When we let the ugly win, it weakens us all.

Shrinkie-dink “man” humps Fearless Girl statuehttp://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/photo-wall-street-creep-humping-feminist-statue-viral-article-1.2995245


Do you know this “man”?   Share his identity!

There is no explanation that justifies this picture, it is a stark reminder of the gender divide as regards the innocent and helpless and disinterested targets of aggressive male sexuality.

He might have tackled the roaring bull but it didn’t occur to him to actually test himself, evidently.

It’s just plain wrong.

Venerable Judge gives a goodbye message about rapehttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4301558/Top-female-judge-issues-warning-drunken-women.html

This experienced jurist waited for her last case on her last day to make this statement because of the blowback she knew she’d get for stating a truth.  Just like all unpalatable facts, there is a link between victims and perpetrators that is uncomfortable to outline in detail.  Yes, you should be able to leave $500 on your dashboard in your unlocked car and expect it to be there when you return but it is not advised.  Yes, you should be able to drink until you’ve impaired your judgment and weakened your defensive reactions but it is not advised.  This speaks to a limited portion of the victim pool since many are raped at home, in bed, on the job, sober as hell… but it is still a truth.

There is no excuse for rape but it pervades the globe in war and peace, in all religions and political environments because it addresses the imbalance of THINKING between those who wish to dominate their landscape and those who are seen as landscape!  Until all people of good character join the fight against rape in an active and decisive role, there cannot be peace.  Victims are young, old, male, female, strong, weak (not all human even) as a matter of fact but the perpetrators are largely male by statistical margins that can hardly be calculated due to under-reporting.  We are opening a tiny gateway to other rape scenarios in that linked article, but the onslaught of unwelcome sex forced upon victims is historic, epic, implied in the power structure of our gender dynamics.

I’ve studied human society and sexuality enough to know there are bio-cultural reasons for the perception of power and rights that drive behavior but never have I understood the modern defense of rape or its presence in a practical culture where demeaning half the citizens substantially cuts the effective power of the tribe/group.  I write erotic and sexotic material that may be unpalatable to some but I do not tie people to chairs and force them to read it, I do not sneak into their bedrooms and write it on their walls.  I hesitate to speak out for the same reasons the judge tempered her remarks because the shaming and blaming of victims is part of the problem.  However I strongly believe the facing of facts is needed and there are scenarios where victimization risk is higher and can be avoided, and that has to be admitted for us to make progress.

It’s not just sex offenders who weaken society, it is slumlords and tax cheats and any one who doesn’t merely take a prize based on competition but seizes unfair advantage with dirty hands.  I believe in competition, it is human nature, but doping to win races or insider trading to tilt market conditions are low minded, hard hearted and plain wrong.  That’s a message that bears repeating.  Tribal politics must work toward strength by eliminating tainted behavior.


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