“Legalize pot” is wrong slogan; it should be “Regulate pot”

Survey: 40% of adults in favor of marijuana legalization with tough laws

This year’s survey comes after two states, Colorado and Washington, legalized recreational use of marijuana in last November’s elections.

“The reality is that marijuana is now legalized for recreational use in the states of Colorado and Washington and it’s clear that society’s views on marijuana are evolving dramatically,” Steve Pasierb, president and CEO of The Partnership at Drugfree.org, said in a statement. “The data bring to life the fact that parents — including the large number who favor legalization— have serious expectations that legal marijuana will be regulated and restricted to protect kids and teens. Those expectations far exceed how legal marijuana is being implemented.”

Link to original article from CBS News

COMMENTARY by indie publisher of pro-pot literature KATHLEEN K.

The Legalize Marijuana slogan got it wrong.  If only we’d said Regulate Marijuana.  The idea you could ban it is long past; it’s a commodity in the free marketplace.  A matter of taste and persuasion, we seek to exercise our specific rights as free citizens.  Regulation implies standardization and compartmentalization and all those good –ations we’ve put on alcohol and sleeping pills and cold medicine.  Get real and incorporate pot right where it belongs:  in the locked shelves with tobacco, at the special stores with distilled spirits,.  Even stoners “get it”… this isn’t ollie ollie oxen free.  Lots of things have to change.  Banking.  Property rights.  Crime prevention.  Public service costs like the lottery contributes to caution problem gamblers.

I don’t want underage users getting high, drinking alcohol, having guns (or driving in my neighborhood), but once they successfully complete those baby-years then all of the naughty things become choices for them like they are for us.

Still, it is landmark that so many voters understand the goal is not the promotion of pot but simply its re-codification from scourge on humanity to wacky tobacky (sticky icky icky).  This ain’t no hippie rebellion anymore; it’s a compromise like all grown-up enterprises must be.

To celebrate the lifestyle of the high and the happy, Stoner with a boner and Stoner’s Bone of Contention are witty and vivid reflections on reefer and romance.  He’s promoting stoner literacy and sexual thoughtfulness one rowdy reader at a time.

SAMPLE of Stoner’s Bone of Contention by Kathleen K.


Tripper hallucinates intruder and calls cops.  Awkward.


“Can people see in the kitchen?”

“I can see you.  You can see me.  Yes. People can see in the kitchen.”

“I mean, see into the kitchen.”

“Oh.  Maybe.  It never mattered before.  You know… what was there to see?”

“Well, it matters now.”

“I can close the blinds.”

“I didn’t ask for that… I just wondered, could somebody see us?”

“Would that be OK?”

“Would it be OK with you?”

“I don’t mind if somebody sees what I’m doing to you.”

“I don’t mind being seen having you do it.”

“Do it like this?”



Forget the pretty words when the time comes to unleash your passion, use the ageless vocabulary of pleas and urging.  It isn’t what you say but how you say it:  do you sound hungry, do you sound focused, do you sound eager and keen?

I like sass, tart and startling.

En garde!  Begin the fucking fencing.

Are you mine?  Can I have you?  Do I do you first?  What happens to that stuff if I pinch this stuff?  Have you met my little friend?


“I saw Davey with that girl…”

“What girl?”

“The girl… the girl with the hair.”

“Most girls have hair.”

“OK, fine, I won’t tell you.

“Re-lax.  So Davey’s with that girl, where?”

“Buddy’s Bar.  Sitting at a table just the two of them.  I drifted over there, you know, casual.”

“Is she as pretty as she looks on the billboard?”

“Close-up perfect.  So, like, they invite me to sit down and we’re talking, you know, yackety-yak and Davey’s buying us all shots, so I’m getting bold, you know how I do?  Teasing, we’re all laugh­ing and making jokes.  The conversation goes sideways sexy and I hear myself ask her if she’s interested in bondage.  And she says, get this, she says, real serious-like:  ‘I am very interested.  But he won’t let me tie him up.’”

“Come on!  What did he say to that?”

“Nothing.  Nothing at all.”

“Well, really.  What could he say?”


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  3. […] “Legalize pot” is wrong slogan, it should be “Regulate pot” […]


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