Giving Away Erotica – The Lunarium

Using the wonderful features of, I have launched my third book Giveaway.

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Ten copies of The Lunarium will be awarded on November 30th and, I promise, mailed out the next day.

This collection of sixty-nine vignettes of voyeurism was Named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2013 which is a great thrill to an indie author-publisher who appreciates when the big wide world takes notice.

The Giveaway program at encourages publishers to facilitate book reviews.  They don’t claim the Giveaway winners are chosen entirely at random; they factor in the number of books in your listed collection, the number of reviews you’ve completed plus ineffable factors because they, too, want to reward and encourage reader feedback.  (I hope they throw in a few truly random selections, though, to keep things fresh.)

Good luck, and contact me directly if you want to discuss providing other reviews:

The Lunarium – Table of Things

About Things

Things are not chapters, episodes, or other specifically divisible increments of thought as parsed into expression.  There are all sorts of things that go on on paper  and this is some of that. Things will never be the same, they say, and that may be true – for them. I prefer to think of things my own way.

The First Thing  >< The Lunarium

The Second Thing ><   Voyeurs’ Cave

The Third Thing  ><   In the Mirror

The Fourth Thing  ><   Rear View

The Fifth Thing  ><   We’re Not Alone

The Sixth Thing  ><   SLIDE open the door QUIETLY

The Seventh Thing  ><   You Asked for It

The Eighth Thing  ><   Live Nude People

The Ninth Thing  ><   Procrastination

The Tenth Thing ><   In the Car, in the Day

The Eleventh Thing  ><   Rockets Away

The Twelfth Thing  ><   View with the Room

The Thirteenth Thing  ><   Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

The Fourteenth Thing  ><   Lean Over and Brace Yourself

The Fifteenth Thing  ><   Two-fold Twins

The Sixteenth Thing  ><   Sodom Community Theater

The Seventeenth Thing  ><   Close Your Eyes.  See What I Mean?  He Is the Pilot, She Is Flying.

The Eighteenth Thing  ><   Stripping vs. Disrobing

The Nineteenth Thing  ><   Men Put Their Hearts into It

The Twentieth Thing  ><   Women Elude Me

The Twenty-First Thing  ><   Fancy Meeting You in the Mirror

The Twenty-Second Thing  ><  Lunarium Redux

The Twenty-Third Thing >< I Said Fuck Me

The Twenty-Fourth Thing >< Virginia Woolf in the Buff (I’m Afraid)

The Twenty-Fifth Thing  ><  Male Role in the All-Girl Revue

The Twenty-Seventh Thing >< Late Night with James O’Donohue

The Twenty-Eighth Thing  ><  Rough Before Smooth

The Twenty-Ninth Thing  ><  Exquisite Angel

The Thirtieth Thing >< Wrestling a Bra

The Thirty-First Thing  ><  I’ve Seen Some Really Bad Sex

The Thirty-Second Thing >< Dues Due

The Thirty-Third Thing  ><  Yin and Yang in Black and White

The Thirty-Fourth Thing  ><  White Women on Leashes

The Thirty-Fifth Thing >< Fantasies Come True

The Thirty-sixth Thing  ><  Kiss My Irish Ass

The Thirty-Seventh Thing  ><  Tit Talent Show

The Thirty-Eighth Thing >< She Eats Cock with a Knife and Fork

The Thirty-Ninth Thing  ><  Her First, Then Me, Said She

The Fortieth Thing >< No Homo

The Forty-First Thing >< Panties For Sale

The Forty-Second Thing >< Luck of the Irish Boy, A Lass

The Forty-Third Thing >< Love-chafed

The Forty-Fourth Thing >< Make Me Take It, Let Me Have It (Doggie Wanna Bone?)

The Forty-Fifth Thing >< Sex Radio

The Forty-Sixth Thing >< Whose Tongue in Which Cheek?

The Forty-Seventh Thing >< Mr. Phyllis

The Forty-Eighth Thing  ><  I Learned in the Laps of the Masters

The Forty-Ninth Thing  ><  (title restricted)

The Fiftieth Thing  ><  Virgin Orgy

The Fifty-First Thing  ><  Staged Kiss Off

The Fifty-Second Thing  ><  Are You Good?

The  Fifty-Third Thing  ><  The Lunarium by Daylight

The Fifty-Fourth Thing  ><  Masturbating with Jeanelle

The Fifty-Fifth Thing  ><  Animals Doing It with Animals (the only one for the only now)

The Fifty-Sixth Thing  ><  Professor Wright Teaches Sex

The Fifty-Seventh Thing  ><  Hypocritical Exhibitionists

The  Fifty-Eighth Thing  ><  Bawdy versus Raunchy

The Fifty-Ninth Thing  ><  Me Being Man; You Being Not Man

The Sixtieth Thing  ><  The Super-fluous Bowl

The Sixty-First Thing  ><  Four-some, More-some

The Sixty-Second Thing  ><  Ejaculometers

The Sixty-Third Thing  ><  Tele-erotic

The Sixty-Fourth Thing  ><  How Could You Not Want to Watch?

The Sixty-Fifth Thing  ><  Door Frame Dancing

The Sixty-Sixth Thing  ><  Confronted with Chastity

The Sixty-Seventh Thing  ><  Exacting Equipoise

The Sixty-Eighth Thing  ><  At the Edge of a Live Volcano (At the Very Lip of Love)

The Sixty-Ninth and Final Thing  ><  Can You Face It, James?

The Seventieth Thing  ><   Always Give a Little Extra (or, The Ninth Thing  ><  Procrastination – Older Than Me When It Counted)

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2 thoughts on “Giving Away Erotica – The Lunarium

  1. Darlene Cox says:

    Good idea!!! What a fantastic marketing tool Let me know what develops. Darlene


    • In addition to the potential reviews, the upside is that you get people actually LOOKING at your book – and these people self-identify as READERS based on their membership. International postage can be pricey so consider limiting scope to US (and maybe Canada). Let me know if you give it a try.


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