Movie and a Doobie Afternoon + Hempfest Aug 16-18 Seattle

Seattle’s ‘Hempfest’ will feature munchies courtesy of the cops

By Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC News

For the times, they are a-changing.  — Bob Dylan 1964

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 “Movie and a Doobie Afternoon”

10 Trippy Movies for StonersI forgot to share this for 4/20… glad it came back around.

Posted April 19th, 2013, 11:04 AM by Andy Hunsaker

In celebration of the growing legality of marijuana use in the United States and its unofficial holiday of 4/20, most people churning out these lovely little lists across the interwebs would likely give you a list of stoner comedies, with your usual Cheech & Chong, Harold & Kumar or Seth Rogen selections. However, in the interest of the mind-expanding powers of brain chemistry alteration, how about we cobble together ten films that would be really cool to watch while baked – ones that may not have anything to do with actual weed enthusiasts. With that in mind, here are ten very trippy movies for stoners of all kinds. Okay, most kinds. I’m leaving Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” off the list because any self-respecting stoner already knows that one. You may ask how much a recreational drug user could really respect themselves, but then again, maybe you should keep your moral judgments to yourself, huh? You stole fizzy lifting drinks! Good day, sir!

Wait… what was I doing? Oh, yeah. Freaky movies!

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COMMENTARY by indie author-publisher Kathleen K.

Most pot smokers won’t be at Hempfest, they don’t do Bumbershoot, they skip the fireworks.  Most of them are regular ordinary people who live and work among us.  Those rowdy potheads that travel in packs to such festivals and carnivals are not the core of the marijuana movement.  What turns the tables culturally is when Dr. Sanjay Gupta notes, uh, missed the memo on pot, I guess it isn’t the gateway to hell after all.  Whoopsie.

There are real-world concerns about regulating pot:  how much is too much?  The two Stoner books counsel a sacramental approach:  to actually love the bud, respect the high, confine your antics to private spaces.  Then let it fly.

Please don’t dismiss the fictional memoirist Stoner as some silly ass aimlessly spilling his seed.  This guy has a brain, and a heart, and a sense of adventure.  He’s sociable, plays well with others.  He exploits the liberty of looking ordinary to slide through life.  He’s just a guy, not too tall, not too loud, not too nosy.  No wonder readers “get” him, they are him, or know him; he’s a part of the culture.  He’s tidy with his time, work is work and play is not work.  He isn’t complicated.  He abides by the rules during the day so he can break them at night.  Stoner isn’t at all conflicted about it; he’s found the surest route to reasonable freedom.  Support yourself; then indulge yourself.

Stoner with a boner (It’s a Long Story)

Stoner’s Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint) – for the rowdier reader.

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