Grace Hopper Taught Computers to Talk and I Listened


PC circa 1997 with a B: drive

I’ve been in alternative publishing since the 1900’s and as soon as I could move my work from my beloved Selectric typewriter to computer, I did.  I am ever grateful for twining my writing life with electronic publishing long before people were @anywhere.

I reserved my first domain name in 1997.  That’s pre-Millennial.  [56K modems were scorching!]  The B: drive was so handy… but where is it now?

And long before me, came Grace Hopper, credited with humanizing computer language and opening up a functional landscape to all who followed.  She bridged a critical gap between people and machines, and kept on doing so throughout her Naval career, demystifying the world of coding, bugs and all.  She served with distinction, alongside other data pioneers who I doubt would see our meme-driven social scuffles as the best outcome of all their work.  They’d want to hear about the 3D printer.

At present, we’re squandering a wondrous global communication network on crass ass bullying, and general sloppiness.  Like all eras, there’s a transition when — just for instance — people threw human waste out their windows, then into the nearby canal, then piped it to a local tank — because it became a matter of SCALE.  Same so the indulgent online pollution of a pornadgraphy-driven Internet.

There’s lots of good stuff out there both online and in life, you can be more thoughtful about what you allow into your head.  Yes, you can look at some big ass’s big ass OR you could find book recommendations, for instance:  Slate Staff’s Best Books of 2014

Book clubbers?  Check this out.

Small rowdy book clubs should approach me directly to discuss discounting books for your members.

Just the Gist:  At least, don’t add to the ugly; at best, add to the beauty.

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