Rowdier readers with regular lives and outré-inklings


Books bundle energy that is time-released, studied or skimmed, fast or slow… reading is an affirmative choice to engage in someone else’s construct:  to scale ideas and traverse thought.

There is a misapprehension that reading sexy books means you are somehow enacting these outré-inklings in fact.  So, by inference, if you’re reading those crime thrillers then you are somewhat murderous.  This specific distinction for explicit literature puts a shade of risqué in the mix, encompassing a rich and historic subtext of lush language and fertile thought.  Because sex-themed manuscripts are purposefully assembled to entice, they can be enjoyed as the invitation to imagination that they are.  The naughtier, the better.  (Check sales figures on banned books….)  To read erotic-sexotic books is a matter of selection, we have corralled these wayward ideas from the best-seller easy-access books, you must pursue the counterculture (try here).  There is a subset of readers interested in writers who jolt the intergender senses (and not always in a nice & tidy way). 

No one can define what is erotic for you, so I use the word sexotic to signal to the reader that there’s a body-based action-oriented graphic-language bias in my writing.  It can be wicked, witty and wry.  You may be reading for diversion, jerking your obsessive thoughts out of the rut you’re in.  I like to keep it light:  I work with vignettes and scenarios because they suit the spicy subject and set the tantalizing tone.  It’s all about the people in a moment.  This moment in the boudoir, that moment in the park.  The mood flickers from yearning to exultant, echoing connections we remember and anticipate.

Rowdier readers know the goal isn’t to “like” everything that they read but to sample the offerings of different minds, shifting their viewpoints on our evolving parables of the hunt, the chase, the capture.  We remain interested in love and lust stories, reliving our complicated reactions to a basic mammalian function.  We touch something deep in the tribe about the privilege of membership when we get close in body and spirit.

There remains a steep gender divide in porn that is not as polarizing in erotica.  Porn goes for the knockout punch every time, all the time, relentlessly.  Bangedy-bangedy-bang!bang!bang!  Erotica reaches deeper into the shared mythology of desire and denial; it is a richer blend of incursions and retreats.  Love⇔sex triggers allure and appetite not satisfied with the livestock-style fuckadoodle-do so prevalent online.

Sexotica is the bawdy, lusty, sassy stuff… smart and sly:  it is supposed to be fun.  Skip around the library-catalog to find the words that speak to you.  That is the other element of rowdier readers:  they can chew through some vocabulary!!


Greetings from Kathleen K. I am interested in your comments. Thanks for taking the time.

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