Honey B., The Suite Life

Honey B., The Suite Life      Book I of V

A Truer-than-True Tale of Commercial Satisfaction

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HoneyB I 7174296_cover

An educational, arousing read about a woman who could be paid to do almost anything… and like it.

…a competent, novelized version of hard-core erotica.

By Kirkus Reviews Oct. 2012

Book I: The Suite Life

In this opening volume, Kathleen K. voices a pragmatic call girl (since retired), using Honey’s venal ventures to observe and describe humans seeking stimulation of that most frisky thing: the imagination. Hands on, pants off… shields down: provocative. So she got stuff for doing stuff… don’t we all? Frankly explicit yet oddly thoughtful, this is a bedside reader for the adult mind.

Honey B., in her own words: I was meant to be a mistress. I called it the “suite life.” In any age, in any place, I was a female destined to accommodate the desires of others in order to fulfill my own. As sure as any singer has a supple throat, a dancer grace, a politician ego… I am sexual. It is in the bold eyes, the deliberate mouth, the high strong shoulders, the open hips, the protective thighs plumping over the hole, that secret emptiness, the nothing that some wanted more than anything they already had.


KathleenK.xxx is an online catalog of counterculture sexotic books intended for the rowdier reader. Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) is a nonfiction chronicle of a phone-fantasy business.   Stoner with a boner (It’s a Long Story) and The Lunarium (One man’s memories of the watchers and the watched) are vintage boomer porn.


BISAC Fiction / Erotica

ISBN 1477635033

ISBN-13: 978-1477635032

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