FAMILY: Love v. Money

FAMILY: Love v. Money

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FAMILY: Love v. Money is a two-for-one book celebrating the primal forces we juggle every day. The language is tart and engaging, you read between and beyond the lines.

Baby Girl Battersea

It takes a hawk to watch a fox.

You’re the fatherless heir to a family fortune in the grips of your selfish uncle. Your mother is too nice to fight for your rights and the rest of the family have their own problems with Roy, firstborn of the Battersea Family, enriched by their mercantile exchange but squabbling over the details.

How are you ever going to tolerate the tyranny of a penny-pinching paranoid old fusspot long enough to prepare yourself for the war of wills when Roy must give way to the new genera­tion and you consider yourself first in line?


You, Drive North

Accountant Missing.

Details at 11.

Out early from the office, headed home to do your taxes, a beloved ritual transition to a tidy new fiscal year, just about to pull away from the curb where the valet (a special treat) has released your car. A blue-jeaned butt that was connected to a strong leg and booted foot lands on your purse in the passenger seat and you yell out, “Hey” then shut up quick. A thunderous male profile has entered the vehicle. He says:   “You, drive north,”

For some reason you accept that you are in mortal danger and yet can only mourn the idea the nightly news will use your hideous driver’s license photo on the report of your mysterious unsolved disappearance.

You need to figure out what makes this guy tick and how fast he is ticking.


Kathleen K. shares her collection of Private Publications online at These two new stories give the long and short of family struggles to reach balance. This is not amateur reading. Baby Girl Battersea and You, Drive North examine deep themes in the voices of ordinary people.


Cover Image and interior presentation by James Ambrous

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ISBN-13: 978-1479165254

ISBN-10: 1479165255

BISAC: Fiction / Family Life



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