Narrators with something to say (echo back)

Kathleen K. is able to cross from porn to art by conjuring narrators with something to say.  Visit for an online catalog of collectible sexotica geared to the rowdier reader.  And if you aren’t so rowdy, consider visiting for her family-life fiction suitable for all who read between, around and beyond the lines.

Her books toss you all over:  tow truck driver, phone porn artist, empty-nester divorcee+widow, stoner grocer, fatherless heiress.  And these people meet other people; they meet people in women’s shelters and people at peep shows and people at Mass.  You are treated to a bank-shot impression of the character’s impressions:  that’s the simple secret to the readability of words arranged by Kathleen K.  She shows you what she wants you to see within-without, over and over, under, and through (to).

The books are fun to read, part vocabulary challenge, part snark, lots of perspective.  Her narrative talents redeem the counterculture emphasis of her themes, directing the reader through the static and into the message.  She isn’t looking for you to agree with her, what she works on is fully expressing the character’s position and leaves you to judge for yourself.  She keeps a comical tone in her work and has a flair for dialog; the traits of her characters are lovingly carved by her luxurious language.

Her word of the day:  recondite.  Her books engage the literati, the cognoscenti, and the culture vultures; the message is that she is writing for book lovers.  You have to like to read the words, not skim through your familiar-formula crime or romance or spy book.  As an indie publisher, Kathleen K. creates an online presence that is unique and self-sustaining.  She’s targeting savvy readers who like literature spicy & rich, and book prices low.

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