Stoner Thanks WA State Voters for Giving Peace a Chance

Seattle’s only legal pot store ran out of weed, it closed until it could get some more.  There were no riots, nobody panicked.  Weather reports indicated the sun was due up the next day as usual.  Clue:  pot is readily available here and has been for some time.  Not at the grocery but certainly in the neighborhood.  Everybody’s got a brother-in-law who knows a guy, or has a crazy Aunt Ginger with the shady girlfriend.  For details about the world of home-grown dreams, check out, gateway to “a memorable sexual escapade” introducing a mild man with a wild side seeking reefer and romance.

The regulation and commerce of weed continues to advance across the nation, tendrils of this freedom creep outward from WA and CO, edging up to medical pot and then softening the rest of the No-No-No.

Peaceful revolution, overall.  You’ll always have your fringe users blowing up their garages during marijuana extraction experiments but you also have a guy who lit his house on fire trying to kill a spider with a lighter and some spray paint.  Message here, keep it simple:

  • “There are safer, more effective ways to kill a spider than using fire,” Moore said. “Fire is not the method to use to kill a spider.” As for the spider, Moore said: “I’m pretty sure the spider did not survive this fire. The whole wall went.”

Don’t judge the majority by the antics of the stupid and deluded.  We’re swinging a pendulum here, easing up on the possession of pot but tightening up on impaired drivers no matter the source of impairment:  liquor, drugs, rage, selfishness.

Raise a toast.  Pass the doobie.  Let the pendulum swing.

Life Plan:  Support yourself then indulge yourself.


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