Sweet Talkers

Sweet Talkers — Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl

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Non-fiction sexotic tale of tele-erotic business. 


This is definitely one of those rarefied sex-books that somehow blurs the line between fiction and fact and creates its own small genre.

— Divinity

Collectors of erotica consider this book sufficiently pornographic to qualify as curiosa.


Sweet Talkers slipped in and out of print in the mid-1990s, enjoying a second life as collectible erotica. Kathleen K. reintroduces her non-fiction sexotic cult favorite celebrating the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the phone fantasy business that inspired it.

This is a tell-all chronicle of tele-erotic sex, way back before the web tangled everything up.   It was the crazy ‘80’s when your phone was in your home, it might be in your car. It was not in your pocket let alone miniaturized for your ear.

Sweet Talkers qualifies as a genuine counter-culture rarity, a bedside reader for the adult mind. Operator training tips, re-created encounters, business details.     Forthright and frank, deliciously explicit narration by manager and operator formerly known as “Jamie” tells it like it was.

Vintage Boomer Porn with redeeming social value

First Edition:  A Richard Kasak Book – ISBN 1-56333-192-6  (1994)

Second Edition:  Re-issued in paperback by Rhinoceros   ISBN1-56333-516-6  (1997)

Third Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1469901640

ISBN-10: 1469901641

BISAC:   Nonfiction



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