It turns out pot is not the gateway to hell.

Marijuana’s march toward mainstream confounds feds

By ALICIA A. CALDWELL and NANCY BENAC, Associated Press Updated: Jun 29, 2013 at 2:11 PM PDT

COMMENTARY from indie publisher and counterculture writer KATHLEEN K.

Bottom line: government has to get into the weed business or get out of the booze business.  They are both intoxicants with no constructive purpose which when consumed in moderation serve their biochemical function to loosen behavioral constraints within tolerable limits.  Constitutionally removing the no-no-no on pot edges the argument into freedom of choice, of religion and assembly, of fundamental liberty to BE self-determined.  Besides, we already know prohibition not only fails to control access to [whatever], it spawns a criminal class designed to elude the prohibitors (or worse, they collude).

I believe in sin tax, charging extra for the risky stuff like getting loaded, gambling, and guns, if it means we use those funds to provide tax-free diapers and affordable over-the-counter remedies for seniors.  Citizens want law enforcement money to combat real crime — violent and predatory offenses.  We agree we need to stop the stupid drivers whether influenced by alcohol, cannabis, prescription drugs, emotions, electronics, or insufficient cerebral resources.

Law abiding stoners are not the problem.  Let it be!

The Stoner series of books is lighthearted and passion-positive, celebrating the naughties:  getting high and hooking up.  Witty, wise and wicked, it’s a rambling narrative told by a guy with a decent job and a sense of the absurd.  The books promote sexual thoughtfulness and weed conservation through appreciative consumption.  He’s a voice for moderation, observing a culture shift in progress, but what he remembers is the peace and the love.

As explained in the news article above, states legalizing pot have unsettling implications as far as the FDA and DEA and NIMH and AMA are concerned.  Not only are the bureaucrats faced with professional judgments to make about who is allowed to do what (and design the official forms that encode these options), as we all age the backdrop is no longer Reefer Madness.  That myth is busted:  pot is not the gateway to hell.  It’s a weed, it grows in the ground, and is like tobacco with a sustaining wave of well-being and affability.

We may not be able to explain why pot helps cancer patients but we can observe it.  Whether it is a placebo or not, patients believe a little weed helps them eat, and eating keeps them alive while under assault by barbaric-but-mainstream “treatments” like radiation and chemo.  Once you crack the medical access to marijuana, the recreational use is not far behind.  It’s ancient, it’s herbal, it’s not going away.  Graft a pot clause on the existing liquor laws and be done with it already.

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