The Art of Choosing a Book Cover – Dark Prince art by Brian Quinn

I have known B. Quinn as a commercial photographer and I appreciate his smartly-produced images.


I also knew he did more… dynamic… pieces that captured a tender-tough outlook.

kathleenk_erotica_dark_prince_brian_quinn_photography  north avenue

kathleenk_erotica_sexotic_books_brian_quinn_art   the truth

I asked him to work with me on the cover for Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen.  It is my twelfth book and completes the original commitment I made to myself in 2011 to get my writing out of the house and into the world.

Although I described the book’s themes, he and I didn’t seem to be gaining any traction when I remembered one of his works, a nude female form splashed in hard colors… bright and sharp… that I had always admired.

kathleenk_books_sexotic_erotic_dark_prince_brian_quinn_art   the shell

This was my “colorful Queen”… nemesis of the Dark Prince.  Here was the shape and nature of femininity. It spoke to the geography of the body and the powerful basin within women.  Not the appendages, not the head… look to the core….

Having agreed to allow me to use “the shell” for Dark Prince, Brian also wanted to share what he had been working on.


Click pic to appreciate the details…

To my delight, I saw that Brian had captured the ascendance of the female; she was scaled smaller than the face of the brooding man dominating the top of the picture, yet her stance pulled your eyes to her energy. OMG, BQ.  The interpretation couldn’t have been more apt, with its sense of moody opulence as a backdrop for the clash of competing characters.

I reserved the dark and romantic image for the inside title page because I wanted to reward those who took a step beyond the eye-catching cover and opened the book.  The work is gorgeous in the rich warm tones of the original, and is still commanding in black and white for the book.  Since Dark Prince examines secrets, it’s fun to start the reading experience with this evocative image — it tells quite a story before the story even begins.

In the final analysis, the title is strong enough to grab the eye against the pure white background, then the second level of artistry in the female form holds your view while you decode it.  This splash of color works full size and also in thumbnail which is important for online sharing.  The mock-up below set the relative scale for the final version produced by my publishing team at to whom I send thanks for this book and all the others.


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