Read what readers said about “Provocative, orgiastic snippets from a sexual voyeur’s social life”

The Lunarium – Reviews

The Lunarium (One man’s memories of the watchers and the watched)

frontcover     Named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2013

Provocative, orgiastic snippets from a sexual voyeur’s social life.

Known for an oeuvre of titillating material, anonymous author Kathleen K. (Honey B., The Suite Life, 2012) explores the fascinat­ing, visually active life of bearded, middle-aged “watcher” James Boyle O’Donahue. Irish, single and unlucky in love, O’Donahue fully embraces his penchant for voyeuristic, erotic, group events. Unapologetic to a fault, he allows himself to revel in this clandestine fetish, defensively remarking that the ones being watched are indeed willing participants – their “secret passions are not spoiled by a witness participating in the redefinition of privacy.” Armed with boundless energy, dynamic tour guide O’Donahue directs readers through a wide array of creatively themed sex clubs: Revelry, a “small luxurious pit surrounded by theater seats”; the Lunarium, a fantasy event where he accompanies an unnamed companion; and the Beach, with its taboo “Beyond the Rocks” private area that’s a “sexual potluck” starring 12 randy, experimental couples and a roomful of writhing performers at a lactating “tit talent show.” Written with verve and a contagious sense of exhibitionism, K’s first-person narrative is divided into 70 “things”: brief chapters that descriptively chart O’Donahue’s carnivalesque adventures at risqué live theater performances. Amid this plethora of vicariously thrilling and erotic “sexual fiestas,” O’Donahue takes time to philosophically ponder the nature of strippers, compares gawkers to voyeurs, gets schooled by a sex professor and breathlessly observes amazing (and not so amazing) feats of carnality. K doesn’t aim for subtlety, but as a whole, the sexual observances form an enlightening examination of voyeurism.

A wild, steamy story with erudite sex-as-art undertones.

By Kirkus Reviews March 2013

Ms. Rose Reader from (Nov 13, 2015) 

I received this book on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review….
It was really hard for me to pinpoint my true feelings about this book. It was all about voyeurism (getting aroused by watching other’s have sex and vice versa), and was a twist on your average erotica book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a steamy romance book but this left me a little… unsure.
I gave it four stars because I did think the author is a very talented writer. It was well-written, well put-together, and didn’t leave me yawning. The topic itself and how the author touched basis with it all, it what brought it down from five stars. Overall a good book, and if you are interested in this certain area then it is definitely a must-read for you!

Darlene Cruz from  May 2015

Directing the reader to where you need to be, what you need to hear and look at what the author wants you to see. Smoothly voiced that captured the essence of voyeurism. Just the word voyeurism gets your mind racing and you could say this book did just that. Very good writing that spelled out each action and reaction. Interesting read and a book someone who likes this kind of thing will enjoy. Not my kind of thing though but I don’t knock it. I won this book on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway. Thank you.

Christine Gilbert‘s review  (Feb 06, 2014) 

[A] unique perspective of erotica – this time voyeurism- written in quietly hushed words as we watch from behind the velvet curtains.

Echo Back:  Commentary from an author and friend (Dec 2013)

Congratulations on your award; it was well-deserved.  I finished The Lunarium today and was very impressed.  You mastered a unique and difficult genre, erotica.  It was imaginative, intelligent and very spicy.  I was especially intrigued that you wrote from a male point of view and quite “handily pulled it off.” – Joseph Santiago  DEC 2014

We live in a society that observes from a distance and there are places within our communities that place taboos open to be seen explored and available. This is a book that assembles the introspective tales of room after room of fetishized options taken at a distance. As you read these scenes you will get wrapped in the story carried through the book. I felt like I became an observer and was right there observing the spectates laid bare before me. This was an interesting read that felt like a journal or confessional being shared with me. This was a good read. – Susan Walker Dec 2014 ← entered for free copy

This is a book with many short stories of voyeurism. Not a my type of read.

Greetings from Kathleen K. I am interested in your comments. Thanks for taking the time.

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