Free Copy – FAMILY: Love v. Money (Long story. Short story.)

kathleenk_fiction_family_values_booksThese two new stories from Kathleen K. give the long and short of family struggles to reach balance.  This is not amateur reading, you read between and beyond the lines. Baby Girl Battersea and You, Drive North examine deep themes in the voices of ordinary people.

All age – General Readership

FAMILY: Love v. Money

Giveaway:  June to 8 to June 20, 2015 – US

The Giveaway from is an outreach to the eager readers who toss a virtual ticket in the raffle bowl for one of five copies of free book.  Part of the allure of reading is the unpredictable associations that might be made as a story unfolds.  The idea of family is historical and tribal with us, we’ve always been drawn to each other, built from each other; there is a sense of privacy about familial circumstances, so of course we love to peek into the workings of other households.

MoneyLove.  Balance.  The cover art was hand-drawn based on a Craigstlist call for a doodle of scales at different points of equilibrium; the book contains some of the sketches and email collaborating with the artistBuilding books is a combination of content and packaging, and for these two stories I wanted to note the shifting of balance, offsets and all, of one person’s consideration… the work of a single hand.

Each story has a strong-minded female narrating.  We see them in the larger context of parents, siblings, cousins, co-workers but their first-person perspective sets a forthright tone that lets the reader accept their judgment and skim along the deeper edge of seeing how people are, really are, in their hearts.



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