The Lunarium – revisited


I wanted to follow-up the sample provided here yesterday with “context” by sharing some of the “Table of Things” that are included in this sexotic manuscript evoking one man’s memories of the watchers and the watched.  This is vintage Boomer porn with redeeming social commentary.

The Lunarium — Table of Things

 About Things

The First Thing  ><  The Lunarium

The Second Thing ><   Voyeurs’ Cave

The Third Thing  ><   In the Mirror

The Fourth Thing  ><   Rear View

The Fifth Thing  ><   We’re Not Alone

The Sixth Thing  ><   SLIDE open the door QUIETLY

The Seventh Thing  ><   You Asked for It

The Eighth Thing  ><   Live Nude People

The Ninth Thing  ><   Procrastination

The Tenth Thing ><   In the Car, in the Day

The Eleventh Thing  ><   Rockets Away

The Twelfth Thing  ><   View with the Room

The Thirteenth Thing  ><   Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

The Fourteenth Thing  ><   Lean Over and Brace Yourself

The Fifteenth Thing  ><   Two-fold Twins

The Sixteenth Thing  ><   Sodom Community Theater

The Seventeenth Thing  ><   Close Your Eyes.  See What I Mean?  He Is the Pilot, She Is Flying

The Eighteenth Thing  ><   Stripping vs. Disrobing

The Nineteenth Thing  ><   Men Put Their Hearts into It

The Twentieth Thing  ><   Women Elude Me

The Twenty-First Thing  ><   Fancy Meeting You in the Mirror


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  1. Testing comments. Comment about that.


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