A Musing on Sexy High Heels and Female Strategy: It’s not the shoe, it’s the choice of shoe.

COMMENTARY by Honey B., Sexual Consultant (see Bibliography below) written by Kathleen K.

It’s not the shoe, it’s the choice of shoe.  If the shoe makes you teeter and totter about, if you walk like there are marbles under your feet, if your big toe is not the dominant structure of your inner foot due to disfiguring bunions, then I question your good sense.  Oh, and toes aren’t supposed to cross.  Fashion pushes us a bit, but to misunderstand the mechanics of the high heel and a narrow toe box involves considerable denial.

The fashionable heel height of shoes goes up and down, what remains is the step and glide of a person in their own world.  If you perch on Lucite stripper wedges then you exhibit not only execrable fashion sense but complete disregard for anatomy.  If you clop across a tile floor at the office, you are not being looked at for your leadership quality.

Walk strong and sure no matter the environment; it isn’t cute to self-mutilate with footwear beyond your body’s capacity to tolerate.  You look good when you move with grace.  Flip-flops don’t have a heel at all (part of their problem) but are just as likely to make you shuffle and slap as you pass by.

I’m not saying you can’t wear high heel shoes and still use your brain but I do know there’s a connection between an over-emphasis on fashion and a lack of self-assurance.  An eye-catching shoe on a confident woman works, what doesn’t work is the delusion any shoes can fool others (for long) into thinking you are taller, thinner, stronger or hipper than you are.  Irony:  your tortured feet aren’t attractive after those crazy shoes come off… when you might actually be sending a direct sexual signal.

There is a weight-height ratio when matching bodies and shoes, figure yours out and show you are well centered in all aspects.  Then establish your style within that range, take a stance you can sustain so you look and feel good.

There are uses for extreme footwear:  ski boots and summer sandals and boudoir kitten heels.  Shoes are platforms.  Test the function, that’s all I am saying.  Can you go up and down stairs in a reasonable amount of time in an emergency?  I am asking you, please, stop mincing around.

Adj.  mincing — affectedly dainty or refined, niminy-piminy, prim, twee


Is this really your message, do you like this logo for yourself?

Hobbling yourself is not a demonstration of power; it marks you for weaker contender-males who are reassured you are influenced by peer pressure.  You strap on stereotypic “girlie girl” shoes and are surprised people judge you for that.  We judge each other constantly.  We just don’t agree on the point system.  For many of us “fashion” translates:  Dress like a [clown], be treated like a [clown].  The first function of your wardrobe is to protect and enhance, to present you to the world… and help you move through it.


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