Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen

Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen

In the Realm of Roles and Reversals

kathleenk_erotica_dark_prince_heed_thy_queen    kathleenk_books_erotica_honey_b_sexual_consultant_kindle     He’s planning all the battles, but she’s winning the war.


Prolific eroticist K (Honey B., Sexual Consultant, 2014, etc.) conjures a fictionalized wet dream starring a hyper sexualized woman and the domineering hoodlum who sexually enslaves her.

K’s latest is a titillating and highly provocative tinderbox, conflating taboo themes of hierarchal subservience, gender domination, and eroticized objectification.

Kirkus Featured Review July 2015 – Indie

Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen is all about roles and reversals: bad boy meets good girl, or is it the other way around? Maybe it’s a triple flip and they’re both bad… Examine what it means to hide your primary sexual relationship from people you love but flaunt that same relationship in front of strangers. These two meet at a party and in that instant close off their real lives to reach deep into their fantasies. They step away from everything they know to establish an intimate atmosphere of risk and fulfillment.

This wasn’t romance, it went way beyond that. They were off the grid, powered by the kind of feelings that blow apart a “real” relationship. They were removed from time and place, in an epic struggle to out-satisfy each other at their deepest darkest core. They created an autocratic realm unto themselves where ageless appetites ruled in and for the moment – and the moment was all.


Inside Title Page Image by Brian Quinn

Enjoy this flip and witty take on gender dynamics, deliciously explicit, as it probes themes of submission, permission, and admission.

KathleenK.xxx offers an online catalog of sexotic books for rowdier readers.  This intelligent and inventive collection of a dozen books includes The Lunarium, Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2013.  High-end erotica is not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  Kathleen K. Books fabricates bedside readers for the adult mind, tailored for the nightstand.  Yearning and exultant, hot, and chill.


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