I don’t have fancy websites. I have functioning websites.

To answer people who ask how they can stake a claim to a working web domain for their own endeavors, here’s a recap.  In keeping with the indie aspect of my publishing business, I maintain my own online catalog to connect readers to book info and buy-links. Text is presented in columns, featuring book covers and snap-shot reviews.  I color-block a top banner with navigation links.  Click-tap-poke around and you’ll get bio and contact info, “Look Inside” book samples, fan page and interviews.  I want to engage with people who can read the following sentence and “get” it:  “This is Libertine literature, the call of the wild to the rowdy.”  They also “get” this exchange:  “Spread ‘em.”  “Spread me.”  It’s all about the words.  “Slither hither.”

Don’t let the grass-roots simplicity of my presentation confuse you: live links interweave my message into the web-of-ever.  I don’t have time to fuss, not if I want to keep making books.  I happen to like my tech home-grown.  Committee-free.  The books, the blog, the connecting linkage is a solo effort.   [See Tech Note at end for details.]

KathleenK.com is the anchor site, I grabbed that domain name in 1997 when my first book went to paperback.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my own domain but it seemed handy to have, you know, if that Star Trek communicator stuff ever really caught on. 

Context Clue:  September 15, 1997 – The domain name for the web search engine Google is registered.

KathleenK.xxx was acquired when that adults-only domain became available.

KathleenKBooks.com uses the other two sites as collector-distributors to point readers to this indie business of making high quality books at reasonable prices for sophisticated readers.  You have to consider the framework carefully just in case you actually stir up some traffic.  Keep it simple, make it strong.

Once you do wander into my domain, I trust you web crawlers are readers and I promise that there is plenty of depth at these sites for the curious, and spice for the profane.

Then I took the most basic concept of Search Engine Optimization and named my web pages in a style that the content-robots prefer to digest.  By repeating key words in the link names themselves, I insinuated the same phrases over and over into the world wide index.






Once I had books to cross-reference, the pattern asserted itself.  Building this simple structure around eleven books (so far) and a blog, earns my books first-page results in online searches for “kathleenk erotica” and “kathleenk fiction” and “kathleenk curiosa” and “kathleenk books” and “kathleenk author” and ”kathleenk rowdier reader”.

BRANDING.  We still fall for shiny objects.  We know the words to product jingles, we sling the slogans.  I’ve got an easy one for you:  KathleenK.  It’s the key to a lively world of counterculture commentary and enticing books promoting sexual thoughtfulness.  Available through the global gateway of Amazon.com.

#KathleenK #indieauthor #sexybook

TECH NOTE to DIY web folk:  Word-format documents are Saved-As HTML pages, then uploaded using FileZilla.  The simple content translates well from full-size monitor to hand-held devices because the columns segment the pages nicely.  This linking model works for any reliable-organized web master.  Do your own work on the site(s) devoted to your enterprise and the site(s) will be imbued with your values. 

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