The Hunt Continues for Rowdier Readers: Sexotica!

The dividing line between porn and erotica is straddled by sexotica (sidestepped by “romance”).  Combining physique and technique with motivation may not always be a “turn on” but it is provocative, it inspires thoughts both propitious and adverse with the intent of illuminating a subject vital to our personalities.  Understanding sex is not always done on the physical plane, to grasp the intricacies of desire and denial you must first set the stage.

As an indie author-publisher, I have set my sights on rowdier readers because it takes a special blend of curiosity, tolerance and experience to appreciate the language and themes in these first dozen books, and blog.  I brewed a blend of options because that was my first lesson in writing about sex:  so many feelings surge at the words sex, love & mating that you need a full menu.  Appetizers, first course, second course, palette cleansers, apéritifs and digestifs.  There are regional flavors and tribal spices.  Within this analogy lies the idea of appetite diverging at the palette by nature and experience, we learn to distinguish between a lingering tang and an effervescent foam.

The twist comes in the language.  Very rarely do sex writers command nuance and that is what it takes to sneak in around the gates and over the fences people set up around their intimate ideas.  It takes humor and empathy and shading to slip past presumption.

I decided a few years ago to employ a Twitter account @KathleenKxxx primarily for the purpose of encapsulating ideas into niblets.  It’s all about getting pithy with it.  I blended in the blog for the fun of sharing the post titles.

He swore he’d kill a tiger for me but he wouldn’t even mop the john. I’d been distracted by a thick dick; sadly he didn’t measure up.

She eats me like she likes it; I don’t feel as if I’m racing a timer set for how long she can endure the horror of fellatio. #mOuths

I was enthralled by her long, long ago and was cursed to enjoy her body but never touch her heart. Honey B., The Buzz – Summer 2015

you’re poised over me. you descend. your shaft in my shaft. i am centuries deep and measure your cock in light-years. #nerdlove #sex

Most likely the average penis will fit the ordinary vagina

Human Penis Info: Putting it in… perspective

Rising Above Porn Scum: Lôôk at “The Lunarium”

kathleenkbook, kathleen k, erotica, sexotica, fiction, curiosa, LibertineI lucked upon the Erotic Authors ReTweet Group #EARTG and through its thousands of members have associated my logo with my language.  I was sorry to see this post from the creatively cheeky communicator Anthony Quill who set up this group:  The difference between authentic sharing by artists and pig-brained selfishness (my words for his words)

We indie erotic authors are hard to herd, no surprise.  It’s just too bad that the mutants who think it is about money↔ego taint the talent pool.  Of course many of us want to distribute our work, but the core value is capturing the spirit and embodying human sexual energy with our own unique flavor.

Coming full circle, I know that there are rowdier readers who can grasp the value of counterculture thoughts expressed by gifted word-artists and that these books aren’t nullified by trolls who refuse to LOOK beyond the usual genres dictated by corporate publishers who profit from pablum.  Whether he knows it or not, Anthony Quill IS reaching people like me, and now you… he might think his target is indie authors but like all good opinionators you can fit his words to a garden club, an outreach service or any other gathering of those who “get it” and those who want to “get something out of it”.

I like making books, it seems he does too, and that is not measured by readership alone.  By using “social media”, we layer our writing about writing to deepen the impact of shared experience.  Write on!

#readmore #getit?

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