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Human Being vs. Human Doing – Authenticate Yourself

Thank You to The Voice television competition for jump-starting my discussion on LIFE, considering purpose and method, because not enough time is spent on the philosophy of existence when we are distracted by politicized values expressed by the “-ism”  (racism, sexism, genderism, patriotism, capitalism) and its cousin “-istic”.  Coach Alicia Keys and Season 12 winner Chris Blue invoke this concept during The Knockout Premier of Season 14.  The show producers were smart enough to edit that in, to include that moment, which to the discerning viewer demonstrates intelligence all around.  This bit of banter between the two struck a nerve with me, enough to pause and open this post with high expectations.  Immediately below is a moment captured in time…

Or you can hop to or to see this philosophy enacted.  I feel alive when I work on my books, on my poetry, on my blogging and my Tweeting because reading and writing galvanize me.  It is the thrill of the hunt for the proper word or powerful phrase and the artful juxtaposition of them that please me.  Not my own work alone, I am an avid reader as many writers are (and you can tell); there is a bit of borrowing like in all arts, but the end result reflects one execution.

Blog-in-Support of erotic, sexotic, romantic, graphic words
arranged and rearranged by Kathleen K.
Click for archive  – NSFW –
but work is only 1/3 of 5/7 of the week

A young medical professional at my doctor’s office remembered me as a writer and I gave her one of my cards.  Like the information above, the card was crafted deliberately to push an agenda. The card background looks like ruled paper with a red left-margin line; there’s heading type, subheading type, a logo… and each piece was considered alone and with the rest.  As with the blurb above, it is jam-packed with a double-down link to augment the flat print statement of availability.   That underscores the restatement in the title of this post, I am the writer of this because I made the effort to draft, refine and produce twelve books, etc., manifest in fact by deed then to support that with other channels.

This discussion was spontaneous and will ring for her because she’s at a stage (and state) of being, reaching for meaning to mix in with the facts of her job, her home, her family, her friends, her own heart and soul and hopes and dreams and fears and TIME, when is it TIME?  We all have to apportion our time.  It’s an unknown quantity, much like our talent and our will and our circumstances.  It’s part of living to allocate resources, and art to assess them one against the other.  More time or more money, which is needed more?  More sleep or more sex… which will be appreciated more?  There are two choices below, the third choice is neither, the fourth would be both. the Bonus is exactly that…






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Giving Away Sexotica: Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexoticI have been using the site to give away ten copies of a book every month in the hopes they will be granted a fair look-see by the potential contestants and be reviewed by the winners.  This month I’m sharing Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen, one of the sexotic titles in my diversified collection of fiction, erotica, curiosa and poetry for rowdier readers.  Giveaway Ends:  March 31, 2015.

He’s planning all the battles, but she’s winning the war.

Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen is all about roles and reversals: bad boy meets good girl, or is it the other way around? Maybe it’s a triple flip and they’re both bad… Examine what it means to hide your primary sexual relationship from people you love but flaunt that same relationship in front of strangers. These two meet at a party and in that instant close off their real lives to reach deep into their fantasies. They step away from everything they know to establish an intimate atmosphere of risk and fulfillment.

This wasn’t romance, it went way beyond that. They were off the grid, powered by the kind of feelings that blow apart a “real” relationship. They were removed from time and place, in an epic struggle to out-satisfy each other at their deepest darkest core. They created an autocratic realm unto themselves where ageless appetites ruled in and for the moment – and the moment was all.

Enjoy this flip and witty take on gender dynamics, deliciously explicit, as it probes themes of submission, permission, and admission.

For those who do not read explicit adult material, the idea of ‘sexotica’ as differentiated from ‘erotica’ is hard to support.  Sexotic books are frank and explicit, specific and particular about human mating behavior; it may trigger lustful feelings at times in some but more likely rounds out the thoughts that were already swirling around about who-what-when-where-why people are engaged in sex.  Erotica is aimed at a different part of the brain-heart, specifically here-and-now responses.

Those that dismiss these sorts of books decide by biggest discernible commonality:  writing about sex.  That I write both forms isn’t important, they’ll read neither.  That’s cool.  I’m reaching out to the others of you, the ones who don’t mind wandering away from beloved genres as long as it’s a “good read”.  That speaks to the inner-reader, the one motivated by curiosity rather than comfort (familiarity).  One of my favorite reviews is this for Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint) because we are given so many reasons to dismiss the book and, yet… surprise!  Entertaining.

John Ricker from  Mar 2015
Not sure where to start with this one, so how about this… This is not typically the type of book that I read and entered the GoodReads giveaway so that I could give it to a friend. Well, after seeing that it would be a quick read, which it was, I thought I’d give it a shot and to my surprise I found it to be an entertaining read. Thanks

I know my books are not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  Consider yourself forewarned, then.  Amateur readers may not be amused.  Punctilious comma counters will miss the point period

Dark Prince joins Honey B., Sexual Consultant by taking the matter-of-fact sexuality from the Sweet Talkers phone fantasy non-fiction and marrying it with the lusty language of The Lunarium for a compendium of situations presented like a kaleidoscope, fragments and patterns set in motion by twisting.  It makes some people dizzy but others marvel at the science of beauty manufactured by humans.

This is the reason for the Giveaways – to expose others to my work.  It puts the book into the thoughts of individual readers who register for the prize and into the hands of volunteer readers who win.  There is a disappointingly low response rate on the requested reviews if you consider that Goodreads itself tries to steer the contest a bit towards active members as measured in titles on their shelves, friends, etc.  Some winners do take the time to complete the exchange and prove themselves valuable members of the community.

I’ve decided to split the monthly giveaway into five copies twice a month, alternating title/genre, to keep the entries fresh.  I’d love to go international but the book postage is crushing overseas… hell, up to Canada is a big bump, so, sorry, this little indie biz can’t pay that freight!

It works in reverse, too; I’ve kept design & production simple for my print books so prices are low, starting at $6.66 and topping out at $9.99, an impulse, an indulgence.  Easy to gift!  Kindle versions are discounted at least 25%.


what_we_see_when_we_read_coverSome books have high production values and exist specifically to elevate the form.  Consider this one:

What We See When We Read is a book lover’s book, a rich thick stew of thought pressed into the pages.  I can only guess the production cost, so many totally black pages with a few choice words or shapes, such weighty paper… It is a retrospective on the language arts of certain classic writers but embodies the lure of print on page.  It is fun to make a book about more than just the words.  My background in alternative publishing always included graphic design and language-beauty using the tactile medium of small magazines so something lush like this is enriching to read, and a pleasure to recommend.

This is a beauty of an idea brought to life and memorialized in the same moment.

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Books deliver ideas to moving targets

kathleenk_erotica_sexotica_narrative_fiction_romantic_graphicThis Guy Took a Photo Every Time He Saw Someone Reading a Book on the Subway

The Publishing Industry Is Brutal, Nasty, and Elitist

A Snaphot of Reading in America in 2013

COMMENTARY by indie author-publisher Kathleen K.

There is an enduring portability to books that re-emerges in-between the convenience-paroxysms predicting digital delivery domination.  Books are analog by nature and break down to the words, the phrasing, the timing, the punctuation: reading is a peculiar combination of specific input and personal imagination.  Whether printed or digitized, at the core is the work of a writer seeking production assistance from a publisher who acquires the talents of a promoter to reach the bookstore-sites who attract the buyers… The publishing industry is rocking and rolling with similar challenges facing music and TV: if users can web-share for free then who is buying what?

There is some acknowledgement that the “creator” has an interest in any monies generated by their work, it seems sensible the publisher has to recoup costs.  We perceive the Internet as one big bargain bin, conflated with ads and hype, so the mighty publishing houses and the little cottage-industry independents like me struggle to find our “community” and create a mutually beneficial exchange.

There are readers hungry for the inventive and intelligent; there’s no dearth of fresh minds and unique viewpoints spinning tales.  It is the reader-writer CONNECTION that seems baffling to instigate.  How do you get noticed in a sea of similar products?  I selected as an outreach to rowdier readers but those readers still have to self-identify.  My erotic-graphic writing style is considered witty and wise with a twist of nasty-sass.  Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  The online Look Inside option courtesy of Amazon Kindle should be a good test of your interest.  Readers remark on the narrative ease, they like the deliciously explicit language, and report that they are carried along by the sexual escapades.  The pace is episodic and freewheeling but there is progress/change/value along the way.

Check out for extracted quotes and quips from the books.  It’s a quick compatibility test.


I fabricate books.

I fabricate books. Books are printed on paper and bound, most often with a cover that wraps around it, usually hand-held but can be propped on table or lap, requiring repetitive mechanical finger action to advance pages.

Bedside readers for the adult mind… erotic & sexotic

kathleenk_erotica_books_dark_prince_sexotic HoneyB I 7174296_cover  PP Native Cover.4539172.indd

frontcover Stoner-cover copy imageStoners_bone_of_contention_cover

hires_frontcover  ARCHING Cover Memorial+3 pre-FINAL cover_rough0003a


Vivid family fiction for those who read

between and beyond the words.

frontcover   FAMILY cover front harvest from PDF

Stainless Mary BookCoverImage   LentHand frontcover-medium

eBooks are pale iterations lacking body, they are not tactile, they do not show wear or tear of handling, they don’t have cracked spines or bent corners. Overly-tidy for my taste.  War and Peace is the same “weight” as Love Story on an eReader but put side by side in print telegraph their scope (comparing file sizes just isn’t the same).

I render digital versions for convenience.  It’s a low-cost way to get my stories into people’s minds.  I would like to see less “bad faith returns” meaning if you do eRead the book, don’t eReturn it.  It is just as low-class to wear something once and take it back.  You know you’re wrong.  eBooks have “Look Inside” previews and reviews so it isn’t a pig in a poke, and MAYBE you might go wrong 10% of the time.  You also don’t have to “like” the book meaning if the ending bummed you out that isn’t reason to reject the book purchase/reading experience.

I am grateful for Print on Demand as it allows me to create book masters for one fixed cost and then produce copies as needed.  I imagine it runs much like a busy port using containers to mix shipments of feathers and bowling balls by creating stack-able units no matter the content.  POD publishers have lots of ‘containers’ ready to roll. My graphic poetry is stacked on my Stoner fictional memoirs next to the Honey B.’s.  Mixed in with the sexotic-erotic-graphic containers are the family-driven narrative fiction products ready for reading by those who don’t want all the folderol of overt sex yet expect passion, drama and engagement.


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Erotic-Sexotic Poetry Giveaway: ARCHING OVER

kathleen_k_erotica_maxximus_graphic_poetry_arching_over_collected_collectionsLove|Sex is timeless and recognizable…it has been my great pleasure to hone a poetic voice for that exchange of essence, yearning and exultant, with a dash of nasty-sass.

It is your own hand that brings you off
but it is my voice in your ear
as you crest, as you peak,
you at the vertex
with me in the vortex.

I’m offering ten free copies of ARCHING OVER  Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry through  The offer closes on December 15th, 2014.  If you aren’t a Goodreads member yet, consider joining this readers’ forum that offers author outreach.

We ignite our erotic memories:
did anyone ever do this to you? Here?
Like this, with the back of a hand?
No? Did they know not to twist
at the tip but at the base
of your thrumming summit?

And did they fold their fingers
into the pleat of your sex
like this? Indirect yet intense.

Show me what you showed them,
how you offered
what you offered.

Offer yourself to me.

The artwork for ARCHING OVER is provided by Maxximus who unified the four separate collections of my sexotic poetry in a work we called Cubed Lips:


might i mention that
you never say certain words
as if they stop in your throat
as if they reverberate in your head
unable to escape
even when you are excited
even when you are begging
even then you are circumspect, cautious
you say you want to be inside me
(not fuck, not ball, not screw…
not even push, bang, bury)
you can’t say what i want to hear
even though you do everything i want you to do


Contact me if you know who to give credit for this…

you have denied yourself every temptation
in your mortal fear of sin
you haven’t dared to dance
haven’t thrilled with flirtation
deny even your dreams
because your desire is an untrained dog
you have tricked into a closet
and woe the day the bastard slips out


It’s never just me writing the poems.
It’s never just you reading them.
Many thanks to the creator of this relentless interconnected energy, please contact me!

sailing on the sensuous breezes
of a moon-swept sea
creatures of a planet
that binds us by gravity
yet we learned how to fly
it limits our life span
but lets us love forever

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In Praise of High Spirits. 420 2014

Pot can make you dangerously stupid but that’s more about you than about pot.  You’re the puking drunk outside the casino, you scream on E when everybody else just dances it off.  I’m not talking to you here.

Some folks like pot for the jovial let-it-be vibe that comes from biochem reality, the expansive mood is caused by neuroreceptors recepting THC.

Why do we have THC receptors in the human brain?

Here in Washington State there is the tacit admission that we voted for stoner emancipation, permitting it not just in the medicinal marketplace.  My word to the tribe:  keep it precious.  Don’t waste weed greasing the every-day duties of your life.  Savor it, have a ceremony, prepare yourself to be free to enjoy it.  Then, flip, flop and fly!  Let yourself go.  This too shall pass.  It’s the same as a shot of Bailey’s in your Saturday morning coffee; it’s a bit of a kick.  A little jolt.  Zing-a-ding.

Drugs in general and weed in particular are in opposition to productivity and accomplishment.  The solution to that problem lies in the whole moderation thing.  Not too serious, not too silly.  Just right.  Put yourself in vacation mode for most effective marijuana mind-alteration.  Gear down to the basic you, clear the decks, put on your comfy pants, find that certain blue cap that feels so good on your head.  Set your scene, collect your props.  Imbue the moment with mood before you fire up the pipe and grok potcentric.



The Stoner books are richly written, layering in suggestive references and witty word play, covertly overt.  We chase the ideas of this freewheeling sex & drugs exposé because there’s more going on than a literal toke-and-poke manifesto.  This man “gets” women.  He “gets” high.  He’s promoting stoner literacy and sexual thoughtfulness by inhaling and exhaling simple truths.  Stoner shares his point of view with such precision that he elevates the format to “a memorable sexual escapade”…

These two books create a grassroots oasis in my Private Publications of erotic and sexotic books for the rowdier reader by espousing a lifestyle of tolerance toward the high, the unhigh and the diff-high.  They were written before the legalization movement actually notched any states who would go further than medical pot, and many still don’t even do that.  The social value has shifted on the medical issue which blurs the line on the recreational aspects.  Once you have the substance in the hands of users, they’ll dose themselves with more and less success.  Just like some people enjoy an evening of poker from time to time and others get their fingers broken in a Vegas alley.  (Moderation.)

4/20 Video Recommendation

Stoner with a boner (It’s a Long Story)

Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint)

#potcentric #420 #RowdierReader


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