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Do what you do now, and do it again later; “you” are never done.



Inside Title Page Image by Brian Quinn

There is a difference between “non-ending” and “not stopping”.  The production of art, the performance of it, rendering:  it comes and goes in cycles to deepen and season talent.  You cannot live it as a focal point (usually), it is not a fulcrum.  Talent strikes more than those of whom we know, the other part of success is the planning and execution, luck and inevitability, that draws an audience, hopefully leads to a following.  Such spirit creates the energy for Half Magic on Hulu TV, pushing for women to satisfy their own desires.  This is more about mating than dating in the long run, with whom can you share life?  Don’t keep score but surely balance the exchange.

We need people like this group who pop up elsewhere as actors, directors.  [Brooklyn Nine-Nine anyone?]

I make books and have banked a dozen of them with more to come; I let them grow their own interest with a few commercial reviews and giveaways.  They exist, diamonds no longer in the rough but polished and on exhibit.  The same as so many talents although prodigious that are unknown to others.  It’s a pyramid of fame that is not controlled by talent alone.  Breakthrough is rare; it strikes like lightning, fizzes out the same.

That best-seller validation for a book, for instance, is a commercial purpose, you cannot take it as a sign of value (quality) for that is intrinsic to the object.  Whatever it is worth at the moment or over time is infused in its assembly and remains with it.  It might fall out of fashion, or catch a wave of appreciation, but in and of itself it represents the work-effort that created it.  That is the building of a legacy, a presence beyond the mere idea of being recognized in life.  You must DO that, prepare for it then pursue it, paint or sew or construct as only you do.

When it is time to produce, then pay attention to the details and do a good job of it.  Immerse yourself in the elements, allow others their perspective, so that in the end you have created something powerful.  I did this with a dozen words and a pen name like the book art featured here by Brian Quinn.   I asked for a book cover for Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen; we selected another of his works for that purpose since it had to be easily interpreted in miniature for book ads.  This image posted here was used as inside book art, a rare expense in production that was well worth it because it so strongly captured the theme of the book:  he’s dark and looming and yet she’s central and powerful.  It’s not black and white, it is full of tone and shading, it starts a story in a still frame.

It is not only in the creation of art but in the supporting of it that a culture deepens, so please do go to a photo exhibit, buy art from a café wall…. hit my website for a nicely priced book.  We bemoan a weakening of our culture but please remember our choices and actions build that framework.  Bid on a kid’s art piece at the school auction, who knows who you’ll inspire!










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Let’s discuss sex∞love and the infinity between

I deliberately produce erotic-sexotic-graphic-romantic-pragmatic and comical commentary on sex∞love and the infinity between because it gets a strong response from people who want to think about the worlds of desire and denial.  I started fabricating print & Kindle books four years ago; I hoped then I’d be here now but only a few chosen pre-readers did too, sort of.  As each book bounced in from its oddly thoughtful thematic scene (stoners, voyeurs, sexual consultants & etc.), the reputation of my writing skill grew: ‘intelligent, inventive, and sharp’ aren’t words often paired with porn and sadly seldom with erotica.  Sex-writing is dismissed as (supposedly) easy to do because it’s all “Come, baby, come….” dialog (Sweet Talkers), besides, who couldn’t strip down a moment of surrender, you know, if they wanted to (Arching Over, Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry):

panties… raw silk… textured

you left them on me

until the last possible instant

peeled away the dainties

held the fragrant dampness to your face

and cried out

came in


I had the chance to review my progress with the book biz overall when I crossed paths with a rowdier reader a week ago and gave an overview that I hadn’t presented lately. It is one of those moments from the chronosynclastic infundibulum where time warps and your existence shatter-multiplies.  I am simultaneously my purely book-driven self, yet remain sharply professional on the non-book job.  These aren’t worlds I mix; I keep the energy streams separate.  It’s like seeing a clerk from your church playing in a jug band at a bar.  Blink. Re-sort.  Re-think.

Juxtaposition works with story tellers-listeners because humans are pattern-recognition fiends.  It’s in our language, our fabrics, our music.  We even see them when they’re not there (conspiracy theorists and Jesus on toast).  Humor is the ultimate use of this ‘flip’ phenomenon precisely because it breaks you out of the expected thought.  When language is quick and witty, it speeds up the listener’s insight-acuity a notch.  Carefully crafted yet casually tossed off, the snap of a perfect comeback (or come on) is a tool of the fast thinker, scattering bon mots for the clever to recognize.  Done right, the target may not feel the sting but it will itch later!  (Did she really say that?  To me?)

Delivering sex talk with that tension-relief of sass and sympathy has allowed me to structure a dozen books for readers to romp through (and tromp on).  It isn’t linear reading like mystery or history where you must proceed as paced by the writer, you can pop any of my books open and pretty much understand who is doing what to/with/for/on/in/around whom.   I use formal language structures to confine chaotic emotional commotion.  The language is freewheeling for maximum synergy.

Same-so my Twitterings @KathleenKxxx  For me, Tweets are a chance to get pithy with it about once a week.  I carve out a thought to fit the teeny-tiny spot reserved for that message.  It’s a puzzle with very few pieces.  In the accumulation of these, my themes are revealed: think about sex∞love.  What a wonderful thought-provoking channel it could be (grossly polluted by over-use of the m$me$me), when we should be lightly touching ideas with what could be a magnifying telescopic x-ray… what precisely am I invoking today?  People like to cogitate on sex±love (together and apart).  That I know.

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexoticAnd once in a while a little bit of lighting hits one the many rods I’ve set to attract attention… ZAP


The thing is, you can’t buy praise from this professional reviewing service.  You pay a flat fee then toss in the book and that’s that.  The rest of it is luck and timing and momentum in the market and who knows what else has to rub together to spark my book to catch somebody’s eye.  A great cover helps!  See Brian Quinn 

KIRKUS SAYS TO ME:  Your review for “Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen” was selected by our Indie Editors to be featured in Kirkus Reviews 7/15 Issue. Congratulations! Your review will appear as one of the 35 reviews in the Indie section of the magazine which is sent out to over 5,200 industry professionals (librarians, distributors, publishers, agents, etc.) Less than 10% of our Indie reviews are chosen for this, so it’s a great honor.

Heartfelt thanks to one and all, especially the GoodReaders who review their Giveaway, prizes, know that  I appreciate your encouragement.  Your responses lend the books credibility because they’ve been tested by the best:  actual individuals spending their own energy to read and react to words arranged just so.

Treat yourself to an end-of-summer read, or gift one to a friend.  Think  of it as the best of both worlds: hot, and chill.


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A Musing on the Emotional Commotion of Sex

Commentary by indie author-publisher Kathleen K.

The distinction between sexotic and erotic comes down to emotional commotion.  Sexotica is informative, brisk, with details of physique and technique.  Erotica is moody and rich, with a contagious sense of excitement.  They each call sex to mind but sexotica is about others and erotica is about you.

It's all about perspective.

It’s all about perspective.

Vignettes are scenes, moments, impressions.  I use vignettes to translate the passionate uproar of sex into entrancing bits and pieces.  Naughty talk makes for lively wordplay, allowing the reader to pick and choose at the smorgasbord of subjective objectives instead of binding themselves to a small set of characters with a limited range of behavior and way too much detail (Fifty Shades of Grey).  I widen the romantic-erotic-graphic horizon by providing narrators who have access to a steady stream of titillating stimuli:  a retired escort turned erotic advisor, a sociable sex-clubber,  a pay-to-say girl (my only non-fiction book).  By cultivating this freewheeling, easy breezy style, I liberate the reader from keeping track of distractions like plot.  There are no clues, you don’t need a family tree or a corporate org chart to discern motive and opportunity.

Fan reaction stresses how smart and smooth the books are.  Women like the lush language, drinking in the expressive power of finely tuned words on the splendor of connection.  Men like the kinky situations, quick jabs of distilled intent.  People praise the mix of frank sexuality and sly innuendo working like a kaleidoscope to tumble images that fragment and re-assemble in patterns.  I walk the thin line between just enough and a little too much.  Like all wayward pleasures, dosage is an issue.  I let you skip around, slide past parts that don’t interest you (at the moment), leaving you to re-read the hot spots if that’s what you like.

Not all the books are the same.  The Stoner series is about weed and free love while The Lunarium was Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2013 because of its use of imagination and enthusiasm structured in sixty-nine segments related to voyeurism.  Tagged as “one man’s memories of the watchers and the watched”, The Lunarium isn’t about creepy peeping, it is a look at the hidden side of exhibitionism.

ARCHING OVER collects four small books of graphic poetry offering “a cavalcade of love affairs” that drop the exposition to encapsulate energy in well-arranged words, leaving room to read between and beyond the lines.  I’ve clipped some samples showing that even mild language can capture yearning.


you ask would i please

please you

like this

would i, please

do everything you like

and like it


* * * * *


… come to me … night and whispers

clouds on the pages of a book

wander over me

* * * * *


the shower is hot

i’m slicked with soap

the cloth in my hand

is rough and i like it


rinsing rinsing

i’m rinsing

and rinsing


it’s hot

i’m clean

… i can’t stop rinsing

* * * * *


face down, facing away

hand crammed between flexed thighs

fingers flickering

while you pry at my ass

which is bunched, tight

the tension is alluring

* * * * *


your knees force mine far and farther apart

you want to see

i want to show you

where you slide, that you fit

how i shine

* * * * *


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Erotic Science: the receptor-rich region between lady legs

Naomi Wolf’s Vagina, A New Biography, blends science, myth, personal experience and heart to put words to the beauty and the power of the female nervous system as it relates to the receptor-rich region between lady legs.  This fits with Wolfe’s literary examination of culture (and lack of it) that drives gender dynamics with an emphasis on female rights and feminine roles.

As an indie-author of erotic-sexotic literature, I prize a book like this for its rich and deep ideas.  It lays out the science and illustrates the splendor of the body.  It is possible to skip around this well-written study rather than follow the straight-line narrative so that you get splashes of the bigger picture.  There is nothing choppy about the presentation, its smooth roll allows the reader to skip along at their own pace.

Readers will ask me where I get my authority to specialize in sexual philosophy… it’s from reading books like this.  Many people have taken the time to record the progression of thought about the human condition, and what strikes me is the gender gap.  Men may claim to believe in science but how can they ignore the existential complexity of the female reproductive system as an indicator of natural value?  That clitoral pleasure center isn’t just human, it’s mammalian.  The Ultimate Creative Force, even if it was the force of chance, constructed composite biology to serve reproduction across species.  It’s the pole-hole thing.  Not only are women different from men, they differ among themselves because female genitalia are configured with various nerve-ending patterns that become recognizable with study.  (I’m telling you, read Vagina.)

Males are designed to intrude upon their mate.  This polarity causes the “attraction” of two necessary elements.  Sex is risky and exhilarating; animals of all kinds maneuver themselves procreationally.  Males come and go, any other parenting behavior by males is by choice or custom but not, per se, required.  In a practical sense, women cannot easily displace an established pregnancy.  Terminating a pregnancy is life altering by definition.  As talents go, giving birth is still the greatest glory of the body:  be it bear, ostrich or human.  Men have no analog for pregnancy.  None.  It is not within their make-up to be inhabited by another soul.

Linking body function and creativity-joy is done at the neural level as heralded by nerve centers throughout the body.  All humans are hardwired for brain-change during sex.  Women’s systems process more physical input.  Give it up, guys, the intensity of your passion is not questioned but the nuance is yours to orchestrate yet never experience.  The sex-life functions do differ by gender, as hammered into our culture by men, but the SIGNIFICANCE was misunderstood.  By design, by bodily actuality, by functional purpose, men are essentially episodic and redundant.  It’s the math of survivability.  When push comes to shove, if only 100 people could survive Armageddon you’d want 10 men and 90 women.  In a pinch, 8 and 92.  (The gender-ratio will shift toward balance dramatically in the second generation.)

As far as I can see, being assigned the task of giving birth is the only gender-based bio-advantage that is quantifiable when viewed in the extreme.  The rest of the reasons for gender preference are ineffable.


I invite you to consider this collection of voyeuristic vignettes as an example of inventive intelligent erotica aimed at sophisticated readers:

The Lunarium by Kathleen K.


NoyMommyPornThis is not your mommy’s porn.

Twenty-One Questions for Indie-Author Kathleen K.

Kathleen K. Info/Buy Links

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Sweet Talkers: the seminal voice of indie-author Kathleen K.

My first book was published in New York City in 1994, brokered by a real literary agent, back when this was the only route to readers.

hires_frontcover             hires_backcover

Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) was an outspoken chronicle of an actual phone-sex business and the masturbatory fantasies it was based upon.  The book went to paperback in 1997 then slipped out of print.  It has been an online collectible for over fifteen years.

Jamie is the narrator, the alter-ego who runs the tele-erotic business meaning she trains the operators and works the line and interviews potential talent by getting frisky to see if they can follow.  She is the seminal voice (how could I resist?).  The dual punch of literal call diary excerpts like this:

Noon to 4 p.m. on a Wednesday in February

12:02 Relieve Helen; 12:04 silent; 12:06 silent; 12:16

silent;; 12:29-30 how’s your pussy?; 12:32-33 silent;

12:42 silent; 12:59-1:08 interview style, graphic

technique; 1:??-12 do you do girls? same caller,

slow to interact; 1:13 silent; 1:19-26 5’10”, 165#, has

girlfriend, masturbation; 1:28-29 new caller, couple

of questions; 1:30-31 b.j.; 1:34-35 background

a-hems to a provocative but discreet come-on from

me; 1:36-40 1st call, kind of different, might like a

moaner; 1:47-56 hard to hear, either ‘what sex’ or

‘butt sex’; 1:57-2:03 Hawaii, lucky there, sexy talk

until he thanks me a lot; multi-listeners through

both connections, all scatter when talker departs;

2:10-19 young, kissing style, sensuous, lots of girls,

good body, work out (well-defined), great “cut

up” stomach, 5’9”, 165#, 8% body fat, bone hard,

likes long sessions, quickies OK; 2:20-27 no jack

off, problem is he likes sex, gets too wound up, b.j.

standing up, doesn’t eat out unclean crotch, bathe

in oils to massage; 2:34-43 creeeeeeek, silent!; 2:36-

43 hello, sexy talk with listeners, let’s all scream

together?; 2:44 hello, click; 2:49-58 called back, love

dog, use images later, big dick is a problem (9”), likes

to listen; 2:59-3:08 fuck scene, big dick, relate to real

fuck, needs wide hipped, deep cunted female, loves

to hear about big cunts (hand fit the glove); 3:27-

?? silent; 3:18-25 pretend to be wife being eaten by

someone else since he won’t BUT THEN HE DOES;

3:29-33 one talker, not much feedback, 2 silent; 3:34

someone still on??; 3:35-37 cock in hand, would

gladly feed it to me; 3:??-28 silent or hangup; 3:53-

4:02 was male model for bachelorette party, six gals,

6’2”, blond, 180#, 25-30 year old “audience,” couple

of hours, tie on bed for pics but stuck thermometer

in his prick, didn’t hurt at all (!?), (bride-to-be didn’t

play); 4:00 Sybil arrives, what’s a gigolo, caller said it

wasn’t a man who seduces women for their money

or prestige… reassured her he was wrong.


and re-created phone calls like this:

“I’m back, it’s me, Steve.”

“Hi, buddy. What’s happening in the video now?”

“The redhead is on her knees sucking the black dude while the

white guy fingers her ass, she’s got great tits, bouncy.”

“That turn you on?”

“Oh, yeah, three-somes! It’s my all-time fantasy.”

“Pretend I look like the redhead if you like, imagine your hands

on my body.”

“Jamie, get on your back, OK?”

“OK, hold on, yeah, I’m on the bed, on my back. I’m naked.”

“Lift your knees and spread them, wide, real wide, until it

almost hurts, yes, spread ‘em, I just want to look at your pussy, I

stop the video at the cunt shots, I love women!”

“I’ve got a muscular pussy, pink-lipped, large and well-defined,

with a thick patch of black pubic hair I keep trimmed.”

“I could play with you for hours, like we could watch videos and

I’d just stroke you.”

“I get so wet, Steve, sticky-sweet and sexy. Run your finger

down the slit, right into my secret hole, the one I dare to show

you… think of my hands on my thighs spreading wide for you so

you can see it, feel it.”

“I fast-forwarded to a cum scene, Jamie, I’ve watched it a million

times, she’s masturbating on her back with her knees open, the

camera is right there! You can see her whole body get rigid, she

gets so close… I know what she’s feeling!”

“Imagine me just like that with you as the camera, you are

filming it for your imagination, you can see me open and inviting

you closer, my cunt-hole is dripping I’m so excited, and my fingers

are shoving my mound around, making my clit throb, my hips are

lifting off the bed, you zoom in closer…”

“Ohhh, yeahhh, I zoom in closer…”

“You see it happen, you have captured it forever…”

“I watch it, close up, tight, you come in my face, right in my

face, I can feel you come.”

“Such a pretty pussy, she likes you.”

“Ohh, I can’t thank you enough, especially that zoom-thing, it

was perfect.”

“Darlin’, you can direct me anytime. Remember me when

you’re watching videos, OK?”

“You bet, Jamie, you bet I will. Bye, ‘till next time.”


and commentary like this:

People will ask me if I talk like this to my lovers. Repeat after

me, people: Jamie is a character, and, as part of her character,

then, yes, lovers are talked to this way.

Only one caller has admitted to having a “love doll,” a life-size

plastic surrogate love-object, and I didn’t hear that until after I’d

worked over 1,000 hours on the line. He said it was no good on

top, no pressure, but was OK to lay on top of and hump into… it

wasn’t as if he TALKED to it, after all.


earned the book critical praise and reader enthusiasm.  Here’s what readers have told me:

 “I read it one-handed.”

“Wore it out.  Bought a replacement (and a spare).”

“Filthy.  Positively filthy.  Thank you!”

“This isn’t a book, it’s   a film-treatment with dialog included.    If you can cast the right Jamie, everybody else plays a cameo.””

“It’s a bedside reader for sure; I keep mine in the nightstand   with the toys!”

“So many hilarious beautiful words pinpointing that singular   feeling of passionate release.”

“Loved it, didn’t think I would but I   very much did!”

“I want to recommend it but I’m not   sure who to, it’s really steamy and kind of sweet.”

I’m 20 pages in and can’t put the book down. This is getting me all   kinds of wild!


Spurred on by the moderate success of this non-fiction porn book, I authored over a dozen books while trying to figure out a gateway to rowdier readers.  Publish-on-Demand is the answer for me.  It takes about 90 days to bring a finished manuscript to book form including cover design and interior proofs.  I’ve got book #11 in production now. allows me to “bank” book masters for print and Kindle while I promote the collection of adults-only and all-age narrative fiction.  Priced to share.

Jamie lives on in all the books, she’s sassy and wise and oddly thoughtful.  She channels all those guys who told her what they wanted, what they really really wanted, was for somebody to want them. for rowdier readers

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We come like a heartbeat, a rolling pulse, emptying one chamber to fill another.

Make Me                  Take It

Let Me                     Have It

make-me cover image

erotic poetry

 Kathleen K.




you always make me feel


over you, on you

with you


* * * * *

i stand, naked, in your mid-day dreams

shining for you

tender tabernacle

for a never wavering prick

* * * * *

we’re holding our breaths

afraid to alter the balance

it’s so perfectly right

like one of those kinetic sculptures

that knock their pieces

together then apart

together then apart


* * * * *

i want some

i want one

i want you

* * * * *

i stood behind you

and reached around

my hand like yours encircled your dick

but my other could slip

between your legs to cup your nuts

my forearm pushing against your ass

my tits warm and full on your back

as we spilled you like a pitcher

both watching it pour

* * * * *

up the backs of my legs


a hem lifting



to where the seams end

dark bands

above which, plump thighs

skin galore

* * * * *

the brazen stance repels you

but in truth you always had better sex

with people you didn’t exactly like

you tried harder, pushed more

daring you both to perform at peak

convoluted but effective

so withstand the initial withdrawal

for the satisfying slam when we notch crotches

* * * * *

serial jack off

first, me for you

then you on me

* * * * *

i didn’t lie

those are my own pinch marks…

i missed you so

* * * * *

the goal is to go over

the edge

teetering teetering

finally tottering

* * * * *

from behind me

your hands curve

and cover my breasts

like my own do


* * * * *

i sit up

you stand back

we connect

male plug

female receptor

alternating currents

* * * * *

there are times

when your prick weeps

shiny drops of feeling

* * * * *

leather gloves on a naked me

moving all over a naked you

* * * * *

tender human holding

what sometimes crackles

is a hum, is a hush

our surfaces in contact

rise and fall

whisper kiss

that’s all    is all

* * * * *

i’m so tender

when you are

so sensuous

so fine

but when you’re bad

i’m even worse

and when you fail

then i won’t try

* * * * *

glossy lips

reflecting desire

to cling, to cover

to color

even stain

* * * * *

you’ll never know

what i feel

… it’s rather sad

because it is so beautiful

i see my very own star

(you see it twinkle in my eyes)

* * * * *

no, i will not stop


stop this

* * * * *

chapped nipples

sore buns

and a sandpaper pussy

raspy nerves

it isn’t that the thrill is gone

it is that the party’s over

i want my body back

* * * * *

the feel of flame

misted lips

skin that crawls

i love you

* * * * *

you come: a liquid signature

purely yours

* * * * *

there at the tip of my nipple

in a space so small it’s a nub

hide such feelings

hot and cold

sharp –

plucked like stringed instruments


* * * * *

oh, the longing

for the longing

the wanting want

* * * * *

you ask would i please

please you

like this

would i, please

do everything you like

and like it



ARCHING OVER  Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry Ideas

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