I draw a cat; Mandot draws a bird and a… human

I drew a picture of a cat to illustrate a point.  I can’t draw, I can suggest:


Barry “Mandot” Messer drew a bird.  Mandot can not only draw, he can illuminate:


Mandot drew a… human.  [For me,] it is as much about what isn’t as what is:


Barry a/k/a Mandot provided the art for Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint) but our collaboration reaches back to 1984 when he first illustrated an erotic poetry book of mine titled “I Feel as I Am Felt” now included in ARCHING OVER:  Collected collections of graphic poetry.

Enjoy the idea that artists walk among us, as do dancers and drummers and all the rest.  Enjoy that.  Buy a book, sit for a sketch, toss a couple of bucks to a singer at the market.  Then pop that thought onto your home page, into your Twitter because the only cure for negativity is positivity.

Tossing energy at Barry’s work is part of my contribution to elevating the  .world .wide .wonderful

COMMENTARY by indie author-publisher Kathleen K.

There is necessary discussion of gender dynamics on the Internet since the imbalance is amplified due to volume (ha ha)… too much information is tilted toward the lower order of male thinking.  It has ever been so.  Pornography drives innovations in publishing.  Which doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.  There is finally a gender-neutral digital global platform available to rectify the untoward emphasis on the man-ram-jam mentality.

Not only is self-sourced web info skewed along traditional male-power lines, but the corporate entities have only slowly gotten the message about female online presence:  Women are consumers and they scare sponsors.  That’s what puts the bite in the outcry against, just by way of example, the NFL’s complicity in the culture’s tolerance of violence toward women and children.  We did make it illegal, now we have to make it unacceptable (you know, like the ongoing shift in attitude about drunk driving).

For so long it was easy to figure how to portray women sexually:  Porn was for men because men had the money.

Time for some new math.  Women may have been “given the vote”, but we’ve taken over education; we represent a shifting definition of success with an impact on local and global economies.  In that world of accomplishment and challenge, we do share our passionate fantasies.  People like me even make a business of sex-positivity by keeping it is as far away from glory-hole antics as can be.

Many people want their erotica intelligent and inventive, showcasing the power and the glory of union rather than the hydraulic actions of a self-satisfying man using any old cum-dumpster.  Atmosphere counts when women express sexuality, it may be more suggestive yet the goal remains to stir overt response in both genders.

I write for rowdier readers of all persuasions because they self-identify as open-minded.  It’s a fun crowd.


To get back to the cat, the bird, and the… human:  beyond fact lies nuance and ineffable elements of rare value that can be rendered by a talented hand.

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