The Butts of Two-Dimensional Creatures

kathleenk_erotica_counterculture_rowdier_readerHow to Write a Think Piece on Butts

The stupid ass selfie world that I have referred to in the past has hit a plateau. We’re either going to show the butt’s bull’s-eye, or recede back to mere suggestions of the undercurve and projection ratio of the buttockeal zone.  (What is common to breasts and butts?  Cleavage.)

Me?  I use sass and humor to appeal to a deeper sense of the self, speaking to the true power and glory of sex in my books and blog.  Whether you’re overusing the camera or not, there is always a significant difference between showing and sharing.  The selfie-deluge will stop when we quit looking at each other as two-dimensional creatures.

Instead of gawking at cracks-of-whacks, I would rather put sex positive messages in a richer context, as shown here in a moment with Stoner:

At her request, I wore a leather blindfold one night so she could see me in the mirror naked and awaiting her.  I felt foolishly excited by this concept:  used by her, serving her.  Once readied, I couldn’t see a thing, no sliver of movement, no shadow shape.  I especially liked when she got astride me and I felt her swivel so I knew she was looking back over her shoulder at the mirror to watch her backside plunging on me and off me.  I could imagine what it looked like from what it felt like for me to be her platform.

I reached up and pressed her breasts back against her ribs, holding her there, she had solid-feeling flesh that filled my palms.  She’d lift herself into my hands, shoving her belly down tight against me and arching her back so I had the sensation of capturing her in flight.  I’d thumb her nipples until I felt it in her can.

This is Libertine literature, rejecting the knee-jerk definitions of acceptable words (not a really ‘naughty’ one in the sample). The rowdier reader brings a rich imagination to the saucy language because this won’t be the first “odd” thought that has temporarily inhabited their head.  They texturize and extrapolate from the words I’ve arranged.  For samples of my sexotic-erotic fiction, click here.

Not so rowdy?  Click here for e-samples of my all-age family fiction which has been reviewed as “witty and wise, especially for fans of tough-minded heroines” and “beautifully woven”.  For some, the folderol of overt sex diminishes their appreciation for the wanting and hoping that motivates love-lust.  Fair enough.  I learned long ago to note that my work is not suitable for some, appreciated by others and somewhere in these dozen books is probably one that would speak to you.

My hope is that you will stop communicating with anybody who shows their own ass online.  We do not need any more closed-loop photos (see me see me), further sanitized by raster graphics – we’re aflood with them.  They are flat and evoke no scent, no sound, no solidity.  Like any other attention-seeking behavior of a self-absorbed being, the cure is to ignore it.  As for you selfie-satisfied folks, you depict yourself reaching back to your monkey roots for sure.


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