Do What You Can to Do What You Do

It’s easy to give up, give in… give over.  You age, you change some but not enough.  There are obstacles, pitfalls and long dead zones that sap your will.  Get over it!

The “struggle” is what defines us; it is a statement of will to change something, and a signal of purpose to maintain that change.  We are headed for the outfall from social programs started generations ago that have altered our population and eroded our expectations of self-determination.  This is a tough time for those who were suckered by that “everybody gets a prize just for participating” philosophy.  You get a receipt, maybe a small plaque, because it is an accomplishment but you didn’t win.  What misled our millennials was their overly-equalitarian post-Woodstock parents who couldn’t let kids be kids when they were much more valuable as a form of trophy.  The idea that I could use “egalitarian” instead of “equalitarian” proves my point that simplifying language may enhance some conversations but why that is so makes it complicated.

We can’t yet grasp our purpose, or even if there is a purpose, so we can’t fairly assess the value of the players.  We have to go on broad spectrum for this:  winged, legged (two, four, more?), gills, wits.  Through that lens it is obvious that humans are human:  it’s pretty much a yes-no question.  There are human characteristics, and variations therein, but there is no mixture of species.  We have skin & bones that hint at sub-categories but pay attention:  Human is human.  Force yourself to think of somebody who looks the least like you in size, tint and hair yet know you are closer to them than any other species.

Drop the detail, get to the core.  Human rights and dignity are battles to be waged against evil and laziness, both are killers.  Stop the phantasmagorical distractions that halt your progress and commence assembling yourself.

There are many stages of life, not all of us are blessed to achieve even a competent period of accomplishment but those who do have mixed hard work and destiny.  You only control some parts of this, and therein lies the humane crises when the “haves” and the “have-nots” need to share limited resources.  Same so in the family dynamic, always with those subsets.

And, whoomp, there it is!

Family in crisis, sisters in conflict.


Dissection of misplaced faith.

Stainless Mary

A Case Study in
Post Dramatic Stress Disorder
O Come, All Ye Faithful
kathleenk erotica gender dynamics family life indie kathleen_K_fiction_books_Catholic_women_finitude
Intertwining stories chronicle the life and misspent times of a negligent mother… a careless narcissist who leaves a path of emotional destruction behind her.

Yet for a potentially heavy subject, the book has a peculiar lightness…

By Kirkus Reviews Mar 2013

This is a story of bad breaks and redemption, a story of choices. … There are old truths here known to any true grown-up, but it is good to be reminded of them again.

A witty and wise read, especially for fans of tough-minded heroines.

By Kirkus Reviews Oct. 2012


Narrative Fiction


Long Story – Short Story

Adventures in Beach Town Towing It’s all about values.

Adventures in Beach Town Towing

A beautifully woven novel about an unusual boy… and how he learns to be a father, without having really been a son.

A comical, honest love story between two lost souls who complete each other.

By Kirkus Reviews Jan 2013

Two-for-One Book


It takes a hawk to watch a fox.



Accountant Missing.

Details at 11.







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