Books deliver ideas to moving targets

kathleenk_erotica_sexotica_narrative_fiction_romantic_graphicThis Guy Took a Photo Every Time He Saw Someone Reading a Book on the Subway

The Publishing Industry Is Brutal, Nasty, and Elitist

A Snaphot of Reading in America in 2013

COMMENTARY by indie author-publisher Kathleen K.

There is an enduring portability to books that re-emerges in-between the convenience-paroxysms predicting digital delivery domination.  Books are analog by nature and break down to the words, the phrasing, the timing, the punctuation: reading is a peculiar combination of specific input and personal imagination.  Whether printed or digitized, at the core is the work of a writer seeking production assistance from a publisher who acquires the talents of a promoter to reach the bookstore-sites who attract the buyers… The publishing industry is rocking and rolling with similar challenges facing music and TV: if users can web-share for free then who is buying what?

There is some acknowledgement that the “creator” has an interest in any monies generated by their work, it seems sensible the publisher has to recoup costs.  We perceive the Internet as one big bargain bin, conflated with ads and hype, so the mighty publishing houses and the little cottage-industry independents like me struggle to find our “community” and create a mutually beneficial exchange.

There are readers hungry for the inventive and intelligent; there’s no dearth of fresh minds and unique viewpoints spinning tales.  It is the reader-writer CONNECTION that seems baffling to instigate.  How do you get noticed in a sea of similar products?  I selected as an outreach to rowdier readers but those readers still have to self-identify.  My erotic-graphic writing style is considered witty and wise with a twist of nasty-sass.  Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  The online Look Inside option courtesy of Amazon Kindle should be a good test of your interest.  Readers remark on the narrative ease, they like the deliciously explicit language, and report that they are carried along by the sexual escapades.  The pace is episodic and freewheeling but there is progress/change/value along the way.

Check out for extracted quotes and quips from the books.  It’s a quick compatibility test.


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