Human Penis Info: Putting it in… perspective

kathleen_k_writer_erotica_sexotica_books_poetryNothing new about the meat market!

Let’s toss some science and evolution into the endless contemplation of the human penis and its role in history.  Since comparative measurement is at the heart of much of the angst about the human penis, perhaps instead of comparing them to each other, we can cross species and be glad for the tool granted to all the human brethren.  You’re hanging huge among the placental mammals, dudes.  Relax.

“…the human penis is larger than that of any other primate, both in proportion to body size and in absolute terms.”

Why Don’t We Have a Better Condom?  Good question, discussed here.

Australians Working on Better Condom

Scientists from the University of Wollongong are designing ultra-durable condoms they claim could feel even better than nothing at all.
The contraceptive is made with hydrogel, a strong and flexible solid which can be made to feel and act like human tissue.
The groundbreaking design will eventually offer functions like self-lubrication, topical drug delivery, and even electric conductivity, dramatically changing the capacity of male contraception, reports Science Alert.

We can also investigate erecting the barrier from the inside out:  female condom news.

We’re getting the science right but the emotions are still all over the map.  The extreme penis enlargement done by this guy shows his lack of understanding of the purpose and functionality that underlie the existential value of the organ.  He’s outsized it, literally.  It cannot fit anywhere it was intended to fit.  It is on constant display as a rupture in his ego, more so than those huge boob-balloons which to be fair do not prevent sexual connection.  What burbles beneath our preoccupation is the general tension over penis endowments.  Women worry less about the size of a man’s penis than she does about his own assessment of that size and how it affects their relationship.

For whatever reason(s), men resist the obvious truth that they have the normal amount of stuff to work with, are in competition with similarly-sized males, and whatever it is they do have is prized by their partner.  My message:  physique and technique.  Assess what you have, make peace with it.  Then, learn to put it to good use.  Many women don’t actually experience all that many men, so you can narrow your sample size.  It isn’t you amongst the millions, it is you and the select how-many-ever-but-not-likely-millions she accepted before, during and after you.  Make your time together memorable and you’ll loom large in her dreams.



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  1. Darlene Cox says:

    Good article. Darlene


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