. He watched very closely as I opened to him.

The form of masturbating I share this time is a fingers only orgasm, without penetration, a simple clitoral bang that results from indirect intense manipulation of the lips over the slippery button.  I tense my entire body so that I am almost rigid, my ass cheeks are clenched, my legs are stretched out straight, my back arches slightly so I can bear down against my hand, my tits jiggle with the force of my heaving heart.

I never look this tall standing up.


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FREE Stoner Matchbook – $1 or $2.50 for two

kathleenk_erotica_sewxoticaotcentric_Stoner_with_a_bonerIt’s Merry Marijuana Day, so I am offering keepsake matchbooks to rowdier readers, while supplies last and/or when supply is replenished.

The matchbooks could fit perfectly well into a stash box or might act as a conversation starter…  or be used to light votive candles down at the church, that’s cool too.

Stoner is a two-part potcentric fictional memoir of reefer and romance, with a third volume Stoner’s Bones (High Is Heaven) woven through this blog in his honor.  It’s a freewheeling sexual escapade, voiced with a wry twist of wit.

Another year of pot-regulation under our national belts and we move purposefully toward defining something that is in part ineffable by design.  What does pot “do” to-with-for-against you?  How do we measure impairment if the high wears off in hours but the molecules remain behind for days and weeks?  Banking and insurance still wobble because there are true outlaws involved and its hard to bridge the gap.  The newness is rubbing off and solutions are being tried, assessed and modified.  Not always correctly but why should this be any different than the other imperfect systems we have for health care, justice, and resource allocation?

Regulating pot competes with other agenda items:  race and gender bias, violence, systemic inequity.  It’s all part of the same puzzle, the lies told about marijuana were set against a racist, sexist, elitist society and enforced through a war-like philosophy.  Central to this was a Men-in-Charge theme (the ‘white’ is implied), encoding distrust in citizens not fitting the favored form.  This is a re-balancing movement, removing private choice from public censure, along the lines of free assembly, and the sanctity of your right to have your own religio-social thoughts.  Smoking pot isn’t to be segregated from ceremonial wine and Friday night boilermakers and whatever pills or potions you take to find relief.  It’s for grown-ups.  It is to be a sensible and measured element in a productive life.  It’s just stuff.  Green and leafy.  It doesn’t make you a criminal, or a saint, it’s about your finitude after all.

Make your choices, take your chances.


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Giving Away Sexotica: Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexoticI have been using the site to give away ten copies of a book every month in the hopes they will be granted a fair look-see by the potential contestants and be reviewed by the winners.  This month I’m sharing Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen, one of the sexotic titles in my diversified collection of fiction, erotica, curiosa and poetry for rowdier readers.  Giveaway Ends:  March 31, 2015.

He’s planning all the battles, but she’s winning the war.

Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen is all about roles and reversals: bad boy meets good girl, or is it the other way around? Maybe it’s a triple flip and they’re both bad… Examine what it means to hide your primary sexual relationship from people you love but flaunt that same relationship in front of strangers. These two meet at a party and in that instant close off their real lives to reach deep into their fantasies. They step away from everything they know to establish an intimate atmosphere of risk and fulfillment.

This wasn’t romance, it went way beyond that. They were off the grid, powered by the kind of feelings that blow apart a “real” relationship. They were removed from time and place, in an epic struggle to out-satisfy each other at their deepest darkest core. They created an autocratic realm unto themselves where ageless appetites ruled in and for the moment – and the moment was all.

Enjoy this flip and witty take on gender dynamics, deliciously explicit, as it probes themes of submission, permission, and admission.

For those who do not read explicit adult material, the idea of ‘sexotica’ as differentiated from ‘erotica’ is hard to support.  Sexotic books are frank and explicit, specific and particular about human mating behavior; it may trigger lustful feelings at times in some but more likely rounds out the thoughts that were already swirling around about who-what-when-where-why people are engaged in sex.  Erotica is aimed at a different part of the brain-heart, specifically here-and-now responses.

Those that dismiss these sorts of books decide by biggest discernible commonality:  writing about sex.  That I write both forms isn’t important, they’ll read neither.  That’s cool.  I’m reaching out to the others of you, the ones who don’t mind wandering away from beloved genres as long as it’s a “good read”.  That speaks to the inner-reader, the one motivated by curiosity rather than comfort (familiarity).  One of my favorite reviews is this for Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint) because we are given so many reasons to dismiss the book and, yet… surprise!  Entertaining.

John Ricker from  Mar 2015
Not sure where to start with this one, so how about this… This is not typically the type of book that I read and entered the GoodReads giveaway so that I could give it to a friend. Well, after seeing that it would be a quick read, which it was, I thought I’d give it a shot and to my surprise I found it to be an entertaining read. Thanks

I know my books are not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  Consider yourself forewarned, then.  Amateur readers may not be amused.  Punctilious comma counters will miss the point period

Dark Prince joins Honey B., Sexual Consultant by taking the matter-of-fact sexuality from the Sweet Talkers phone fantasy non-fiction and marrying it with the lusty language of The Lunarium for a compendium of situations presented like a kaleidoscope, fragments and patterns set in motion by twisting.  It makes some people dizzy but others marvel at the science of beauty manufactured by humans.

This is the reason for the Giveaways – to expose others to my work.  It puts the book into the thoughts of individual readers who register for the prize and into the hands of volunteer readers who win.  There is a disappointingly low response rate on the requested reviews if you consider that Goodreads itself tries to steer the contest a bit towards active members as measured in titles on their shelves, friends, etc.  Some winners do take the time to complete the exchange and prove themselves valuable members of the community.

I’ve decided to split the monthly giveaway into five copies twice a month, alternating title/genre, to keep the entries fresh.  I’d love to go international but the book postage is crushing overseas… hell, up to Canada is a big bump, so, sorry, this little indie biz can’t pay that freight!

It works in reverse, too; I’ve kept design & production simple for my print books so prices are low, starting at $6.66 and topping out at $9.99, an impulse, an indulgence.  Easy to gift!  Kindle versions are discounted at least 25%.


what_we_see_when_we_read_coverSome books have high production values and exist specifically to elevate the form.  Consider this one:

What We See When We Read is a book lover’s book, a rich thick stew of thought pressed into the pages.  I can only guess the production cost, so many totally black pages with a few choice words or shapes, such weighty paper… It is a retrospective on the language arts of certain classic writers but embodies the lure of print on page.  It is fun to make a book about more than just the words.  My background in alternative publishing always included graphic design and language-beauty using the tactile medium of small magazines so something lush like this is enriching to read, and a pleasure to recommend.

This is a beauty of an idea brought to life and memorialized in the same moment.

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Erotic-Sexotic Poetry Giveaway: ARCHING OVER

kathleen_k_erotica_maxximus_graphic_poetry_arching_over_collected_collectionsLove|Sex is timeless and recognizable…it has been my great pleasure to hone a poetic voice for that exchange of essence, yearning and exultant, with a dash of nasty-sass.

It is your own hand that brings you off
but it is my voice in your ear
as you crest, as you peak,
you at the vertex
with me in the vortex.

I’m offering ten free copies of ARCHING OVER  Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry through  The offer closes on December 15th, 2014.  If you aren’t a Goodreads member yet, consider joining this readers’ forum that offers author outreach.

We ignite our erotic memories:
did anyone ever do this to you? Here?
Like this, with the back of a hand?
No? Did they know not to twist
at the tip but at the base
of your thrumming summit?

And did they fold their fingers
into the pleat of your sex
like this? Indirect yet intense.

Show me what you showed them,
how you offered
what you offered.

Offer yourself to me.

The artwork for ARCHING OVER is provided by Maxximus who unified the four separate collections of my sexotic poetry in a work we called Cubed Lips:


might i mention that
you never say certain words
as if they stop in your throat
as if they reverberate in your head
unable to escape
even when you are excited
even when you are begging
even then you are circumspect, cautious
you say you want to be inside me
(not fuck, not ball, not screw…
not even push, bang, bury)
you can’t say what i want to hear
even though you do everything i want you to do


Contact me if you know who to give credit for this…

you have denied yourself every temptation
in your mortal fear of sin
you haven’t dared to dance
haven’t thrilled with flirtation
deny even your dreams
because your desire is an untrained dog
you have tricked into a closet
and woe the day the bastard slips out


It’s never just me writing the poems.
It’s never just you reading them.
Many thanks to the creator of this relentless interconnected energy, please contact me!

sailing on the sensuous breezes
of a moon-swept sea
creatures of a planet
that binds us by gravity
yet we learned how to fly
it limits our life span
but lets us love forever

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Rising Above Porn Scum: Lôôk at “The Lunarium”

The deluge of online porn is like air pollution, a man-made artifact evidencing a selfish nature.  Erotica is respite from the choking ram-a-jam virtuality that drowns the finer points of sex∞love in raw rasterized two-dimensional reductions of our richer selves a/k/a stupid ass selfies.  Everywhere you search you see the hole-pole Hodge-podge of porn scum.  The only antidote to smut is sex-positive push-back by many more of us and more frequently.  Sexotic language entices you to ponder the more complicated elements of submission and permission, slower roasted thus fuller bodied.  As is shown in the sample below:  we see action, motive, context and outcome in a tidy package of language.  Think deeply about your longings and see what it does to your feelings.

KATHLEEN K. BOOKS MILESTONE:  The Lunarium was Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2013 which is a great distinction for an indie author-publisher.  Kirkus Reviews has been assessing books for eighty years and has earned a reputation for toughness.  Kirkus will be naming the next crop for The Best of 2014 in a few weeks and I wish all the contenders good luck.  I thought I’d commemorate being notified last year around this time by tossing ten free copies into the rowdier reader pool at

The Lunarium GiveAway       Share the link Valid until 11/30/2014

The Lunarium is a collection of sixty-nine vignettes of voyeurism entitled and enumerated as Things.  It is not about creepy peeping, it is an inside look at the hidden world of exhibitionism.

SAMPLE – For Adults Only





Bedside Reader for the Adult Mind

The Thirty-Ninth Thing  ><  Her First, Then Me, Said She

I am at the Slick Cat Club, far from my home and my real world.  I’m advan­tageously seated near the stage so I can catch every juice detail.  Mr. and Mrs. Performance Couple are plain ordinary people, her tummy sags a bit, his ass is soft.  They are healthy and these human individu­alities make her outstanding breasts and his long fat dick all the more appealing.  I’m not paying enough attention to what they are saying so I pick up in mid-monolog.

“I want you to trust me, Bob.  I understand what you want – a taste of something different.  You’re loyal as hell, aren’t you?  You don’t want to hurt my feelings by admitting how often you wonder about other women.  It’s OK.  I’m not mad about it.  I’d be mad if you lied about it, so don’t.  Tonight we’re really putting on a show: allow me to introduce my stage assistant:  Missy.  Missy is appearing courtesy of her man, he’s here watching.  She’s going to rub up against you, you don’t mind that, do you, Bob?  She’s young and firm, close your eyes and remember when we felt like that.  Go ahead, put your arms around her.  She even smells fresh, doesn’t she?  Now, Bob, I’ve known you a long time.  I want you to relax, indulge yourself.  You deserve it, after all, you’ve been faithful and fair.  As have I.  So this is for us.  That’s right, Bob, pull up her blouse and lick her tender titties.  Close your eyes and listen to me, Bob.  Missy’s a dream for you from me.  And that’s a powerful love.  The kind of love I believe you feel for me.  So you would surely agree that I might have some longings of my own, I might want to break out too.  Maybe a young cock would feel to me like that young cunny does to you.  If you had a hand buried between her legs, you wouldn’t mind if Missy’s man put his hand between mine… right?  You’d know when you feel her twitch that I’m twitching too.  I do understand what you want and why you want it.”

Missy and her man were as ordinary as Mr. and Mrs. Performance Couple, they did, however, offer the vigor of prime.  Missy was raven-haired and her light pink nipples drew my eye.  In spite of the fact the puffy centers stretched big, somehow I thought of them as inexperienced, little-used, that every suck on them would be daring.  I refused to focus on her tight twat, the idea of fingering her made my hands clench.  If I was as close to her as Bob was, I’d be able to get one hand on both butt cheeks which literally jiggled when she moved, a derriere to adore.

I admired Mrs. Couple, she was simultaneously Mr. Couple’s fantasy and nightmare.  She could give him another woman to make love to, and she could make love to another man.  Why is it so many cheaters think they are the only one of the pair with runaway thoughts?  Can’t both sides have the same mix of desires: to be safe, to have fun, to live, to have a home from which to roam.  Mr. Couple was a little rusty, he made a few wrong moves until he fit himself to Missy.  He seemed distracted, looking over his shoulder at his wife being pronged by a long-haired blue-eyed biker.  Missy’s boyfriend was in leathers, his fly was open to let out his rowdy cock and balls (it was more of a flap, Mrs. Couple could screw herself right down against his bare groin).  Even with this arresting sight behind him, Mr. Couple’s hands were stroking Missy, up under her arm, behind her elbow, over the torso, into the dark.  He peeled her pussy lips apart and slid up against Missy’s opening.  Never taking his eyes off his wife, he prodded Missy with his cock.  We could see him making headway, we all understood why he had to pull out even though it was the last thing any of us wanted to see.  One step forward, two steps back; the deeper in he was pushing, the farther out he was pulling.  Thus deeper to thrust on his return.  You do keep going forward, one measure at a time.  I don’t know where his mind was but his prick was deep in Missy, her hips were dipping in a limber way I can’t describe but do admire.

Encore!  The couples righted themselves and while Missy and her man did a beautiful background version of Two Youths A’Fucking; Mr. Couple got up behind Mrs. Couple and cracked her butt in front of everybody.  She was so wet from being with another man that he could lubricate himself sufficiently to slip his dick in the back door.  We were not surprised, once we saw it, because even as she dared him to accept her as a complete female he was rising to a complete maleness she found exciting.  Mr. Couple might have been on vacation with Missy but there was no doubt he was at home with Mrs. Couple.

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Giving Away Erotica – The Lunarium

Using the wonderful features of, I have launched my third book Giveaway.

kathleenk_erotica_the_lunarium_voyeurism_sexotic    The Lunarium GiveAway    Share the link!

Ten copies of The Lunarium will be awarded on November 30th and, I promise, mailed out the next day.

This collection of sixty-nine vignettes of voyeurism was Named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2013 which is a great thrill to an indie author-publisher who appreciates when the big wide world takes notice.

The Giveaway program at encourages publishers to facilitate book reviews.  They don’t claim the Giveaway winners are chosen entirely at random; they factor in the number of books in your listed collection, the number of reviews you’ve completed plus ineffable factors because they, too, want to reward and encourage reader feedback.  (I hope they throw in a few truly random selections, though, to keep things fresh.)

Good luck, and contact me directly if you want to discuss providing other reviews:

The Lunarium – Table of Things

About Things

Things are not chapters, episodes, or other specifically divisible increments of thought as parsed into expression.  There are all sorts of things that go on on paper  and this is some of that. Things will never be the same, they say, and that may be true – for them. I prefer to think of things my own way.

The First Thing  >< The Lunarium

The Second Thing ><   Voyeurs’ Cave

The Third Thing  ><   In the Mirror

The Fourth Thing  ><   Rear View

The Fifth Thing  ><   We’re Not Alone

The Sixth Thing  ><   SLIDE open the door QUIETLY

The Seventh Thing  ><   You Asked for It

The Eighth Thing  ><   Live Nude People

The Ninth Thing  ><   Procrastination

The Tenth Thing ><   In the Car, in the Day

The Eleventh Thing  ><   Rockets Away

The Twelfth Thing  ><   View with the Room

The Thirteenth Thing  ><   Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

The Fourteenth Thing  ><   Lean Over and Brace Yourself

The Fifteenth Thing  ><   Two-fold Twins

The Sixteenth Thing  ><   Sodom Community Theater

The Seventeenth Thing  ><   Close Your Eyes.  See What I Mean?  He Is the Pilot, She Is Flying.

The Eighteenth Thing  ><   Stripping vs. Disrobing

The Nineteenth Thing  ><   Men Put Their Hearts into It

The Twentieth Thing  ><   Women Elude Me

The Twenty-First Thing  ><   Fancy Meeting You in the Mirror

The Twenty-Second Thing  ><  Lunarium Redux

The Twenty-Third Thing >< I Said Fuck Me

The Twenty-Fourth Thing >< Virginia Woolf in the Buff (I’m Afraid)

The Twenty-Fifth Thing  ><  Male Role in the All-Girl Revue

The Twenty-Seventh Thing >< Late Night with James O’Donohue

The Twenty-Eighth Thing  ><  Rough Before Smooth

The Twenty-Ninth Thing  ><  Exquisite Angel

The Thirtieth Thing >< Wrestling a Bra

The Thirty-First Thing  ><  I’ve Seen Some Really Bad Sex

The Thirty-Second Thing >< Dues Due

The Thirty-Third Thing  ><  Yin and Yang in Black and White

The Thirty-Fourth Thing  ><  White Women on Leashes

The Thirty-Fifth Thing >< Fantasies Come True

The Thirty-sixth Thing  ><  Kiss My Irish Ass

The Thirty-Seventh Thing  ><  Tit Talent Show

The Thirty-Eighth Thing >< She Eats Cock with a Knife and Fork

The Thirty-Ninth Thing  ><  Her First, Then Me, Said She

The Fortieth Thing >< No Homo

The Forty-First Thing >< Panties For Sale

The Forty-Second Thing >< Luck of the Irish Boy, A Lass

The Forty-Third Thing >< Love-chafed

The Forty-Fourth Thing >< Make Me Take It, Let Me Have It (Doggie Wanna Bone?)

The Forty-Fifth Thing >< Sex Radio

The Forty-Sixth Thing >< Whose Tongue in Which Cheek?

The Forty-Seventh Thing >< Mr. Phyllis

The Forty-Eighth Thing  ><  I Learned in the Laps of the Masters

The Forty-Ninth Thing  ><  (title restricted)

The Fiftieth Thing  ><  Virgin Orgy

The Fifty-First Thing  ><  Staged Kiss Off

The Fifty-Second Thing  ><  Are You Good?

The  Fifty-Third Thing  ><  The Lunarium by Daylight

The Fifty-Fourth Thing  ><  Masturbating with Jeanelle

The Fifty-Fifth Thing  ><  Animals Doing It with Animals (the only one for the only now)

The Fifty-Sixth Thing  ><  Professor Wright Teaches Sex

The Fifty-Seventh Thing  ><  Hypocritical Exhibitionists

The  Fifty-Eighth Thing  ><  Bawdy versus Raunchy

The Fifty-Ninth Thing  ><  Me Being Man; You Being Not Man

The Sixtieth Thing  ><  The Super-fluous Bowl

The Sixty-First Thing  ><  Four-some, More-some

The Sixty-Second Thing  ><  Ejaculometers

The Sixty-Third Thing  ><  Tele-erotic

The Sixty-Fourth Thing  ><  How Could You Not Want to Watch?

The Sixty-Fifth Thing  ><  Door Frame Dancing

The Sixty-Sixth Thing  ><  Confronted with Chastity

The Sixty-Seventh Thing  ><  Exacting Equipoise

The Sixty-Eighth Thing  ><  At the Edge of a Live Volcano (At the Very Lip of Love)

The Sixty-Ninth and Final Thing  ><  Can You Face It, James?

The Seventieth Thing  ><   Always Give a Little Extra (or, The Ninth Thing  ><  Procrastination – Older Than Me When It Counted)

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Erotic Book GiveAway – Random with good odds


Stoner with a boner GiveAway      Sweet Talkers GiveAway

kathleenk_erotica_potcentric_sexotic_stoner       kathleenk_erotica_phone_sex_curiosa_sweet_talkers

TEN copies of each book will be awarded at random by GoodReads, many thanks to their administration of this bonanza.

The odds of winning change with the actual pool of registered entrants, but generally you might have 1 in a thousand chances to win — way better than the lottery, plus its free to participate.  From the author’s point of view, the contest-atmosphere allows readers to self-identify, they have to enter to win and by doing so are showing an above-average interest in books in general.  Since I skew to rowdier readers, I appreciate that it allows a curious person to click without further commitment. is a massive book club.  It’s a powerful community much appreciated by readers and writers.  Book lovers adapt easily to the indexed listings of books by genre, by author, and by any other criteria that can be registered as a preference.  There are simple subgroups and cultish devotees that crisscross in their recommendations.  Anybody can judge any book:  reviews are the “engine” of the site, opinion accumulates. 

Advice on writing reviews:  keep them short and meaningful, don’t focus on the plot (allow it to unfold in the book, it took the author hundreds of pages to tell the story so don’t chop it into 3 sentences), share with us the experience of reading it, the tone and texture and language and pacing and overall readability.  PLEASE, tell us how it affected you.

GiveAway Details

Stoner with a boner GiveAway 

Stoner with a boner, the long story of a mild man with a wild side, a bad boy with good manners, witty and wise:

Written in a loose, free-wheeling prose that mimics the narrator’s lifestyle, the story glides from woman to woman and bong hit to bong hit without the burdens of plot or conflict.
… a memorable sexual escapade.

by Kirkus Reviews Dec. 2012

Stoner Giveaway dates: Oct 2 – Nov 2, 2014
Countries available: US, CA, and GB more

Sweet Talkers GiveAway

SWEET TALKERS Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl, which is a nonfiction, first person account of running a phone sex business including re-created calls, training materials, and lots of operational details.

Sweet Talkers Giveaway dates: Sep 10 – Oct 31, 2014
Countries available: US, CA, and GB more

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