In Praise of High Spirits. 420 2014

Pot can make you dangerously stupid but that’s more about you than about pot.  You’re the puking drunk outside the casino, you scream on E when everybody else just dances it off.  I’m not talking to you here.

Some folks like pot for the jovial let-it-be vibe that comes from biochem reality, the expansive mood is caused by neuroreceptors recepting THC.

Why do we have THC receptors in the human brain?

Here in Washington State there is the tacit admission that we voted for stoner emancipation, permitting it not just in the medicinal marketplace.  My word to the tribe:  keep it precious.  Don’t waste weed greasing the every-day duties of your life.  Savor it, have a ceremony, prepare yourself to be free to enjoy it.  Then, flip, flop and fly!  Let yourself go.  This too shall pass.  It’s the same as a shot of Bailey’s in your Saturday morning coffee; it’s a bit of a kick.  A little jolt.  Zing-a-ding.

Drugs in general and weed in particular are in opposition to productivity and accomplishment.  The solution to that problem lies in the whole moderation thing.  Not too serious, not too silly.  Just right.  Put yourself in vacation mode for most effective marijuana mind-alteration.  Gear down to the basic you, clear the decks, put on your comfy pants, find that certain blue cap that feels so good on your head.  Set your scene, collect your props.  Imbue the moment with mood before you fire up the pipe and grok potcentric.



The Stoner books are richly written, layering in suggestive references and witty word play, covertly overt.  We chase the ideas of this freewheeling sex & drugs exposé because there’s more going on than a literal toke-and-poke manifesto.  This man “gets” women.  He “gets” high.  He’s promoting stoner literacy and sexual thoughtfulness by inhaling and exhaling simple truths.  Stoner shares his point of view with such precision that he elevates the format to “a memorable sexual escapade”…

These two books create a grassroots oasis in my Private Publications of erotic and sexotic books for the rowdier reader by espousing a lifestyle of tolerance toward the high, the unhigh and the diff-high.  They were written before the legalization movement actually notched any states who would go further than medical pot, and many still don’t even do that.  The social value has shifted on the medical issue which blurs the line on the recreational aspects.  Once you have the substance in the hands of users, they’ll dose themselves with more and less success.  Just like some people enjoy an evening of poker from time to time and others get their fingers broken in a Vegas alley.  (Moderation.)

4/20 Video Recommendation

Stoner with a boner (It’s a Long Story)

Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint)

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