Stoner’s Bones (High Is Heaven)

Stoner’s Bones is intended to complete the trilogy of a mild man with a wild side that started with Stoner with a boner and carries on in the stand-alone sequel Stoner’s Bone of Contention.  This witty and wry potcentric sexotic fictional memoir tells the tale of reefer and romance.  “A memorable sexual escapade…”.  For now, I hereby bequeath all the posts and linkage listed below in honor of my masculine inverse with a twist.  The Stoner trilogy ends here… or does it?

This is the next iteration of Mommy porn, and Daddy likes it too.

Words arranged by Kathleen K., all rights reserved.  Book #13 (just saying).

Enjoy this e-reader brought to the tribe by RJK for reproductive consideration.


Warning – I take humor seriously.

#KathleenK #stonerliteracy #readmore

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