Tweets… for rowdier readers

I use the Twitter handle KathleenKxxx to beam out lines from the erotic-graphic-romantic titles available at

You don’t have to join Twitter to read the tweets:

I use the “xxx” to forewarn of graphic content because I like peppering people’s thoughts with self-contained freewheeling excerpts like this:

You don’t have to love a man to get on your knees for him, but there’s going to be a reason you think this is advantageous. #readmorebooks

Seeking rowdier readers

I toss out something every couple days, hoping the energy bounces around a bit, hoping readers associate my logo and my language.  Intelligent and inventive erotica draws a well-read crowd with sex triggers in the language centers of their brain.

I paid for the sex, tipped for the tease, but the grace was a bonus.
from Honey B., The Buzz
Sexotica. Coming. Soon. Spring 2015

The #EARTG hashtag flags a ReTweet Group to consider sending this along to thousands of self-declared Erotic Authors who, joy of joys, sometime re-retweet the message to their own followers.

Most Tweets are less promotional so I can exploit those enumerated spaces:

Women are natural creatures, they may seem like flowers but they root like trees (capable of cracking cement one tendril at a time).  #EARTG

Every couple of days, out pops another:

I didn’t know if I was a treat or a payment or what… besides being a woman who would put out for a man at the nod of another man. #EARTG

My blog post titles and links also appear as Tweets: these two forums represent the long and short of my counterculture commentary online.  All of this is done in support of the independent fabrication of bedside readers for the adult mind.

“I never thought you’d do that.”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
“I thought you’d never do that.”
“I never thought you’d ask.”

Here are a few more thoughts in my ongoing expression of gender dynamics and sexual thoughtfulness, trying to shift the emphasis away from stupid-ass selfies.

Sexotica uses old school structure for new world ideas: it layers frank descriptions of physique & technique with sassy dialog & rich prose.

Women have more range in their sex display behavior than men. It’s easy to wave a stick but how to advertise a recessed resource?

I hold the faith that if I invest my attention in her pleasure from the start then I am much more likely to share it in the end.

you’re poised over me.
you descend.
your shaft in my shaft.
i am centuries deep and measure your cock in light-years.
#nerdlove #sex

Forget the please and thank you stuff, and get to the fuck and stuff it stuff.

the couples were as ordinary as could be but they humped and balled and screwed and fucked for us to watch, and watch we did.  THE LUNARIUM
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