Arching Over

ARCHING OVER Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry

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[This] collection of erotic poetry offers a cavalcade of love affairs, focusing on the narrator’s moment-to-moment fantasies and experiences.

A sprawling collection… that intriguingly lays out a dance of seduction in all of its conceivable steps.

By Kirkus Reviews Oct 2013

ARCHING OVER gathers evocative, provocative poetry of hope, hunger, and satisfaction.   Incorporating four short “small press” collectibles, Kathleen K. shows that love∞sex is timeless and recognizable. This is a bedside reader for the adult mind. Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.

Graphic poetry may not be what you expected but it could be what you’ve been waiting for… amorous, yearning, exultant.

_________________________ is an online catalog of sexotic books for the rowdier reader.

This is not your mommy’s porn.

Whatever moves erotica from smut to art is at work here. Anchoring this oeuvre of titillating sexual escapades is the non-fiction cult classic Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) now in its 3rd Edition.   These books are wicked and witty, tailored for the nightstand.


Extracted samples, completely out of order (fittingly).

Ever seen a guy watching the ground for lost change who blunders past a diamond because it isn’t flat and it isn’t metallic?   He never knows…

You could have had me.

* * * * *


We come like a heartbeat,

a rolling pulse

emptying one chamber

to fill another.

* * * * *


Dedicated to you

   All of you

     Especially you

You always make me feel



you mutter into my vault

calling it a witch’s heart

a haunting…

glimmers in the darkness

of the potion

that makes it so

* * * * *


a sexual haze


the taste of me

and me after you

* * * * *

brain storming

thunder and lightning in the hole

tit tips like tees

my fingers melt skin

a widening crack

me all over myself

* * * * *


the exultant dumping

of your precious load

a trust to be borne

not abandoned on the roadway

it must be emptied in the chalice

or it is nothing

* * * * *


the sensations in my body

caused by the vibrator in your hands

may have accounted

for my trembling

but what, then, caused yours?

* * * * *


My little vixen bitch

so turned on by the language

of nasty, abrupt longing.


Teasing, twisted, sister bitch,

nipples pulled purple/brown and swollen,

bottom squirming

in damp-crotched panties.


Breathless with your promise

to be my temptress,

to part the proverbial curtain

and pry your inner-self open,

to roll over and flash your ass.


I want to sit on the bed

with my legs stretched out,

you prone over my thighs

to be admired, to be delved into.


I want you to want to raise to your knees

and rear back.



ISBN-13: 978-1482683462

ISBN-10: 1482683466

BISAC: Poetry / Subjects & Themes / Love

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