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Tattoo. Taboo? Art… Life

I do not have a tattoo and doubt I ever shall.  For a woman my age raised in my culture, tattoos are rebellious (the opposite of self-effacing).  Even though the strong association with bad-boy behavior makes this juxtaposition all the more layered now that they’re in fashion across genders and age groups.  The historical aversion for tattoos in the Christian Bible is doubled-down in the horrible practice of tattooing ID numbers on Jews during World War II for bookkeeping purposes in concentration camps… that it distressed their faith was just a bonus.

ln this current age, there is tattoo art and it is “interesting” to me.  The idea of the mechanical fact of being inked isn’t the big deal; as a diabetic I get plenty of pokes just NOT at the rate or saturation of course.  For me, it is the permanence of ink.  Ironically.  I write and produce books, each one is permanent unto itself, but I am free to reverse, relaunch, realize another vision.

The person pictured here is Brandon McMillan, an animal trainer and TV star with small ink visible when he wears his long shorts, or just below his T-shirt sleeve; there is no hint of the elaborate art he hosts on this right rib, shoulder, cage and hip.  It may still be evolving.  This is a beautiful presentation of imagery but I don’t “get” it, I can’t interpret what it means nor if I am supposed to do so.  Personal hieroglyphics.

My book-making objective starts out the same, to “weave an image” that suits its own purpose and design, the writing is mine alone.  I may never share it.  Here the divide begins because the tattoo bearer cannot do the work alone.  We just aren’t hinged that way.  So that leap to collaborate is fundamental while I can (and do) bury entire manuscripts without note to others.  The words aren’t lined up properly yet.  Body ink may be applied in layers but it is not as flexible as a rough draft can be to the published “on display” imagery.

I wanted to acknowledge my respect for all the artists out there, decorating for their holidays, fashioning hand-made gifts or sharing recipes, making merry.  Nobody knows how we can seem so different yet have to make the same decisions about the body we’re in, our family rank, our community purpose.  Forging an identity is a tricky business, it can take longer than you expect (or deserve, really, given the statistical projection for your specifics).

What people regret as they age are often things left undone, and the underlying message is the waste of time, that precious tick-tock that says you can keep going, try something, do or be or create what you dream about as your legacy.  Plant your stake in the river of humanity.  You should not do what you do to get famous or rich, those paths can lead to misery… if they are granted to you, it is a bonus.  Positive energy will come if you look for a sustainable life in which you are fed, clothed and safe enough to reach out to others through art and thought and love.



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Read what readers said about “Provocative, orgiastic snippets from a sexual voyeur’s social life”

The Lunarium – Reviews

The Lunarium (One man’s memories of the watchers and the watched)

frontcover     Named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2013

Provocative, orgiastic snippets from a sexual voyeur’s social life.

Known for an oeuvre of titillating material, anonymous author Kathleen K. (Honey B., The Suite Life, 2012) explores the fascinat­ing, visually active life of bearded, middle-aged “watcher” James Boyle O’Donahue. Irish, single and unlucky in love, O’Donahue fully embraces his penchant for voyeuristic, erotic, group events. Unapologetic to a fault, he allows himself to revel in this clandestine fetish, defensively remarking that the ones being watched are indeed willing participants – their “secret passions are not spoiled by a witness participating in the redefinition of privacy.” Armed with boundless energy, dynamic tour guide O’Donahue directs readers through a wide array of creatively themed sex clubs: Revelry, a “small luxurious pit surrounded by theater seats”; the Lunarium, a fantasy event where he accompanies an unnamed companion; and the Beach, with its taboo “Beyond the Rocks” private area that’s a “sexual potluck” starring 12 randy, experimental couples and a roomful of writhing performers at a lactating “tit talent show.” Written with verve and a contagious sense of exhibitionism, K’s first-person narrative is divided into 70 “things”: brief chapters that descriptively chart O’Donahue’s carnivalesque adventures at risqué live theater performances. Amid this plethora of vicariously thrilling and erotic “sexual fiestas,” O’Donahue takes time to philosophically ponder the nature of strippers, compares gawkers to voyeurs, gets schooled by a sex professor and breathlessly observes amazing (and not so amazing) feats of carnality. K doesn’t aim for subtlety, but as a whole, the sexual observances form an enlightening examination of voyeurism.

A wild, steamy story with erudite sex-as-art undertones.

By Kirkus Reviews March 2013

Ms. Rose Reader from (Nov 13, 2015) 

I received this book on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review….
It was really hard for me to pinpoint my true feelings about this book. It was all about voyeurism (getting aroused by watching other’s have sex and vice versa), and was a twist on your average erotica book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a steamy romance book but this left me a little… unsure.
I gave it four stars because I did think the author is a very talented writer. It was well-written, well put-together, and didn’t leave me yawning. The topic itself and how the author touched basis with it all, it what brought it down from five stars. Overall a good book, and if you are interested in this certain area then it is definitely a must-read for you!

Darlene Cruz from  May 2015

Directing the reader to where you need to be, what you need to hear and look at what the author wants you to see. Smoothly voiced that captured the essence of voyeurism. Just the word voyeurism gets your mind racing and you could say this book did just that. Very good writing that spelled out each action and reaction. Interesting read and a book someone who likes this kind of thing will enjoy. Not my kind of thing though but I don’t knock it. I won this book on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway. Thank you.

Christine Gilbert‘s review  (Feb 06, 2014) 

[A] unique perspective of erotica – this time voyeurism- written in quietly hushed words as we watch from behind the velvet curtains.

Echo Back:  Commentary from an author and friend (Dec 2013)

Congratulations on your award; it was well-deserved.  I finished The Lunarium today and was very impressed.  You mastered a unique and difficult genre, erotica.  It was imaginative, intelligent and very spicy.  I was especially intrigued that you wrote from a male point of view and quite “handily pulled it off.” – Joseph Santiago  DEC 2014

We live in a society that observes from a distance and there are places within our communities that place taboos open to be seen explored and available. This is a book that assembles the introspective tales of room after room of fetishized options taken at a distance. As you read these scenes you will get wrapped in the story carried through the book. I felt like I became an observer and was right there observing the spectates laid bare before me. This was an interesting read that felt like a journal or confessional being shared with me. This was a good read. – Susan Walker Dec 2014 ← entered for free copy

This is a book with many short stories of voyeurism. Not a my type of read.

“You’re smarter than you look.”

“You’re smarter than you look.” said the white male executive

“I’m 40, fat and female… where are you going with that?”

On one side is the individual who has maintained a corporate network at peak performance for seven years, on the other side a fatuous man tasked far above his actual abilities noting to his surprise that the female IT job-holder was qualified.  The presumption of male supremacy is held by the easily swayed, by the non-analytical.

The #MeToo movement is not about the individuals, it is about the WAVE of individuals who detail how the male agenda has interfered with their feminine privacy, their effort-based primacy, everything personal and worthy in them.  It’s the “boys club” mentality that makes even the reluctant-disrespectful finally have an inkling of the pressure females endure simply by birth-right.  It makes the pervasive wage-skimming and sexual violence against women not only the fault of the overly aggressive men but of the passive ones, too.  Those men who sit in meetings and let the dominant males steer them to unfair procedures and disrespectful policies need to speak out. You need a long-range perspective and then you realize you utilize all your strengths as the Earth holders, no matter who created this big beautiful planet, we have the power to destroy it.  To have peace on the planet we need equity among its people.

This isn’t a new item on the agenda.  Women have pushed ahead slowly and relentlessly, gaining rights and duties formerly reserved for [white] men.  There are all kinds of markers so we can thrust forward, competitive in our own minds, whether barred by age, gender, race, appearance, education, nationality. 

Don’t kid yourself.  This is a problem for ALL people, not only known male supremacists.  Race and gender, birthrights assigned by genetics?  Is gender binary or analog, meaning yes-no or in degrees? By place and time of birth?  It is a testament to the force of habit that we’ve lived so long placing entire categories of humans in the supplicant position.  Same-so the random natural assets in a territory, we experience the genetic lottery when we are conceived that sets the scenario from the continent upon which the conception occurred to the location of the birth.  The most intelligent of us see the possibility in each of us which is the foundation for progress.  Dismiss the opinions of categorizers:  Whites do… blacks won’t… men can… women shouldn’t.  Each of us moves outward from the “I” position we were born into, remember that.  Each of us has to balance the long-practiced quick-categorization of a person by their roots and look closer, think harder, and wise up.  Talent isn’t gender-dependent, neither is wiliness or artifice or humility.

Be thankful for some degree of “wokefulness” as we work forward, technology erases some but not all of the gender-race alliances (so many whitish guys at the head of the line).  We have some mixing at the entry levels and even middle management but statistically few powerful positions are held by non-white, non-male people.  (Note the ones that are are being outed as poor leaders if not outright embezzlers.)  Oh, my… work those factors into your presumptions.

The fact is no crime is committed by a type, it is always committed by a person who may be of that type but just as well may not be, or may partially be.  We’ve got to fight ingrained bias and self-fulfilling interpretations of behavior.  Once we get things sorted it turns out there’s always a story to be told, from somebody we might have earlier dismissed on superficial characteristics, and missed the steely art of their personal nature lending credence.



Bad dog. No biscuit.

It is a function of a relationship to establish an exchange rate for most activities, who drives, who shops, who cleans… who initiates sex.  Hopefully, there is a balanced exchange system that works for both.  However, the female can institute sexual “favors” aside from the basic relationship-sustaining sex agreement, and this is often done in exchange for desirable behaviors by her mate.

Bad Dog, No Biscuit has been in my notes for weeks, a tag line that I’d thought I’d thought up but I found this on a web search: 

I don’t think I consciously ever heard this song or its title but I want to give credit where it is due.  Daron Norwood sang the song written by William Kitchens.

I’m not adopting their premise, that it takes an active transgression to fit the rhyme.  In my use, it means the failure to do a favored “trick” that has been taught to do for a biscuit.  Both encapsulate the awkward truth in this “gender equality” framework that one partner has a special power to confer a prized result.

This in no way translates to survival feeding, it is about a “treat” biscuit, something conferred as a prize.  The food bowl will be filled with kibble as usual.  This is about an exchange system established by and folded into the couple’s relationship.  There is appetite-pleasing spice in erotic adventures that add flourish.

It’s no secret that the genders divide along a cat-dog dichotomy in the sense their very natures differ.  The similarities of being air-breathing mammals binds us yet the strategies for asset-gathering and offspring nurturing create a divide.

I want to use a simple example.  If your pet food bag spilled, your dog would gorge itself while the cat would not.  Canines evolved to eat all food when it is presented; felines evolved to eat many small meals and to not eat all food when it is first presented.  That’s why you see big cats pulling kills up into trees, so they can save some for later.

Humans split the difference on a gender-influenced basis.  Mostly, men will take all sex offered at the time it is offered while most women can flirt, tease, and sample the sex-appetizers without agreeing to a full sex act.  This is presuming the social framework is present to negotiate.  This is NOT to support force or deception on either side.

In relationships, the balance does not need to be 50-50 since that diminishes the natures of the individuals involved.  In many relationships, the gap between expectations is the cause of dissent.  “Training” each other is not a horrendous idea.  Using access to sex is not a bad strategy for couples to resolve conflict if there is a balance over time.

There should be a lighter tone, a teasing attitude and an equivalency of the act required to earn the treat, just as we lovingly reward our hound when it rolls over on command, something done to please the one who asks.  That’s what caught me up in the phrase, because it’s playful and bespeaks a stable base with appreciation for the value of a treat.  That’s what I worked for in my sexualized relationships, a rich deep base with surprises.

There was no question we both wanted sex, but we built our exchange on the fact he’d blow that load sooner or later, with or without me, while I was able to percolate for a deeper richer reaction when I did decide to connect.  Any misstep at that point killed the play.  Sudden death.  Bad dog, no biscuit.


Here are some excepts from Honey B., The Buzz to be published later this year.  In this third volume regarding a sexual consultant, customers talk about the pay-to-play erotic advisor.

Honey hid her sweetness from me, teasing me with hints of sex and comfort, knowing I had no interest in an easy surrender. I would have balked at a cock tease, her promises weren’t empty. My hand would slide up her leg and I’d feel the blush on her skin; her breathing slowed and deepened. The first brush of cotton panties spoke of her acquiescence for I had requested good-girl briefs specifically. She may have been a whore with her other customers but with me she was a shy librarian having her body language perused by a bibliophile.


The twin curves of her ass fascinated me, buoyant and taunting. I’d scoop her up close to me, feeling the jiggle in her bottom, the bump of her tit tips against my chest, every part of her absorbing the thrust of my rock-hard cock. I’ve loved other women but I never felt fucked like that before or since.


The cleft of her ass started at her nape and moved along her supple spine, punctuated by two little dimples notched like thumb-holds at her hips. Even now I can position my hands as if hauling her back up against me, remembering her fleshy hips yielding to the command in my fingers. I could just about control myself when she was facing away, her fine rump bumping me back. Still couldn’t face her, didn’t think I ever would. This dog style humping was all I deserved.

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En garde! Gender wars waste time and talent. Battle together.

It’s part of the design to have a lock and key system for reproduction of humans, we do not spontaneously pop into existence.  There can be mechanical assists in conception but still it requires the essence of two genders.  In this truth, the path forward is set. However egg meets sperm they must twine into the womb.  We shed so much potential in our reproductive cycles for the relatively rare conceptions to be treasured in context, you’ve crossed into the fundamental existential divide.  The amount of bodily energy required to produce a fetus is unequaled in nature, at both a cellular and cultural level.  It may take two to tango but only the male dances away when the music stops.  It’s just as true that it takes two to tangle but I think that’s a malapropism.  By laws of nature, the male is distanced from gestation, at most a helpful partner but biologically complete at conception.  The rest of parenthood bespeaks character, it reveals the ability to bond, to assist or resist as needed.  Complicated.  Still, eerily simple that we need both genders to spark life.  Comparative valuations are irrelevant to the species’ survival.  If we get enough offspring within tolerable limits then we’re viable.

The surface details (shape of face, ear whorls, hair patterns) are categorized by our survival brains, pre-articulate, what we see-smell-hear-feel encoded at a cellular level.  In that sense there are races that differ amongst themselves but there is a clear line of what is human and what is not.  The desire for rank is remnant of the pack mentality that moved earlier humans into the caves, safety in numbers, compartmentalization of tasks as we hunted and gathered food across the lands.

Modern Americans face a war of plenty, when we aren’t fighting for our meals so literally, but there is still challenge and in that sense creating a small tribe can work wonders.  Especially for a breeding pair of humans, cooperation is essential to stability.  The tasks aren’t done merely for the family unit but have to satisfy the demands of the self to be plausible and sustainable.

In any pair, the way to improve the overall advantage is for at least one side to strengthen itself and broaden its base so as to provide stability.  There is a fallacy in the 50-50 split of pairing up because things aren’t easily measured as far as valuing work outside the home or work for-in the home.  Both should be all in.  We can’t even agree on a definition of “value” here in terms of it contributing to front line survival or long term prospering (again, you need to balance).

Other than the exquisite moments of actual physical mating, gender is far less important than we make it to be.  Bastions of genderism like military service refuse to admit that some women are stronger than some men even if overall most men are physically stronger; this scurry to prejudge outward gender shows a limited imagination.  We are finally grudgingly admitting that we are better united than divided but this involves reducing the knee-jerk sexualization of women which is both a sloppy habit and a natural pattern-recognition behavior.  We’ve worked hard on shaping this forward and much remains to be done.

In your efforts today, put a bit of swing into it, take a measure of pride in the tasks you perform, reach out just that one extra time to a person who might benefit.  Doing a bit better every day results in an accumulation of grace, just like a snow ball rolling down a hill that allows mass to gather.  You can enrich your presentation with easy gestures, becoming known to grant respect for a situation before blundering into it.  Allow somebody else to speak first, or to rest in silence for a moment.  All of this strategy is empowering to your inner self, to the balance you work towards every day.

You can get all kinds of specific advice from others about litter training your cat or affixing a wall bracket for a bureau but we’re less familiar with “Big Thinking” exercises that would enrich us and put these tasks into context.  Religions try to do it but they have become corporatized entities whose leadership is too often self-serving. Your inner spirituality is deeper and simpler, it is the first response when challenged.  What do you think first?  Do first?  It’s based on what you feel first.  You don’t need an outside authority other than the collective wisdom that you can be better with surprisingly little effort, and you can grant space to others to fight their own battles without contributing your negative energy.  Get to basics, ask yourself who you hope to be.

That’s the root you work with, roots can be redirected, pruned, fertilized to ultimately support the mirrored growth above.

This post is for you today, it is for all of us to make the motions meaningful.  There is a force for “good” in our collective existence and it is that we must draw from and exercise.  Don’t be distracted by politics or gossip or squabbles when you are enjoying the chance to live.

To Thy Known Self Be True

To Thy Known Self Be True [sic] is cadged from online comments similar to “no, notta, uh uh” that evidence a poor grasp of the written word.  As noted in my earlier posts, there are elements of haste, there are mishaps with autocorrect, but overall we are laying bare the growing illiteracy of Internet commenters (and hastily edited reporting too].  We used to be a nation of readers, and reading helps writing.  In a verbal exchange “notta” can pass for “nada” but splats flat when written.

Shakespeare wrote this fatherly advice in Hamlet.  To thine own self be true.

It’s amusing to stretch To Thy Known Self Be True into advice for serial liars and cheaters who could save us all a lot of time by admitting their natures: first of all to themselves and ultimately to those at risk from their deception.  As Popeye put it, “I yam what I yam, and that’s all what I yam.”  This phrase from a theatrical cartoon in the 1930’s shows up in modern culture with nary a citation to the racist “entertainment” even if voiced by a character who eats tin cans.  “I am what I am” has become a well-known musical product to echo the self-determination even Olive Oyl stood for.

Skin tint, regional speech, tolerable drift from any norm are big flags in our cognition system.  Humans evolved these senses in concert to seek allies and to identify aliens.  We can be too quick to judge, and that means not only the prejudice to exclude but also include (“our type”), based first on the surface.  At the core is fact, gender-race presumptions will weight fact with preference because it is encoded, then reinforced.  How do we nurture our open minds while we meld into our improved selves?

We are evolving a new human face, genetically, mixing the races at a chromosomal level.  We evolved in pockets of land that are now connected by travel, our sperm and eggs cross-pollinate as usual, one to one, in a specific place, but we are capable of transnationality.  Again, the idea is to know the elements that go into your making but use your intellect to guide your soul.

We need a universal language, an enculturated behavior to give peace a chance.  This shift comes on a personal basis, on your own thinking and behavior.  Time to take inventory and form a stronger you, discarding outdated notions and pre-judgments.  Notice who is good to those around them, judge them on that.  Pay attention to a series of choices.  Introspection and self-assessment are not only for the young, it’s a long game for most of us and we have to acknowledge how society changes around us as do our own circumstances.

The obvious evolution of television from the closed networks of mid-20th century into the new millennium online alternatives and outlying networks give us plenty of perspective, and like any diet should be mixed.  No single source of ideology or protein serves the complex human body and soul, so be wary of those who claim it will.

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Jul 19

He thundered into me, rumbling & rolling between my legs, then flipped me off my back moving into then through me, beyond my surface.

Jul 2

Hoping for fireworks? Check combustibles – Verify ignition source – Concede chance of disaster …

Jul 1

Some folks make love; some folks make trouble; others love trouble. Few understand you don’t always match, can complement to thrive.

Jun 28

I knew from a seeking kiss that things would end but I would not (could not) interfere with its course, this was our seasonal bloom.

Jun 8

You herded your doe & the fawns onto the elevator, a domesticated buck, a man in flip-flops, with a pocket full of penis on alert.

Jun 6

I hear your heat & see your hunger; it is my intention to arouse you for the benefit of us both. I am not a selfish fucking animal.

May 31

Hairy chested, thick legged man-beast worthy of my deepest, wettest sex; I’m open wide to feel his sac shift against my heated core.

Hoping for fireworks? Check combustibles – Verify ignition source – Concede chance of disaster

There’s a holiday mid-week and you may find yourself with a few moments to read something new, or refresh information that you might have seen before.  Either way, I’ve embedded links to some of the content at

The outreach is sincere, there is an independence to my business plan that relies on the curiosity of others.  Please, read; then share!  Follow me here:


See also:

It wasn’t “only” sex, between us it was TOTALLY sex, and if you don’t understand the difference then ask a linguist about nuance.

10:28 PM – 17 Mar 2018


I touched his cock to get a reaction, he was starving for sweet love while I force-fed him the down-n-dirty sex he felt he deserved.

10:50 PM – 5 Mar 2018



Spot the Cock? Porn as Celebration of Male Drive to Survive

In a social construct akin to hiding the female nipple, there is effort to disguise the male package with good tailoring and cunning restraint so it isn’t always easy to see the detail.  The amount of variance in penis size-rigidity including whether it retains its foreskin is not casually shared.  Men don’t always understand why/if women “like” his particular penis but for sure the scale of appreciation is far different than males have for female “parts” in general.  The penis is a “part”, only a “part”, but it is the bearer of male dreams and hopes with his twin seed buddies swaying along.  This sexual hot zone is always there (a banked fire), outside his body, while women tuck their sex within a tidy seam.  Sperm play the game of redundancy en masse (in waves) while eggs go for time-release of batches in set intervals not related to sex activity (alone or with other(s)).  Her lifelong inventory might be 300,000 eggs.

Using a mathematical model and data from 325 women,
the researchers found that the average woman is born with around 300,000 eggs
and steadily loses them as she ages,
with just 12 percent of those eggs remaining at the age of 30, and only 3 percent left by 40.

kathleen_k_sexotic_penis_size_eroticThese differences are biologically set and culturally significant, replicated in nature’s evolution that makes fathering a child momentary but parenting a child an investment of decades.  Sparking a child has impacts on identity, housing, career, family relations, and religion.  Parenting is an across-the-spectrum extended event still most allied with feminine strategy no matter how many dads do step forward.  It is a smart survival move to shelter your young with family style living which is where step-parents, grandparents, siblings and others may come forward to complete the circle that surrounds a child.  These are all post-facto strategies to deal with the ongoing long-term tasks and commitments that result from the momentary actions that make a baby.

Forget the argument about which of the genders is “superior” and get to bio-basics.  Which gender literally bears the next generation of souls?  How many wombs are required to save our species?  In catastrophic situations it is not a 50-50 gender split.  It’s like 92% womb-enabled and 8% sperminators.  That ratio will readjust to the more usual 1:1 ratio that keeps us replicating.  Still, mathematically, in times of species peril it is men who are fungible.  One guy can spawn an army, while one woman might maybe  populate a squad or two.  Her function sets her value.

Same-so the appetite for visual porn which shows a definite gender split; men will look at uncountable images of female anatomy and overall sexuality.

Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly

Men truly “relate” to it, using it to trigger the mental-physical ejaculation of their sexual feelings.  Women are not usually the target audience of male-manufactured porn since women don’t really need to buy access to human nudity; they work a quid pro quo exchange heavily in their feminine favor.  Men’s seizing of governments and economies as their private playgrounds, discounting female philosophy in resource management, leads to the kind of scandals we are so familiars with: product recalls, shoddy agencies, demoralizing entertainment.  To reach a new balance among the genders it must in some ways swing far to the female side then adjust again to the center for stability; there has to be a countermotion to the male supremacy behavior that got us to a polluted warring planet.  This mathematical analysis in times of great duress does not negate the love angle in a modern family human-home dynamic, it’s a primitive urge to gather in cadres.

You herded your doe & the fawns onto the elevator, a domesticated buck,
a man in flip-flops, with a pocket full of penis on alert.

For true gender equilibrium there has to be admission of the salient differences without unleashing bedlam.  Women function differently in their biology, and are held to a more complicated social role).  So too women must acknowledge the swarm mentality of sperm, driven with the herd forward-inward, whether upward or downward, never coordinating, all out frenetic motion a-go-go while the eggs meander through their lunar cycle. Apply to human gender-differentiating behavior to identify the static between us.  Different wavelengths and frequencies.

Too often men miss the moments when a female is receptive, failing to pick up her subtle signals.  Different wavelengths, really, so men who can tune in to the feminine hum are more successful than following his own broadcast as it pinballs around women who are not ready.

Vive la difference is the best advice for intra-gender strategy, not merely between you and other(s) but within you and without you.  There are few of us who explore our sexuality with an open mind.  Quick flips can be good for the pace and posture, exercise your points of view.

The evolution of individual purpose plays here too; women’s breeding cycles seek a certain kind of partnership that is less adaptive in her later years when she can step off front-line parenting.  With our longer lifespans, we can expand the definition of evolving goals and roles.


Do what you do now, and do it again later; “you” are never done.



Inside Title Page Image by Brian Quinn

There is a difference between “non-ending” and “not stopping”.  The production of art, the performance of it, rendering:  it comes and goes in cycles to deepen and season talent.  You cannot live it as a focal point (usually), it is not a fulcrum.  Talent strikes more than those of whom we know, the other part of success is the planning and execution, luck and inevitability, that draws an audience, hopefully leads to a following.  Such spirit creates the energy for Half Magic on Hulu TV, pushing for women to satisfy their own desires.  This is more about mating than dating in the long run, with whom can you share life?  Don’t keep score but surely balance the exchange.

We need people like this group who pop up elsewhere as actors, directors.  [Brooklyn Nine-Nine anyone?]

I make books and have banked a dozen of them with more to come; I let them grow their own interest with a few commercial reviews and giveaways.  They exist, diamonds no longer in the rough but polished and on exhibit.  The same as so many talents although prodigious that are unknown to others.  It’s a pyramid of fame that is not controlled by talent alone.  Breakthrough is rare; it strikes like lightning, fizzes out the same.

That best-seller validation for a book, for instance, is a commercial purpose, you cannot take it as a sign of value (quality) for that is intrinsic to the object.  Whatever it is worth at the moment or over time is infused in its assembly and remains with it.  It might fall out of fashion, or catch a wave of appreciation, but in and of itself it represents the work-effort that created it.  That is the building of a legacy, a presence beyond the mere idea of being recognized in life.  You must DO that, prepare for it then pursue it, paint or sew or construct as only you do.

When it is time to produce, then pay attention to the details and do a good job of it.  Immerse yourself in the elements, allow others their perspective, so that in the end you have created something powerful.  I did this with a dozen words and a pen name like the book art featured here by Brian Quinn.   I asked for a book cover for Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen; we selected another of his works for that purpose since it had to be easily interpreted in miniature for book ads.  This image posted here was used as inside book art, a rare expense in production that was well worth it because it so strongly captured the theme of the book:  he’s dark and looming and yet she’s central and powerful.  It’s not black and white, it is full of tone and shading, it starts a story in a still frame.

It is not only in the creation of art but in the supporting of it that a culture deepens, so please do go to a photo exhibit, buy art from a café wall…. hit my website for a nicely priced book.  We bemoan a weakening of our culture but please remember our choices and actions build that framework.  Bid on a kid’s art piece at the school auction, who knows who you’ll inspire!










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Rowdier readers self-identify so if you continue reading here there is a good chance you at least have the graciousness to entertain a new idea.  You have an open channel, not all channels of course, and not at your deep risk, but you will allow the foreign and the unknown to intrude to that first hurdle:  it’s an incoming thought and you have let it in, behind your eyes now, and for that moment you have a different outlook.  This collection of graphic writing joins books from many other creators, and all must be absorbed from the page for maximum impact.  Reach out as readers, reinforce the enrichment of scanning words into the brain.  Writers know you are treasures.


Fear of thinking, most specifically deep thinking, limits amateur readers who have not developed a framework for what they read so if something doesn’t fit in the few categories they do admit then the idea is discarded.  Volley over, signal drops, no presence.  Dead End.  What a dull world it would be if we were all like that.

Rowdier readers are energized by reading, they set up synapse symphonies and cogitate from the page to the world through the heart-mind.  It is not difficult to identify certain writings that simply are not suitable for some although the work is much appreciated by others.  That’s my category, sexotic-erotic-graphic language in small peppery bursts.  There is a transliteration when sexotic writing is considered tête-à-tête and it is my intent to be read head-to-head by people with busy vocabularies.  I station myself on broadcast and you agree to transceive.  You don’t have to accept everything but you entertain the ideas, give them a moment to take hold and move through.  Curiosa is like catnip to such a reader.

Like all arts, there is the idea but then there must be a manifestation:  a canvas, a carved stick, tangible and discrete as it is indexed for short term recall, the written word, a recorded speech, humming of a choir.  For me it has been making books, it is the making of them that pleases me.  In that way I am an old-school talent in an analog format for the print books, reluctantly digital for digital dissemination.  Books are a tactile medium in the end, nuance is absorbed through the eyes and hands.  I respect that.  It’s a journey for me too (there’s history I haven’t told you) so things are always surprisingly connected.  Overall, there are twelve narrative and engaging affordable volumes available online so far plus the fabrication continues.  I’ve developed the art of setting you up with sexotic scenarios but I break away in time for you to have to finish the imagery.  It’s subtle, it’s killer technique.  (Oh, how I’ve studied!)

I didn’t build this body by accident; I carved a man out of a blob of waste-infused goo. Locked beneath the sheath of fat was a pugnacious fucker who finally took control. I hired Honey as a sex trainer, like I paid my cardio coach and my tennis instructor. She was soft and limber and ready to rock, frank and assessing as needed. Part coach, part sparring partner… bringing me to peak. She re-shaped my sexuality, brought it closer to my core, made me hold it there and grow it there. My fat-man sex never thrilled so the screaming success of my normal body was the greatest reward. The confidence-fueled fucking went on long enough and strong enough to finally experience the need to howl it out. Now I can slip up between her thighs and feel the cradle of her crotch coddle my bouncing balls.

I’m all about the squiggles of thought, the ~, <>, : ∞ that put the punctuational kaboom into the language to help you syncopate it.  I know it seems like there are uneducated people clogging up the pipeline to – your bliss, your success, your redemption – but in fact your pace is your choice. The giddy liberty to think whatever you want is the ultimate freedom, the luxury of thoughts and feelings that come to a truly be-stilled being, soul awhirl.  Consider this an opportunity provided by the publisher of Words Arranged by Kathleen K. because it is one way for you to stomp around a bit out in the Idea Fields.  There has always been a flare of challenge in the presentation and the content of this adult-themed compendium that adds value if only reluctantly.  When is something dirty and good, good and dirty?  Who decides?  First, judge the covers… then slip away to for more detail.

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexotic  Kirkus Featured Review!

hires_frontcover    frontcover

HoneyB I 7174296_cover     PP Native Cover.4539172.indd

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ARCHING Cover Memorial+3 pre-FINAL cover_rough0003a


Vivid family fiction for those who read

between, around and beyond the lines.

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