Honey B., Sexual Consultant

Honey B., Sexual Consultant               Book II of V

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Allow me to introduce myself.     My name is Honey B. I used to make love for a living. Then I retired, I guess you could say I quit fucking around. I was moving away from the genitalia ghetto, I got the idea I could live easier in a more cerebral neighborhood. I decided to become a sexual consultant because my experience had taught me some basic facts of life. (1) Acts of sex could be considered like snowflakes: no two are alike and their life spans are not impressive. (2) If left to their own devices, people forget to charge their batteries. (3) Audacity is its own reward. I had managed to hit the high road as a sex pro, I expected no less when I switched to sharing sensual secrets for profit. Sexotic counseling is not the norm, you can find a tutor for math and a trainer for fitness but it isn’t “done” to ask for help in making love… I not only talk, I talk back.

I give Frank advice about Dick.



KathleenK.xxx is an online catalog of counterculture sexotic books intended for the rowdier reader. Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) is a nonfiction chronicle of a phone-fantasy business.     Stoner is a two-volume potcentric sexotic fictional memoir, and The Lunarium (One man’s memories of the watchers and the watched) was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2013.


ISBN: 1494412098

ISBN-13: 9781494412098

BISAC Fiction / Erotica


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