Ten Books Published in Thirty Months: Erotica after Fifty [Years of Age and Shades of Grey]

Kathleen K. Books was launched in Spring of 2011 to bring my fiction to the marketplace.  I had spent years writing in private and felt it was time to manifest faith in the work I had done.  I didn’t bother trying to find an agent-editor-promoter-publisher (external energy source), the next step was making the books and I didn’t need help doing that.  I needed inventory before promotion.

As I planned my strategy for publishing sexotic books for the rowdier reader, it was important that I understood my audience.  Vintage Boomer porn is not the millennial digitized-kaleidoscope of unrelenting stimulation.  Bedside Readers for the Adult Mind address the deeper hungers for inclusion and possibility; they target the sharper reading skills of a sophisticated consumer.  Romance and expectancy are not limited to the young or the restless.

I wrote most of these books underground during my Mommyhood, benefitting from my IT job with family time for team sports and field trips… there was no reason to explain I was a notoriously naughty writer on hiatus.  I retreated into a creative backwater, where I could soak in the words of others and sharpen my narrative choices heedless of external praise or criticism.  I sometimes circulated segments of new things among local literati but I stayed down low on purpose.  I completed my front-line kid care in 2011 and launched the indie publishing project.  (Selling would come later… which turns out to be now.)  So, I’m over fifty years of age… but the business is young.

I knew after Fifty Shades of Grey went legit that my business model was right on target:  people still read as individuals but can be moved in ever-widening circles that go beyond the book.  The secret was to be purely submerged in the world of that book while you wrote it, and going underground gave me that luxury.  An author falls into their magic kingdom or their gritty crime scene utterly and completely alone, reaching for coherency that can only be proven later.  Then came the reviews:  I commissioned professional assessments of six of the books with each yielding positive results.  Necessary validation to proceed.  They weren’t perfect but they were contenders for a reader’s attention.

To construct the world of Harry Potter, or Get Shorty, or We Need to Talk about Kevin, is to craft a map for others to follow into the emotional wilderness of an off-tangent world.  I am pleased to introduce you to the different worlds I’ve populated for you.   My business plan includes a smart audience, people who use their words and appreciate sexy, sassy, candid, comical writing about the human condition.  I am (finally) seeking those rowdier readers, confident that these ten books fairly represent my contribution to high-end erotica on one hand (KathleenK.xxx) and contemporary narrative fiction on the other (KathleenK.com).  These are statement pieces, ageless and recognizable as words about love & sex have always been.

I started the publishing project with an “all age” short story collection, Joody (A Case Study in Post Dramatic Stress Disorder).  I was willing to “sacrifice” it if the production company I selected was unable to co-create my book to the simple standards I established.  If it was horrible I would bury it and keep looking for a way to make books I could afford to sell.  I was stunned by the striking cover image proposed by my new “creative team”; it arrests me every time I see it.


It made that first step in creating “product” meaningful because I knew CreateSpace.com could build books that I’d be proud to share.  I have four “vivid family fiction” books for those who like wry and witty narrators with choices to make, minus all the folderol of overt sexuality.  Romantic, yes.  Deep and abiding decisions about love in the voices of real characters wrapped in rich prose and peppered with sharp dialog.  The next all-age book is Lee Chin, Law Office Safari (names have been changed to protect the inefficient).

Six bedside readers for the adult mind tailored for the nightstand…  This tenth book is graphic poetry, sexotic and tender and sassy and chill.  In this Tweet‑y world of ours, quick jabs and complicated word play work as stimulants.  Arching Over pairs nicely with the other sexplicit works because the authenticity earned running a phone sex business (Sweet Talkers) flowers in the fantastical voyeur’s catechism The Lunarium (One Man’s Memories of the Watchers and the Watched) then snaps back in Honey B., Sexual Consultant to give Frank advice about Dick.

There are five more books slated for production in the coming 15 months.  I’ve been banking all these titles as “on demand” print and Kindle formats to share with loyal readers who appreciate that I never underestimated them.  I aimed at the high side of their mentality:  the part that churns their yearning.  Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.  I trust people to set aside what doesn’t satisfy them… and to reach for things that do.

Kathleen K. Books invites you to read…

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