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Stoner with a boner GiveAway      Sweet Talkers GiveAway

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TEN copies of each book will be awarded at random by GoodReads, many thanks to their administration of this bonanza.

The odds of winning change with the actual pool of registered entrants, but generally you might have 1 in a thousand chances to win — way better than the lottery, plus its free to participate.  From the author’s point of view, the contest-atmosphere allows readers to self-identify, they have to enter to win and by doing so are showing an above-average interest in books in general.  Since I skew to rowdier readers, I appreciate that it allows a curious person to click without further commitment. is a massive book club.  It’s a powerful community much appreciated by readers and writers.  Book lovers adapt easily to the indexed listings of books by genre, by author, and by any other criteria that can be registered as a preference.  There are simple subgroups and cultish devotees that crisscross in their recommendations.  Anybody can judge any book:  reviews are the “engine” of the site, opinion accumulates. 

Advice on writing reviews:  keep them short and meaningful, don’t focus on the plot (allow it to unfold in the book, it took the author hundreds of pages to tell the story so don’t chop it into 3 sentences), share with us the experience of reading it, the tone and texture and language and pacing and overall readability.  PLEASE, tell us how it affected you.

GiveAway Details

Stoner with a boner GiveAway 

Stoner with a boner, the long story of a mild man with a wild side, a bad boy with good manners, witty and wise:

Written in a loose, free-wheeling prose that mimics the narrator’s lifestyle, the story glides from woman to woman and bong hit to bong hit without the burdens of plot or conflict.
… a memorable sexual escapade.

by Kirkus Reviews Dec. 2012

Stoner Giveaway dates: Oct 2 – Nov 2, 2014
Countries available: US, CA, and GB more

Sweet Talkers GiveAway

SWEET TALKERS Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl, which is a nonfiction, first person account of running a phone sex business including re-created calls, training materials, and lots of operational details.

Sweet Talkers Giveaway dates: Sep 10 – Oct 31, 2014
Countries available: US, CA, and GB more

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